Saturday, December 31, 2011

Call 305 : TWO GIRLS

Hello Son,

It's 10:12 pm on New Year's Eve.

Aunty Jessie left at noon for the airport. Her flight to LAX is at 3 pm. She has been here for 10 days, would You believe it. Anyway, to cut a short story shorter, at one point in the conversation, we said that :

"Daniel knows what's going on ..."

Yes, Daniel knows what's going on ...

You know everything now ...

You can see everything so much clearer from where You are ...

You definitely can see the bigger picture ... better than any of us.

Every day, he gives me a lil sign, Mom said. 

We were discussing several business options. 


Yeah, all very boring talk. Sometimes, when there are too many routes to take, you get all confused. You just have to stop and remain where you are, until you see some kind of ...


Right? Then, You'd know which route to take.


The day before, on Friday morning, Dad and Mom were walking to the car. We were going to school. 

Mom had expressed in exasperation to Dad, 

"Honestly, I don't know what to do ..." 

and then aloud, "Tell Mom what to do, Daniellll ..."

We got into the car.

Would You believe it but shortly after Dad started the car, the song COUNT ON ME came on the radio. 

OMG ...


Of course.

Mom exclaimed, "You heard that? Count on me. I - just - asked - him what to do ... and hellooo ... Count on me ???" 

We arrived in school some two minutes later. As Dad turned into a parking bay, the song nicely came to an end. How not to take notice? It was too perfect.

You can count on me

Like one, two, three

I'll be there ...

You bet your mother's counting on You, Son ... :D

What have You got up your sleeves?

Anyway, that afternoon, something really weird happened.

At about 3 pm or so, the intercom buzzed. The security camera showed two Indian girls

One of them said, "Coming for interview."


Mom frowned. 

She had put an ad in the papers, yes, but that was like a month ago ... 

Anyway, they came up. Only one was keen to apply for a job. Mom gave her a form to fill up her particulars. At the end of the very brief interview, your mother said apologetically that she was looking for a teacher who could speak Mandarin. The girl and her companion left.

Half an hour later, the intercom buzzed again.

Mom peered at the security camera. At first glance, she saw two Indian girls.


Did the two girls come back? Did they forget something?

The voice came through, "I'm looking for a job ..."

Different girls?

Another interview?


Frowning, Mom let them in. She couldn't help but mutter under her breath, "What's going on ?"

Once again, only one of them was interested in applying for a job. The other girl merely accompanied her there. Mom handed the form for the first girl to fill up. After the interview, your mother told her that we were looking for a teacher who could teach Mandarin.

The two girls left.

About an hour later, the intercom buzzed again.

OMG, your mother couldn't believe her eyes when she saw yet another two Indian girls at the security camera.

Oh My Gosh ...

Deeper frown ...

What - is - going - on ???

One of the girls spoke through the intercom, 

"Coming for interview."

H-huh ??? Again ???

This time, Mom replied through the phone-speaker, 

"I'm sorry we only have vacancy for a Mandarin teacher."

The girl replied quickly, "I called just now. You said I can come for interview ..."

Pause ...

Oh ...

Yeah, your mother did mention that, but she didn't mean it.

Grudgingly, Mom let the two girls in.

Again, she handed out the application form. 

After the girl filled it up, Mom told her that she would give her a call should there be a vacancy in future. For now, she explained, she was short of Mandarin - speaking staff.

Both girls left.

Mom sat down at her desk and pondered.

Really, what -- was -- that ???

That was really weird. 

Like really. 

Are You trying to tell your mother something? What are the chances of three pairs of Indian girls coming in one after another, one asking for a job, and the other the companion?

Is there something You wanna say, Son ... because You have your mother's full attention now. 

What is it?

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