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Call 471 : MOTHER'S DAY

Hello Son,                                                      (continue from Call 470)

Mother's Day Week

That was what happened on Monday 6th.

The FREE dinner treat from her son all the way from somewhere over the rainbow.

That week, being Mother's Day theme, the children in school were busy preparing a craft for their mommies. Mom had searched for a suitable craft for the kids to do, and had decided on a HAND print project for the whole school. 

Yes, every child, from 2 years old right up to 6 years old, would be doing a HAND print craft for their mama. 

So, that was what the children were doing the whole week in school. Every day, they would do a little bit, whether cutting or crumpling or pasting or decorating. 

By Friday, the children's masterpieces were ready.They took home their HAND PRINT craft for their mommies.

So anyway, Mother's Day was on Sunday 12th.

The night before, on Saturday, Justine, Dad and Mom were at Grandma's condo. 

We were having dinner. 

After dinner, we were in the living room. 

Aunty C, Dad, Justine and Mom.

Kish came to the carpet and rolled over. 

Soon, she was doing Hands.

You remember the time when Mom tried to teach Kish to do Hands? Mom would put her two hands together and say HANDS ... and once or twice (out of many many many attempts) Kish actually put her two paws together? So that's hands for Kish.

Turned out, Kish was kinda squealing and making a lot of noise at that moment, and she continued to put her two paws together. 

Mom was so excited to see that, and kept yelling out, "Hands ... Look! Kish is doing Hands ... Look Look Look ... Omg ... Carol ... Look, Kish is doing Hands ... Justine look ..." 

Mom grabbed Dad's arm to get his attention. Dad looked up from the newspaper, and yes, he saw Kish doing Hands.

Justine saw that too.

And Aunty C.

Kish was just squealing and yelping as she held her two paws together ... with Mom yelling excitedly, and repeatedly, "Omg ... Hands Kish ... Hands ... Hands ... Omg you guys ... do you see that???"

Everyone saw it.

That was just so cute. Mom wondered if You held Kish's paws together. Kish normally can't even put her two paws together, and when she did, those very few times, it was for a quick moment. Like 3 seconds.

This however, went on for -- what felt like a minute.

Honestly, it was for a significant amount of time.

Plus Kish was squealing the whole time she did Hands ...

Now what was that?

So anyway, Mom did not make head or tail of that inciDAN until on Sunday night, the next day, on Mother's Day ... after we came home from the karaoke and dinner.

That Sunday, Aunty Carol and Justine had booked a karaoke room for the family to celebrate together. Grandma would be joining us.

Dad, Mom and Justine woke up early that Sunday to go to church. Aunty C followed us. We were supposed to pick up Grandma later after mass (she goes to another church as You know) for our lunch cum karaoke session.

So anyway, when Dad went to get the car, at the basement 4 parking, he appeared later from the staircase, and grumbled, "Why didn't you tell me you parked the car outside?" (outside the condo compound)

Mom forgot about that.

Dad walked out the exit barrier to get the car. Mom waited by the porch. A few minutes passed before Dad appeared with the car.

Mom hopped in.

Desperado came on the radio.

Humph ...

Desperado ...

She wasn't really listening to the song until she heard the word rainbow mentioned somewhere in one of the lines toward the end.

It may be rainin' but there's a rainbow above you ...

A sense of warmness began to fill her heart.

Rainbow ...

It wasn't until she came home later that night and googled the whole lyrics to find the second zap word in the song:

Freedom ...


Ohhhh you ain't getting no younger

Your pain and your hunger

They're driving you home

And freedom, ohh freedom

Well that's just some people talking

Your prison is walking through this world all alone

Pause to reflect.

Early in the morning, You made your presence felt.

The first song that she hears when she got into the car, had two zap words. 

Rainbow and Free.

That would not have been the first song had Dad got the car when he first went down to the basement. Meant to be.

So meant to be.

In church, mass went on as usual.

At the end of mass, the priest called for all MOTHERS to go forward to the altar for special blessings. Mom stood up without hesitation and walked towards the altar. Justine said in the car later that she saw Mom rushing to the altar.

Hahahaha ...

She didn't okay ... she didn't ...

Mothers were gathered by the altar steps. The priest said a prayer and proceeded to shower us earthly mothers with holy water. Mom lowered her head and hoped that she would receive lots of droplets of holy water.


She did.

She was really happy about that. Father walked by her and she got a nice drizzle of holy water on her.

That was a nice blessing from above, Son. :D

So anyway ... that was Sunday morning ...

Fast forward ...

At the karaoke ... lunch time till tea time ...

Here are some photos we took at the place ...

We had a really nice time.

After the singing session, we shopped for a bit ... until it was time for dinner.

Fast forward some more ...

Later that night at home ...

Mom was preparing her school blog. 

She was uploading photos of the activities the children did that week for Mother's Day.  

As she uploaded photos of the HAND crafts, she found herself toying with several captions for the photos : Mama Hands & Mine, Mommy's Hand & My Hand, Flower Hand For Mom, Pretty Hands etc. 

Hands Hands Hands ...

Then it happened.

The sudden jolt.

The Omg ... 


Omg ... Hands ...


Kish did Hands the night before ...

Mom literally ran into the bedroom to get Dad. 

"Omg ... You're so not gonna believe this ... You remember last night? Kish doing Hands ... and she was squealing and squealing ... Omg ... the whole week this week, the children did HANDS for their Mother's Day craft ... Omg ... don't You see? Son is sending me a Mother's Day greeting ... HANDS ... HANDS ... HANDS ..."

She choked ... with emotion.

Mom was totally overwhelmed. 

Omg, Daniel Phua ... You must be whispering into Mom's ears ...

Hands Ma ... Hands ... Hands ... :D

Aww Son ...

Message so received, Son ...


That was unbelievable.


A week later, a similar thing happened on Teacher's Day on the 16th. 

See Call 469 : Teacher's Day

Twice ...

Yeah, twice ... Mom received her greetings from her son in heaven in the same manner.



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