Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello Son, 

Oh Wow ...

Something amazing happened on Sunday, Dec 11

Yes, the familiar zap zap zap. 

What a way to make your presence felt, Son ...

On Sunday evening, about 7:45 pm, Dad and Mom left the condo to go for dinner at a nearby mall. Dad drove to Mom's usual spot. There were 3 available parking bays that day. Being a Sunday, and the next day a working day, the parking area was not as packed.

Dad drove close to a wall, before reversing back to a parking spot. 

Mom couldn't believe her eyes when she suddenly spotted the word :


that was scribbled on the wall.

W-what ???

As Dad backed into the parking bay, Mom saw the complete graffiti that was on the wall :




Mom took a photo of the graffiti with her cell and had intentionally missed out the M at the bottom.

As M had no connection whatsoever to You, she deliberately focused her cell camera on Jason, omitting the M, when she took the above photo.

Mom said to Dad, "Son's with us ... See the name Jason?" as she pointed to the wall. :D

Dad saw.  :D

We were meant to see that. Had Dad picked another bay to park the car, he would not have driven close to that graffiti wall before reversing back. 

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Something was about to happen, she could feel it. That graffiti was to get her attention. A million names that could have been on the wall, it had to be your (second) name. 

Anyway, we bought our tickets before going for dinner.

After a nice dinner, we walked to the cinema. Dad lined up for popcorn, while Mom was on the opposite stall getting a cafe latte. 

The lady in front of your mother was waiting for her coffee. The cashier said to the lady, "Fourteen ringgit and ten cents."

Mom heard.

Mom smiled.

You're near.

It's so obvious.

Mom did not need to hear that, but she did. Had she arrived at the spot 5 seconds earlier or later, she would have missed that angel line.


Decode : 24

That's You. 

Your birth date. :D

That was easy.

The movie started.

Where's the popcorn? 

Munch Munch Munch ...

Then came one point in the movie, when your mother heard your name. 

Would You believe it but one of the character's name is Daniel? 

Oh Wow, Oh Gosh, Oh My, what are the chances of seeing JASON on the wall when we came into the mall, and now hear DANIEL in the movie? 

Angel chance.

As Mom watched on, she couldn't help but remember that last New Year's Eve with You in your bedroom back in 2009. Like that character (played by Robert De Niro) in hospital. 

That brought back a lot of memories, Son. :( 

Anyway, Mom's not gonna go down that path today. 

When the movie was about to end, another sign popped up. 

"Midnight 12:04 am." The birth of the babies.

12:04 ... 

Decode : 21 / 24 / 14


Oh Gosh ...

All You. No matter how You look at it.


24 - Birth Date

21 - Departure Date

14 - 1 Am Number 4

Nobody Nobody but YOU.

Every little thing reminds us of You, Daniel Jason Phua. :D

So anyway, the next day on Monday, Mom was driving to school. She kept thinking about the inciDANs that happened the night before. It was so strange to see that scribble on the wall. 

Jason <3 M

Hmmm, "M" ???

Your mother couldn't help wondering if M could by any chance be MOM ... :D Could it?


Mom reached in school. It's Monday, December 12, by the way.

About 8:30 am in the morning, a 3 year old girl, her Kumbayah girl E ... Yes, the same girl who said she lives "far far away" ... came to Mom to say something she can't remember what now ... can't remember because Mom wasn't listening to her. 

Your mother's eyes were on the little girl's tee shirt. 

OMG ...

You have got to be kidding ...

This is E's new tee shirt. Mom has not seen her wear this blue tee before, with these words. OMG ....

OMG ... You really do know how to read your mother's mind. She was wondering whether that letter M could be MOM, and now she reads this???

Don't You think it's weird that the words say, 

I Love Mum "more than ever"?


Don't tee shirts just say "I Love Mum"?

Oh Wow ... Your mother was wondering if that scribble was :

Jason loves Mom, and now she sees the reply :

I Love Mom, more than ever.

OMG, how awesome is that???

I Love You la Ma, more than ever ... :D

That evening, Dad and Mom were in the car, driving home from school. Mom told Dad about the tee shirt. As Mom was talking very excitedly, we stopped in front of this car at the lights.

Immediately, your mother gave a yelp.

OMG! Look ...

DAN ... 

"You see, he knows we're talking about him!" 

2770 ...

Decode : 2140

Oh Gosh. Oh My Gosh ...

Would You believe it? 

The same numbers as the midnight 1204

What are the chances???


"OMG ... Do you see the connection?" Mom said triumphantly to Dad. 

"I can't believe it. He's connecting me to the movie last night. I'm talking about the I LOVE MUM tee shirt, at the same time, I have to stop in front of this DAN car. The car number connects me to the movie last night. The inciDAN last night was a Daniel Jason ... which means, Helloooo ... Son is giving me that message ..."

Dad could not get a word in, and he didn't have to. Mom did all the talking. It was her experience. And no one else. It really does not matter that Dad does not understand what she just said. She can't really explain it properly herself. 

She just knows.

A mother knows.

It's a mother and son thing.
OMG, how awesome!

Mom loves You back, Son ...

Yeah, more than ever.<3

Smiling to bed now, Son ...

Watch over your sister as she prepares for her coming exams.