Friday, June 21, 2013

Call 475 : 41st MONTH

Hello Son, 

Thinking about You and missing You on your 41st month with JESUS and MOTHER MARY in heaven.

Here's a video with the song BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME ... the song that You asked Mom why she was teaching her kids such a difficult song. 


Not only that, but this video has clips of the animated movie UP ... the first and last movie that You and Mom went to watch at the cinema together ... that weekend, Justine was away at camp (Mom did not allow You to go for that) and Dad was outstation. Mom remembers regretting watching that movie with You then when that death scene appeared ... she remembers the loud silence when that scene came upon us. 

Now, she sees the reason why we were there watching UP together. 

It's all part of the Plan ...

Pause ...

There is never a moment that You are not on your mother's mind, Daniel ... 

It's just too amazing how You zap Mom daily and remind her tirelessly that You're near.

God is good to us.

Love You and Miss You so very much, Son ... <3

Dad, Mom & Justine