Saturday, December 3, 2011

Call 297 : MEMORY BOX

Hello Son,

Friday, December 2

Mom was in school, before the computer. 

It was about 3 pm in the afternoon.

The day care children were having their nap. Your mother was checking out some websites for preschool alphabet worksheets. She was looking in particular for the website that she had used before about 3 years ago, because that particular website has alphabet worksheets that is suited for very young children, as our aged 3. 

Oh, You know, really large fonts with only 6 large boxes to write in.

Mom remembers with a smile one particular worksheet on the alphabet G.

"G is for GHOST..." 

she thought out aloud as she searched the internet. Yes, at the time, she had wondered if our Asian parents were ready for preschool alphabet activity : "G is for GHOST." 


It doesn't sound so eerie if you think of Casper, the friendly ghost.


Anyway, your mother was searching from one site to another. She has forgotten the name of that site. There are thousands of sites on the net. After 5 minutes of fruitless search, she soon found herself asking her Son to help her find that site.

Where's that site, Daniel? 

You know which one Mom wants. 

Where is it? 

Help Mom find it ...

Honestly, You must have whispered to your mother, because shortly after, she suddenly found herself clicking on IMAGES to view the list of sites according to pictures, like it was the most natural thing to do.  

Wait a minute, Mom and the computer - Natural ???

Oh, she definitely had some help ... :D

No doubt about that ...

Ah, this is so much easier. 

It was within minutes, when she spotted a familiar worksheet. 

Found itttttt !!!!

She echoed gleefully in her mind ... as how You would say when You find your missing stuffs.

She clicked on it, and found herself on someone's blog. The lady says, I'm a Catholic Homeschooler ... Or was it, Catholic Homeschool Teacher now, she's not sure. Anyway, a click of the button brought your mother to the site that she was looking for.

Yes, the G is for GHOST site. :D

Mom began to print the FREE worksheets on alphabets. 

Yup, FREE ... as she thought about your pink tee. 

Everything lil thing seems to connect your mother to You. 

Now why is that? :D:D:D

Anyway ...

Dad walked in shortly after. 

The first thing he said when he plonked himself down on a seat before Mom, was : 

"Jessie did another performance ... Ghostbusters song ..."

(Your aunt J in California who runs a kindy)

Pause for a moment.

Ghostbusters ???

Oh Wow, what are the chances?

"Hey, I just found my Ghost site, and you're telling me about Ghostbusters ..." and Mom related to Dad bla bla bla.

Your Aunt J is amazing. Every few months or so, her children would do a performance. :D Did Mom mention that your aunt has a two year wait list in her school? :D

Dad then went off to fix some shelves in the storeroom.

Mom was left alone by herself ... 

Hmmm, that was kinda strange. 

The first thing Dad said was that

The GHOST line ?

What a coinciDANs, huh. Her Son got her attention alright. He's about to make his presence felt. She could feel it. It's that familiar feeling of knowing. 

A mother knows. 

Just don't ask her how. 

A -- mother -- just -- knows

You're near, Daniel. You're very near. :D

Mom continued to print the worksheets. After she was done with the alphabets, she picked another activity - a simple Read & Color Set of worksheets.

She clicked on the first worksheet, and pressed print.

And the next one. 

And the one after that. 

And on and on and on. 

Until she came to this one ...

Oh My ...

W-what ???

You must have seen your mother stare real hard at the computer screen before she finally clicked to print.

Dan is in the box ...

Her thoughts took a sudden turn to gloominess.

Down down down ... her spirits sank.

A thousand and one names that could have been in that line, but it had to be your name. Had it been "Bob is in the box" or "Jane is in the box," Mom wouldn't have given it a second thought.

Perhaps she was meant to give it a second thought.

Yes okay, fine ... 

So, Dan is in the box ...

Okay, okay, Mom gets it ... 

You were in a box ...

And the punch line is ... ??

Is there a message somewhere in this box thing ???

Dan has fun in the box ... ???

It's not that funny, you know ...  

So anyway, after Mom had printed the worksheets that she needed, and feeling a wee bit miserable, she checked on another site, for some holiday crafts and booklets. 

She scrolled down the thumbnail of activities, and stopped when she saw this picture :

Memory and Keepsake Crafts ...

The name on the box certainly got your mother's attention. 


And the number.

Danny ... 2001 ...


OMG ...

That's like what -  Danny 21 ... 

21 ... the day You left.

Gosh, what are the chances of the memory & keepsake box having the name Danny and the number 21 on it???

No chance.

Not one single chance.

Only an angel chance.

Would You believe it but the next click of the button brought her to this :

Gasp ...

OMG ... 

DANNY ??? 

And a RAINBOW ???

Honestly, what are the chances of your mother stumbling upon this picture after the memory 21 box ? And Danny? It could have been any name ... but it had to be one that is connected to You.

Immediately, the lyrics filled her head as she is reminded of the song IF I DIE YOUNG :

Lord, make me a rainbow ...

I'll shine down on my mother ...

She'll know I'm safe with You ...

As she stands under my colors ...

Oh, Mom's so meant to see this Rainbow book, right after that box image. Yeah, she's meant to see this rainbow. Can You imagine if the "Dan in the box" thing was the last image she saw before she shut down the computer for the day? That would have wrecked her weekend. 

You really know your mother's mind, don't You?

I'm safe here with Jesus la, Ma ...

And that's all Mom needs to know ...

Remind her constantly ...

And she means constantly ...

That evening, Dad and Mom picked Justine up for dinner. Mom has a lot to tell your sister. After picking Jus and driving out of the condo, with your mother talking excitedly about the inciDANs of the day, we saw a car in front of us at the traffic lights, with the number plate :


Decode : 4


The time was 7:53 pm.

Decode : 4  (15)

Mom said, "He knows we're talking about him." :D

Dad and Jus saw the car and the time. Good thing though because Mom did not have time to snap her eviDANs. The lights turned green, and the white vehicle disappeared into the dark.

It's amazing how You keep us connected. 

Stay close and keep the zaps coming, Son. :D

Be good. <3