Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello Son,  

Saturday, May 25
On Saturday, we were taking a day trip to Malacca.

Just the 4 of us: Dad, Mom, Justine ... and You. :D

We woke up early in the morning as we wanted to reach Malacca to have the Chicken Rice Balls before Dad's appointment at 2 pm.

By 8 am, we were ready to leave. 

Dad went down to get the car. 

Justine and Mom left the house a few minutes later. Whilst waiting for the lift, Mom suddenly remembered she forgot her cellphone. 

Mom said, "Eh Jus, can you get my handphone? It's in the bedroom ..."

Your sister turned around and went back to our condo to get the handphone. 

It must be mentioned here that, most times, in fact the last few times that she forgot her handphone when your mother left the condo, she had gone back to get it, herself ... asking Justine or Dad to "go first ... get the car first ... whatever ..." 

That day, she'd asked Justine to get her mobile.

The lift doors opened ... and Mom stepped inside. You would have thought Mom would wait for your sister -- but she didn't. 

Go down to the car first, Ma ... :D

She pressed button G, and the doors of the lift closed.

Down on the ground floor, Dad was waiting in the car. 

Mom hurried over, hopped in and lo and behold ...

Gasp ...

She turned abruptly to Dad, and mouthed the OMG to your already - smiling father.

IF I DIE YOUNG was on the radio ...

Oh my ... oh my ...

Mom said excitedly, "He got my call ... He definitely got my call ... I wrote him yesterday and told him about the Mother's Day zaps ... Omg ... When? When did it come on?"

Dad said, when he started the engine, the song was about to start.

Would You please take a look at the timing? That was a definite meant-to-zap timing. Besides, had she got into the car just 3 minutes later, she would have missed the song. 

Gosh, come to think of it, she would have missed the song had she gone back to the condo to get her handphone. Instead, she had asked Justine to get it for her and without waiting for your sister to return to the lift, your mother had gone down without her.

Yes, your mother sent You her text on Friday May 24, the day before @ 4:34 pm. This morning, as soon as she got into the car, she was zap ... zap ... zapped. 

You're near ... so so near.

Call 471 : Mother's Day

Just then Justine appeared. Mom gave her a bright -- one - of - a - kind expression ...

Your sister was like, "What? What?" 

until she got into the car and and immediately heard the song ... that was coming to an end, and breathed, 

"Ohhhh ..."

Yeah ... Ohhhhh ...

The Band Perry

Awww Son Son Son ... 

We miss You so very much, Daniel ...

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with you

As she stands under my colours 

It has been a while since she last heard IF I DIE YOUNG

It's good to always remind Mom that You're safe with the Lord Jesus. 

Anyway, we were soon on the highway. 

Mom was going through her Field Trip photos to prepare the school blog when she gets home. We had taken some 2,000 photos during the trip, and she was just gonna select like a hundred or so, for the blog. Speaking of the field trip, Mom will tell You about it in a bit, okay? 

Everywhere she is, there You'll be. :D

We arrive in Malacca about 2 hours later. 

Dad said, "We are here ..."

Mom looked up from her tablet, and glanced at the time on the dashboard.

She smiled.

The time showed 10:11 am.

Decode : 21

We were gonna have lunch at Jonker's Street. Dad turned into an open space parking. Driving around the small space, we found that all the bays were taken. Just as we were about to take a second round, Dad said, "Ah, that car is coming out ..."

Mom saw the vehicle leaving and she had to smile - again.

The time was : 10:14 am

Decode : 24

It's so obvious what happened there.

Thank You, Son ... <3

We walked to the Chicken Rice Balls shop. We will always make it a point to go to this coffee shop when we are in Malacca because ... You were there with us, Daniel. <3  About 9 months before You left us.

Anyway ...

There was quite a long queue outside the coffee shop. 

Dad said, "Go walk around first ..." whilst he waited in line.

Justine took the above photo of Dad carrying Mom's shoulder-bag. The tablet was inside and it was kinda bulky and heavy. Plus it was safer with Dad. Don't forget ... all her precious field trip photos are in the tablet.

Anyway, Justine and Mom strolled along the shops.

