Friday, December 9, 2011

Call 298 : RADIO ZAPs

Hello Son,

Wednesday, December 7

If I Die Young is on the telly screen now. 

Dad bought a karaoke version for Mom. 


Look sheepish please.

Mom just had to log on and blog tonight. 

Never mind that her eyes are half closed, and lids heavy.

She must must must write an entry tonight to tell You about her 
If I Die Young inciDANs. :D

Okay, so what happened was this ...

On Tuesday Dec 6, lunch time, Mom called Justine and asked her over to the school to have lunch together. Dad was outstation.  

(At this point, Mom found herself swaying at the computer, and had to SHUT DOWN and go to bed. Yeah, yeah, so much for - never mind that her eyes are half closed etc, she must write an entry tonight ...   >.< )

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....

Thursday, December 8 @ 7:05 pm

Sorry about that Son ... 

Honestly, where is all her energy? Who would have thought that a day with tiny tots could be so so so - exhausting???

Anyway, let Mom start again. 

On Tuesday Dec 6, Mom called Justine to go over to the school so we could have lunch together. Your sister said okay. About 10 minutes later, Mom received a text message from Jus. 

Justine said : 

"If I Die Young on now ... in basement ... just got in the car ..."

The time of the sms is 12:54:01.

Decode : 4 (13)

Mom mentally decoded, and smiled a secret smile as she saw her angel sign in her head. The timing is always perfect, don't You think? Just had just got in the car, and the song had just started (as your sister explained when she came to school). Had Justine gone to the car 5 minutes later, she would have missed that song zap.

That night, Mom had wondered about the song zap. Where's the second one? There was none. For her to take any of your zaps seriously, there must be TWO. 



Like Mary and Elizabeth.

So anyway ...

The next day, on Wednesday Dec 7 ...

It was about 7 pm in the evening when we left the school. Justine had gone out for a movie. 

Dad asked, "What do you want for dinner?"

Mom said, "Let's go to the Midvalley (Mall)."

We drove there. 

As we were approaching the mall, Dad expressed, 

"Are you sure you wanna go to the mall?"

Mom looked ahead and saw a long long long queue of vehicles about 100 meters long, from our car to the entrance of the parking to the mall. 

Dad mumbled, "Traffic jam now ..."

Mom said, "Ah, it's just a jam. You know he's good at jams."

No prizes for guessing who your mother was referring to. Mom was thinking about the parking bays. There will be one waiting for her, at the usual spot. She's sure of it.

You know what happened next?

Right after that, OMG ...

If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a 

bed of roses


Mom gasped. 

OMG ...

If I Die Young came on the radio, the lyrics loud and clear, filling our senses to the fullest. She pointed at the time on the dashboard. 

Dad looked. 

It was 7:22 pm

Mom beamed happily, "You see the number 4? Now you know why there is a jam?"

As we inched our way to the car park, would You believe it but the song ended right as we were about to enter the tunnel into the car park ... the last line of the song, "and I'll wear my pearls..." was in fact a lil fuzzy. 

Gosh, how perfect. 

Mom said, "Did you see that? Right after you mentioned about the jam, the song came, and it ends as we are entering the car park. We're meant to hear the song. We're meant to know that there's a jam, because of the song. If there's no jam, we would have gone into the car park earlier, and miss the song ..."

"Not only that, but Justine was in the car yeaterday, and If I Die Young was on too ..." Mom finished thoughtfully. 

You do know your mother's mind, don't You? 

Yes, she now has TWO If I Die Young zaps. :D

Dad pulled the ticket from the dispenser, and drove through. As expected, right left center of the parking area, as far as our eyes can see, were filled with vehicles. 

Mom pointed to the "NO ENTRY" sign and said, "Go in there."

Dad did. Lo and behold, there was a nice parking bay right in front of the entrance to the lift. 

"See that?" Mom beamed triumphantly.

Dad smiled.

You're a good boy, Son. You know Mom's spot. :D

You'd have thought this was the end of the story, wouldn't You?

Well, it's not. The next day on Thursday, December 8, Mom left the school to pick Justine up for dinner. It was about 7 pm. Before that, your mother had in fact sent Jus a text message to say that she will be picking Jus up from the condo for dinner.

Justine replied, "Now?"

Mom texted back, "U come down in 20 minutes."

Normally, your mother would reply with a "Yes" or "Ok." 

U come down in 20 minutes? Isn't that a mouthful for a simple reply to "Now?" You must have whispered to Mom.

So anyway, Mom tidied her desk, an impossible task, before going down to the car. Mom drove to the condo.

Justine hopped in. A few minutes later, as we were driving out of Taman Desa, believe it or not but ...

If I die young 

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a 

bed of roses

The time was 7:36 pm.

Decode : 4

OMG ...

Jus and Mom were like holding our breath ...

Oh My ...

We enjoyed the moment, all the way back to the school. The song ended as we reached school. Mom pulled by the side of the curb. Dad was waiting for us in school.

How perfect. How wonderfully perfect for Mom and Jus to listen to If I Die Young together in the car. It ended just as we arrived in school. Wow ... three times now the song came on in the car, in three consecutive days ... Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

How not to feel your presence, Son?

the band perry 

click on title to view video

Here Ma, your song ... :D

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...