Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello Son,

Saturday December 17

This morning, Dad and Mom went to the Gardens Mall. We were attending our company's event, and we wanted to get a present for gift exchange later. 

Entering the car park, Mom told Dad she wanted to take a photo of the "scribble." Remember the scribble on the wall? Yes, we were going to that same mall.

Jason <3 M ...

Call 300 : Scribble Scribble

Here's where Dad parked the other day when the graffiti was discovered. See the black car on the extreme right? Dad parked in the bay next to it. 

See the white wall? The graffiti is on the left side of the wall - except that it is faint and it is difficult for You to see it in this photo.

So take a step closer ...


See that?

See the M that your mother initially avoided in Call 300?

After buying 4 coffee mug gift-wrapped items, we were on the way to the company for a Christmas gathering. 

Dad was driving.

Along the highway, at one point, Mom happened to notice that this car below had been traveling in front of us for quite a while. 


Mom remarked, "See the 24? Remember the movie the other day - the 1204 ... the birth of the baby? 24, 21, 14 ... all him ..."

Call 300 : Scribble Scribble

Dad nodded.

Would You believe it but less than 5 seconds later, a white vehicle zoomed past us on the right lane with the number plate :


Mom yelled out loud, "OMG, Look! 2104 ... Same numbers!"

Oh Wow ...


What are the chances???

See the white car on the extreme right ...

That's the 2104 car.

Mom pointed to the dashboard. 

"Look at the time ..." :D

Oh, it's so obvious. You were definitely with us. :D


She couldn't help it but a tiny ... 

tiny ...

really really really tiny ...

voice in her head whispered, 

"But that car number is a 2104 ... not 1204 ... "

No, not a perfect fit ...

Still, they are all the same numbers, she found herself arguing mentally.

Doubts. She shouldn't be entertaining them. 

Still, she found herself stewing and brewing them in her head. 

It would be impossible for her to expect TWO of the same inciDAN this time, so she's not gonna expect it. This would be an exception.

Where's your faith, Ma?

Mom remembers this line from You.

We reached the company. There was a nice parking spot one shop away from our company's unit. 

Mom got out of the car, and gasped.

OMG ...

You've gotta be kidding.

What are the chances?

Honestly, what are the chances???

Right in front of our car, was a vehicle with the registration number 2104

Oh My ... How awesome. 

Now that she has TWO 2104 inciDAN, she has no choice but to take serious notice that her son is near. 

That's the rule. 

She knows. He knows. God knows.

At one point in the afternoon, she turned to her right, and saw 2104, and at the same time, as she turned to her left, she saw ...

24 ...

OMG ...

Oh Gee Wow ... 

Left, right and center, You're around. 

Yes, You're around. 

You are so around.

All the time.

How perfectly amazing ... :D

Stay close always.

Talk to You again, Son ... falling asleep.