Sunday, November 27, 2011

Call 296 : SLOW SNAIL

Hello Son,

Saturday, November 26

On Saturday, You zapped us in the most awesome manner.

Oh Wow ... It was unbelievable. 

That Saturday morning, we left the condo about 8 am to go to your garden. As we were walking to the car, which was parked outside the condo premises, Mom noticed the number plate of a white EXORA, the same model as our school's car.

Your mother exclaimed, "Hey look, BLJ ... that's us ... and 9883 ... that's like what - 28 ... 244 ... Daniel's saying Hi ..." :D

BLJ : Bryan Lynn Justine
24 being your date of birth, and 4 your angel number.

She surprised herself with her mental math. No Kumon training, mind you. First thing in the morning, on our way to your garden, You made your presence felt. That was really nice, Son. :D

We drove to the market nearby to get some flowers. As we were walking to the market, Mom noticed a white trail in the sky. Justine took a photo with her new handphone. White trails in the sky ... that's our thing, as you'd know by now. :D

We had some noodles for breakfast before leaving the market. 

Soon, we were on the way to your garden. 

Everything was as normal as normal could be. 

Then, at one point, Mom's handphone rang. 

By the time, she dug into her handbag and pulled her cell out, it had stopped ringing. Mom saw the missed call and clicked to call back. An answering machine greeted her. Thank you for calling ...

Mom could not help but chuckle. 

She said to Dad, "It's the bank. The 44 ringgit short. The guy who called yesterday ..." 

So strange that the bank had to call again just to remind her about the RM44. Don't these people have better things to do than to be chasing her for that tiny sum?

Ah, she didn't know then but that call was her Son's way of getting her attention, because in less than a minute she was alerted to that first sound of the song 21 GUNS on the radio. 

It was faint but she heard it clearly and she heard it the moment it came on. 

That first note. 

Mom heard.

You must have seen your mother reaching over to the radio to turn up the volume. Justine who was sitting behind, gave a lil yelp when she heard 21 GUNS come on a little louder.

The time was 9:14 am.

Decode : 14

1 AM NUMBER 4 ... is so very near. :D 

Don't forget, the boy at the beach right in the beginning of that I AM NUMBER 4 movie, is called Daniel. A million names to choose from and yet the scriptwriters picked YOUR name for the boy who's supposed to be The Number 4.

What have You got to say about that?

A coinciDANs?

By Green Day

Do you know what's worth fighting for?

21 GUNS came on while we were on our way to your garden. That was the perfect song at that moment.

You will not believe what happened next.

Dad, Mom and Justine, (yes, the BLJ) were enjoying the song when it was suddenly cut short in the middle and was replaced by another song that came on immediately.

Huhhh ???

What the ...

Mom reacted when she heard the second song. She turned sharply to the back just in time to see your sister's jaw wide open in surprise.

Would You believe it but the second song was IF I DIE YOUNG that began to fill the car, not from the beginning of the song but somewhere in the middle, after the "Lord, give me a rainbow" verse. 

OMG !!!

The Band Perry

Dad too could not believe his ears.

Justine said, "Wah, so cool. They gabung (join) the songs ..."

OMG ... What are the chances of 21 GUNS and IF I DIE YOUNG being joined together? In fact, at first Jus and Mom thought Dad had changed the station ... but in the middle of 21 GUNS??? Why would he???

Jus said, "I thought Dad changed the station, but I saw it was still FLY FM..." (the radio station)

No, Dad did not switch the station. Both songs were played on the radio, the first half of 21 GUNS, and the last half of IF I DIE YOUNG

It was so very weird. 

Yeah, weird.

Just imagine, first the 44 to get the attention, then 21 GUNS came on, stopped halfway, and IF I DIE YOUNG continued. All these happened on our way to your garden. Both songs are connected to your 22nd month anniversary. Had we not stop by the market to have our breakfast, we would have missed all the drama in the car.

Who could be behind this? You tell us ...

Honestly Daniel, that was YOU. :D

Nobody, nobody but YOU.

Mom wondered if anyone else had heard that version on the radio FLY FM, that Saturday, Nov 26th @ 9:14 am. We were still in awe when IF I DIE YOUNG ended. Another song had come on but we weren't listening anymore. 

We were so overwhelmed ...

This is not an every day occurrence ...

Reaching your garden, Dad drove up the hill. Just as he was about to turn off the car engine, he suddenly noticed that the radio had gone "blank."

It's not that there was no reception.

Mom turned up the volume to the max, but the radio had come to a standstill. 

Oh My ... how dramatic. 

A moment of silence.

Oh Wow ...

Dad said, "Son wants us to observe some silence ..." :D

We waited for another 10 seconds or so, but the radio remained silent. Dad finally turned the engine off.

That was certainly a moment to remember. :D

Mom walked over to your garden plot and the first thing she saw was a large snail. She couldn't help but chuckle when she saw the snail, and said out loud, 

"Daniel says we're slow this month ... See the snail?"

For the last 22 months that we have been to your garden, we have never seen a snail there. That was the first time ... 

... and the first time that we were late. 

That was probably You saying : 

Aiyoh, why so slow ... 

or something to that effect. :D

Here's the link to your Flower Garden 21 blog :


 Your 22nd month with Jesus and Mary.

During our rosary prayer, there were two times when we had to look up into the sky. 

Yes, You heard your mother. 

Two times. Twice.

First, when Justine spotted a gleaming white airplane flying above us, and a few minutes later, a helicopter that flew right above your plot.  

Yes twice ... we looked up to see a puffy white cloud floating lazily in the sky. You were probably on that cloud, with Mama Mary. Did She hear us say the rosary? :D

Anyway, we went for a cold drink after your garden. 

At the cafe, look what was staring at your mother right in her face. 


We dropped Justine at the condo before going to the supermarket to get some groceries. It was only a short distance to the supermart, less than 5 minutes, yet a precious song manage to come on to zap us during the brief moment. 


The time was 11:40 am ...

Decode : 24

That's YOU ... (your birthdate)

Yes Son, we hear You. 

We can certainly count on YOU to be there ...

Like one two three ...




Bruno Mars