Sunday, June 2, 2013

Call 473 : AMAH's BIRTHDAY

Hello Son, 

Saturday, June 1

Grandma's birthday.

We were spending the afternoon at the karaoke and a Thai dinner celebration in the evening. :D You were with us the whole time, Daniel. 

Mom knows.


Megan is ready for the party. 

Aunty D and Aunty C took some time getting ready, so Mom and Justine left for school. The satay man was supposed to deliver satay to the school at 12 noon. It was about 11:30 then.

In school, while waiting for the satay man to arrive, Mom showed Justine the ART box Dad brought to school the day before. The art works that Justine and You did when she was 6 years old, and You 5, are nicely kept in this box. 

Justine went through one by one, exclaiming at each one.

Your sister showed Mom your dinosaur art, and said, "Daniel did this ... orange ..." :D

Mom took it and put it on one of the tables, before snapping a photo. 

She shared it on WhatsApp (Family). 

Upon uploading, she noticed a black shadow across the photo.

Mom deleted it immediately, and proceeded to take a second photo, before sharing with the family.

The photo was quickly uploaded.

As soon as it was uploaded, she saw the time 12:04 pm on the bottom of the photo.

Gosh ...

12:04 ...

Decode : 21 / 24

Your date of departure and arrival.

Pause ...

Gosh ... that first photo had a black shadow across for a reason. Just so she had to take a second one ... which would zap her. The first one, by the way, was taken at 12:03 pm. 

Smile ...

She could feel her son's presence ... 

He's near ... :D

The swan is by Justine ... it's one of Mom's favourites.

It was almost 1 pm and the satay man had not arrived. 

He was an hour late. 

Mom called Dad. 

Dad said he would drive to school to wait for the satay man, and Justine and Mom can carry on with whatever that was planned ... which at the time, was to pick up Aunty C, Aunty D and Megan to the Karaoke place.

Anyway, along the main road of Taman Desa, Mom noticed a car in front of us with the number plate 6821.

Smiling, Mom said to Justine, "Look, 21 ... and 14 ..."

We watched the car making a left turn after Faber Heights Condo, and at the same time, another vehicle turned out of that lane. Mom saw the plate : 798 ...

and said, "That 24 ... "

"Hey, 21 and 24 ... that's the dinosaur zap just now ..." your mother exclaimed.


Fast forward ...

At the Karaoke ...

It was a nice cozy place. 

Then Mom walked into the pantry, and saw some photos and snippings of newspaper articles on a wall board. Glancing at the articles, she spotted the caption - words MY HEART WILL GO ON.

Near, far, wherever You are ...

I believe that the heart does go on ...

Aunty D and Megan ...

M was so cute, cheering and clapping loudly for each of the singers.

Justine and Aunty C singing A WHOLE NEW WORLD.

Your sister with Megan.

Grandma was singing one of her Mandarin numbers ... before Megan went up platform, took the mike and sang Burung Kakak Tua. :D  

Her mike was turned off so as not disturb Grandma's moment.

See how earnestly the babe is singing?

She really is a cutey ...

We dedicated BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME to Grandma.

Justine, Megan, Aunty C, Mom and Aunty D.

Our second song : MY HEART WILL GO ON.

Did You hear us, Daniel?

Anyway, 3 hours passed briefly.

Fast Forward ...

 Grandma's dinner guests arrived around 7:30 pm.

That's Father Daniel on the left.

Father Daniel saying a prayer ...

Grandma presenting Father with a gift.

The food was awesome. All the guests enjoyed the dishes.

The pandan chicken ... is out of this world.

We were so engrossed with the food, that we forgot to take photos 
after the first two. :D


The writing on the cake says : 

May the good Lord bless you with many more birthdays.

During cake time, the guests played BINGO.

Father Daniel was intrigued by the BINGO wheel.

Each guest was given a BINGO card.

Father Daniel gave his card to Aunty D - preferring to turn the wheel. :D

Aunty D was waiting for the last number 48 for a BINGO.

Decode : 21

And guess what?

That number was called, and she had a BINGO!

One of the ladies also called out BINGO, right after Aunty D. 

Aunty D was like, "This is Father Daniel's card ... Father Daniel won ..."

21 ... Father Daniel won? 

Okay ... :D

Wink Wink ...

The guests loved the place ...

Fine dining on the streets ...

Justine with Amah ...

The guests left about 10:30 pm. 

Something awesome was about to happen. We took a few cars there. So Mom drove the Camry, with Uncle C and Megan, and Aunty C.

Reaching the condo, Mom dropped them off. Then she drove down to the basement 4 to park the car.

At the parking bay, she reversed the car in. 

Then, she tried to turn off the car engine --- but couldn't.

Puzzled, she tried several times, to pull the car key out. It wouldn't come out.

Some 20 seconds must have passed before she suddenly heard the introduction music to SOMEWHERE OUT THERE that had just come on the radio. 

Omg ...

Somewhere Out There?

Quickly, she glanced at the clock on the dashboard.

It was 10:49 pm.

Decode : 21

Gasp ...

Omg ...


Gosh Son ... that was incredible.

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

Had Mom been able to pull out the car key, she would definitely have missed the song. She stayed in the car and enjoyed the song. 

SOMEWHERE OUT THERE was a video your Aunt C did for your family, with photos of our trip to America. You were ten years old then.

When the song ended, she tried to pull the key out again, expecting it to come out as usual -- but it was somehow still stuck. Then, she suddenly saw the gear still in reverse. Pushing it back up to P, she turned the engine off.

My, just wait till Dad hears about this. How do You explain that, that night, she would forget to put the gear back to P?

At home, Mom was filled with awe and excitement as she related what had just happened to her in the car, to Dad.

Dad asked, "Was there reception down there?"

Mom stopped and frowned for a bit. 

She suddenly realized that the reception was crystal clear. 

The song was crystal clear. 

Omg ...

Normally, the radio is all scratchy and fuzzy at that level (basement 4). 

Dad will attest to that. Your aunties too.

Oh boy Daniel, that was a pretty amazing zap ...

Thank You, Son ...

We love You so much ... <3

Somewhere out there 

Beneath the pale moonlight

Someones thinking of me

And loving me tonight

Somewhere out there

Someones saying a prayer

That we'll find one another

In that big somewhere out there

And even though I know

How very far apart we are

It helps to think we might be wishing

On the same bright star

And when the night wind

Starts to sing a lonesome lullaby

It helps to think we're sleeping

Underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there

If love can see us through

Then we'll be together

Somewhere out there

Out where dreams come true


SUN June 2 @ 7:59 pm ...

Gosh Daniel, Dad and Mom just came home from buying dinner outside. 

Just as we were turning into our condo lane, guess what?

21 GUNS came on the radio.

Mom was quick to glance at the time. 

It showed 7:51 pm.

Decode : 4

Her angel number.


Mom was like, "Omg ... he got my call, he's telling me he got my call ... " :D

Got your call, Ma ... :D

Smile ...