Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello Son,

Sunday, July 7

This morning, your family were in church. 

Dad, Mom, Justine, Aunty C and Baby Megan. 

When Mass was over, Dad hurried to get the car. We double-parked by the side of the road. Mom was following Dad ... but reaching the church gate, she found herself turning around ... to look for your sister and aunt with the baby ... just to see the back of a boy wearing a tee shirt with a big number 4

He was walking away ... but that number 4 was a loud holler from heaven. 

Hi Ma ... :D

Mom knows.

Mom heard.

Mom smiled.

Nobody's gonna understand that.

But never mind. She gets all your secret signs and zaps, Son. God meant for it to be this way. The bond between a mother a child can never be severed. What's a little distance between heaven and earth that God cannot link?

So anyway, Mom tried to get a snapshot ... for her eviDANS ... but couldn't. There were just too many people. However, she did get to Justine and made her turn to see the number 4.

Justine saw.

Good. A witness. :D

That tee shirt inciDAN instantly reminded your mother about a previous tee shirt zap that happened the Sunday before. Your sister was getting out of the car then, and Mom happened to see the words on the back of your sister's tee shirt. 

Mom had read : I'm gonna keep dancing till the world ends.

What a strange line, she had thought then ... till the world ends ...

Mom has seen your sister's tee shirt before. 

So anyway, she didn't pay much attention to it until ...

Omg ... seriously???

The moment we all stood up, she saw.


That was You taking a lil peek at your mother through the clouds. 

She could feel it. 

Mom had nudged Dad to take a look at the DAN. Honestly, what are the chances? The position, the angle, the moment ... it was too perfect.

Angel perfect.

On Saturday, the day before, Mom was at the hairdresser. 

Whilst her hair was being washed, she was casually flipping through a magazine ... and came abruptly to this page. It was this line that zapped her.

I am connecting with my son ... 

Yeah, and checking that he's okay ...

When Mom was done, she called Dad. 

Whilst Dad was on his way to get her, Mom walked over to a nearby cafe.

She sat down and ordered a drink.

As You know, your mother would always call for milk tea kurang manis. 

However, that day, she ordered a barley lime. At the same time, she asked for the bill. 

Her drink came ... with the bill.

Mom looked and a smile spread across her face. You must have whispered to her. When was the last time your mother called for a drink and asked for the bill at the same time?

That was never happened before.

Decode : 24

It's so easy. Her son wanted her to know that he was (is) with her whilst she was alone sipping barley lime waiting for Dad. 

She wasn't alone. :D He wanted to remind her.


Thank You, Son. 

Dad arrived in about 20 minutes or so. We were going to IKEA next. Mom needed to get some stuff for the school.

Something incredible was about to happen.

We were about to reach the toll. Dad took out the touch & go (smart tag) gadget. About the same time, a white car with the number plate 21 appeared in front of us. 

Mom pointed it out to Dad, "Just now, 24 ... now 21 ... "

Then, your father exclaimed.

Mom turned to Dad and was like, "What? Why? What?"

Dad showed Mom the gadget ...

This actually showed 40.40.  The balance left in the smart tag card. The photo above only shows 0.40.

Just as your mother was sighing and going, "Aww Son ..." she saw the word Hi next.

Omg, your mother exclaimed in disbelief.

Dad said with a broad smile, "Son is saying, Hi Ma ... "

Mom was like, "But how? Why is there a HI there?"

Dad said, "High battery ..."

Pause ...

High battery ...

Oh -- my -- Lord ... 



That was totally amazing.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...