Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hello Son,

It's your birthday today.

Mom knows You're near. You're probably right beside her as she is writing now. 

Last night (Friday) at 9:50 pm, your mother posted a video of Baby Megan on your Facebook page. Aunty Diana only brought Megan to school for one day, and see how inspired is Megan to start reading. 


Anyway, after posting the video on your Facebook page, Mom was gonna wait till midnight to drop You a note on your birthday.

Yes, on Christmas Eve ...

However, while waiting, she fell asleep.

She was awaken by the sound of her handphone ringing.

Groggily, she stumbled out of bed.

Dad was also awaken, and was like, "Who's that? Who's that?"

It was about 12:30 am. Our neighbour was calling.

Mom answered the call but the line went dead.

Your mother called right back. 

Aunty V, the neighbour, said, 

"The padlock on your gate is open ..."

Oh ... Really? 

Mom thanked Aunty V for alerting her. Then, she quickly told Dad. Dad went out to check and said, yes he must have forgotten to latch it back when the girl from the cafe delivered dinner earlier.

Justine also came out of her room, "Why, what happened?"

So anyway, we all went back to bed. 

Your mother however, could not go back to sleep ... 

It was kinda strange what just happened.

She came out.

Sat herself on the computer table.

Turned on the computer and went to your Hello Son Blog. She had saved a video link on one of the drafts. She put on the headphones and played the video.

Then, she logged onto Facebook.

Your site.

Mom saw at the top of your page, Phelan's note.

Yes, the boy who started the Facebook group page of yours the day You left. He remembered your birthday. Then, she happened to scroll down and saw the several birthday postings from your friends.

Of course at the time, she was listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Rhema's version) and before long, the tears started. Your friends still remember your birthday?

Sniff sniff ...

Mom typed down on her entry :

SAT DEC 24 @

She looked at the time. 

It was 1:23 am. She waited till it turned 1:24 pm before typing down the time as 1:24. It was after all your birthday, Dec 24 ... so, why not just wait one minute ... 

It soon turned 1:24 pm.

Mom typed the time down.

Followed by the lyrics of the song. 

You know this is all very strange, because Mom found this video much earlier, and had wanted to upload it on your 21st (Wed 21st). However, there was one line in the song that she was not able to get then. She had asked Justine too, even Dad, to listen to that line, and neither one of them could catch those few words. 

It was the lyrics right after :


Bla bla bla

Mom had replayed that line more than 20 times. Still,  she could not catch the words then. With the speakers, with the headphones, with the volume out loud. She - just - could - not - get - that - line. 

Nor could Justine. Nor Dad.

However, tonight ... tonight, as she played the video once again, and typing it out onto her entry, she suddenly realised she had typed out THAT line. The line was CLEAR.


Why didn't she get it the last time? Why couldn't she hear it before? Not even Dad or your sister could hear that line clearly before. Tonight, THAT line is crystal clear. Isn't that strange?

She continued typing. 

You must have whispered into your mother's ears. :D

How else would You explain it?

Just as she was in the middle of typing out the song, would You believe it, but the computer hung.

After clicking the mouse several times, and got no response whatsoever, she restarted the monitor. :S

When she got onto your page again, she noticed a new entry.

ST ... "4 minutes ago."

Pause ...

4 - minutes ago...

Four ???

Like, one two three four - FOUR ???

Her angel sign???

Something (or someone) (Oh, stop beating round the bush) ...

YOU must have whispered to your mother because she suddenly found herself counting the number of entries that were posted after her video entry of Baby Megan at 9:50 pm.

One two three ...

Count count count ...

Oh  ---  My  ---  God ...

She counted again.

And again.

And one more time, just in case.

There were 23 entries after her video entry, which makes her entry now number 24.

You wanted 24, Ma? :D


Mom instinctively picked up her cell to check the time of Aunt V's call just now. It was 12:39 am. 

Her hand flew to her mouth. 


Decode : 4

You woke Mom up. She knows for sure now. 

Earlier this (Friday) evening, after school, we went to the food court to have a quick dinner and buy back for Justine. 

At the food court, Dad said, "Turn LEFT, there's a car coming out."

Your mother turned RIGHT.

Dad was like, "Left. I said turn left."

Too late. 

She was on the right side of the food court area. 

No need to mention there were no parking.  

So, Mom said, "You tapau la. We eat at home. I want kuey teow soup."

Mom turned off the engine and headlights.

And sat there in the darkness.

Not long after, she found herself turning to her left and as she did so, she immediately spotted a car with the number plate :


Her head quickly registered the number plate.


OMG ... 21.

That's YOU.

You're zapping Dad, aren't You? On December 18th, we were at your garden. Mom hasn't got the time to write that entry yet. Anyway, when we left, Dad had started the car, and the immediate song that was on was DELILAH.

Dad had said, "He taught me this song (guitar)."

Then, on December 22nd, 4 days later if You notice, Justine, Mom and Dad went to dinner. After dinner, we went back to the car. Dad started the car. 

Once again, DELILAH was playing on the radio.

Dad said, "This song again ..."

Mom said, "Hey, isn't this the second time that you're starting the car, and DELILAH is on?"

Dad said, "Yes."

Two times Delilah came on the radio in the same manner? The song You taught Dad to play on the guitar.

Mom's thoughts were interrupted when Dad came back to the car with the food. 

(By the way, Dad only bought for Justine. Mom mentioned above that we ordered dinner from the cafe.)

Mom said, "Look at that car. Son's saying HI DAD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD."

Dad grimaced. 


No words.


Dad was kinda down yesterday (Friday), Son. It's difficult for your father, Daniel, that You are not here to celebrate your birthday with him as You have been for 15 years, since the day You were born. You are certainly with us, Daniel. All the above are just your awesome ways of letting us know You're near. God is good to us.

Mom has to stop here ... there's so much to say, but it's 4: 20 am. Should go back to sleep. We are taking Aunty Jessie to your garden in the morning.

Happy Birthday, Son ... and have a big piece of ice-cream cake with Jesus and Mama Mary on our behalf. :D