Sunday, June 23, 2013

Call 476 : NOOB WORD

Hello Son, 

Mom's at the computer, listening to songs for the year end concert. She had given Dad a list of songs she wanted him to download from the internet a week ago. Dad has done so. Today, she has some time and was going through the songs, with your headphones ... that Dad reminded, he bought for You. :D



After that, Dana's ALL KINDS OF EVERYTHING ... reminds me of You.

The next song was SUKIYAKI. Mom saw the name of the artist and exclaimed to Dad, "Woah, Daniela Mercury ..."

Mom listened to the Japanese song, and suddenly thought of googling the lyrics. 

She keyed in the words : lyric sukiyaki japanese 

A page appeared.

Mom glanced at the first link ... then the second link ... and next, the third link.

She found herself clicking on the third link ... she saw the words kittycurious and the line, I am in no way fluent in Japanese ... and suddenly felt a connection ... with what, she couldn't tell.

Perhaps, kitty ... as in HELLO Kitty ...

Like HELLO -- OOOO ... :D

And the words I am in no way fluent in Japanese ... why, that's her already.

Hello - ooo ...

She came to this page ...

Ue wo Muite Arukou (Sukiyaki) lyrics

Dancin' - Kitty

Yesterday I was trying to find the kanji lyrics to Ue wo Muite Arukou, aka. Sukiyaki, by the artist Sakamoto Kyu. However, despite my best efforts (Which probably weren't that great) I couldn't find them anywhere. The most I could find was the romaji version of it, and that's basically everywhere.

So, seeing as the kanji lyrics were lacking, and I really wanted them, I decided to make them. These are mostly for my personal use, but I figured since I spent hours on them I would put them out on the web for anyone else who maybe wanted them. (For the five of you out there that may have been searching for them.)

Also, please note I am in no way fluent in Japanese, and my Japanese skill is 'noob' at best.

Gasp ... 



Omg ... that's your word.

You used to like to say this word at one point in your young life ...

Mom looked at the top of the page and saw the date this entry was posted.

Gasp some more ...

April 12, 2009 @ 1:03 pm 

She exclaimed excitedly to Dad, "Omg ... April 12 ... that's 214 ... 21 and 24 ... and 103 ... that's 4 ... Look at the lyrics ... this is how I need to read it ... the suku kata way ... Son is helping me with the Japanese song ..."

Awww ...

Justine came through the door a few minutes ago. Mom showed her the website and read the above paragraph until the noob word.

Your sister gave a big grin.

Honestly, what are the chances?

Truly, all kinds of everything, remind us of You ...