Your sister wanted to get some clothes. 

We went in the first boutique.

Second boutique.

Instantly, Mom saw it. :D

A casual top with the words RAINBOW on it. 

Pointing it out to Justine, Mom said, "Jus, help me take a photo of that ..."

Mom weren't sure if the shop people allowed us to take photos in the shop, and she wasn't about to ask for permission just in case they said NO. What then? 

It was better to just secretly snap when no one was looking. 

Justine browsed through the floral printed skirts that she thought were cute. She saw the same RAINBOW top that was at the front of the shop, the one that Mom pointed out to her, at the back of the shop. Less people at the back, easier to take a photo.

Anyway, Dad sms-ed and said to go back to the coffee shop.

Justine said, "Let's go ... I took the photo d ..."

Checking her cellphone, your sister sighed, "Aiyah, it's blur ... we'll go back again later ..."

Yeah ... okay ...

Let's go have a nice lunch ... :D

The photo was taken at 11:28 am. Mom checked upon uploading.

Decode : 21

But of course, You would be with us ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

We were done with lunch about half an hour later. 

We walked back to that shop. 

Mom took the photo whilst the sales assistant was attending to your sister.

Then, she browsed around the shop ... and came across another zap top.

Hello ... 

Awww ... 

Hello Son ...

She saw a second top somewhere at the back of the HELLO top, and that second top had both words, HELLO and GOODBYE.

Goodbye ...

Mom did not want to take a photo of that second top ... and had specifically told herself when she saw the G word, that she will never say GOODBYE to her son ... it will always be HELLO ... never GOODBYE.

So there.

Rainbow and Hello ... 

Two little signs ... which were more than enough to let her know that her son is near.

Say no more ... :D

So anyway, happy and satisfied with her photos, she sat down before the children's wear. Admiring the selection, she soon found herself staring at the D at the top of the pillar-wall. 

Smiling to herself, she saw Justine appearing with two dresses to try out.

Mom pointed to the D

Justine nodded.

No words were needed.

Your sister went into the changing room. Popping her head out at one point, Justine said with a wide grin, "Hear the song?"

Yes, of course ... 

FIREWORK had come on in the boutique.

If you only knew, what the future holds ...

After a hurricane, comes a rainbow ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3


We bought a pair of those cute slip - ons for Megan.

The clogs, however, did not come in her size. :D


We left the street and was soon back in the car. 

A few minutes passed, before Justine exclaimed, "Hey, it's the cancer song ... it's the one I heard on his 21st ... remember I told You about it?"

Yes, Mom remembered Justine mentioning that she heard a "weird rap song" on the radio, on your 21st recently (4 days ago in fact) about "cancer and stuff ..."

Mom's response then was, "Who's gonna wanna hear that kind of song?"

Anyway, since it was on the radio, Justine googled the lyrics and showed it to your mother.

Mom read the title ... 


Hmmm ... she paused.

A million lives ...

Any connection there? She frowned.


No ... no connection. She read on ...


She looked hard at the name and thought slowly ... in an attempt to make a connection.

Jake Miller ... 

Jake ... 

Hmmm, like Jake Daniels?

She found herself smiling at the thought. 

She began to read the lyrics ...


The other day I got an email, I almost didn't read it

But something caught my eye right before I could delete it

It was bold and underlined, "Please Read" was the title

Followed by "Jake you are my idol"

It said and I quote, my name is Nikki and I used to be dancer

Til the day the doctor diagnosed me with cancer

So I said goodbye to all the hair on my head

And said hello to my hospital bed

Omg ...
That Hello & Goodbye top she spotted in the boutique.
Mom was speaking in tongues as she tried to tell Dad and Justine about the tee shirt she saw earlier. 
Omg ... what are the chances?
Woah Daniel ... You really can respond to your mother's mind.

You know everything now, don't You?

Honestly, what are the chances? 

No, no chance.

Angel chance for sure. :D

Shortly after, Justine said, "Fifteen ..."

By Taylor Swift.

Mom asked, "Is this right after that cancer song?"

Justine said, "No, I think two songs after ..."

Fifteen ... 

Forever Fifteen ...