Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Call 568 : PHONIC ZAP

Hello Son,

The week before the Gong Xi break, was Valentine's Week.

Friday's theme was RED.

Mom had taken some photos of the children's activities for the school blog.

At home, at the end of the week, on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, she had gone through all the photos taken during the Valentine week, and had carefully selected the ones she wanted and kept them separately in a folder which she called :


Yup, You heard her. 


She doesn't normally repeat the names of her folders, just that this word RED is short and she had thought it would be easier to spot on her desktop if she called it RED RED.

Instead of just RED.

She sees You shaking your head at her (awkward?) explanation ...


It's the truth ... the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The next day, on Sunday 15th ... your family went for the morning mass at 8:30 am.

After mass, Mom suggested that we had breakfast in Bangsar because she wanted to go to the bookstore at Bangsar Village.

Dad somehow drove us to SS2 and we ended up having noodles in one of the chicken rice coffee shops there.

That was our second time there.

Aunty C was with us.


Mom pointed out to Aunty C, "The chicken here is all FREE of pesticides and vaccines and injections and antibiotics ..."

FREE as You know, is one of your mother's favourite word in the world.

Yes, your pink FREE tee shirt is still in her closet.

It's going to stay there -- like -- forever.

Now and then, Mom still find herself asking Dad, "Why in the world did we buy Daniel a pink tee shirt that has the word FREE written across it???"

Hmmm, so meant to be.

It's weird that You didn't find it awkward wearing a PINK tee shirt.

... because it's meant to be, Ma ... :D

So anyway, we enjoyed our food very much.

After we were done with brunch, we walked to the car.

Mom saw it from afar ...

Do You see it?

She bent down to take a closer shot.

A pure white feather.

An angel's feather.

In her path.

You're definitely near, she knows. 

So many people have shared their stories about their own white feather encounters. 

Mom too has her own story which she has related on your call blog, a white feather zap on your 1st anniversary. :D It was so amazing.

We hopped into the car, and were soon heading towards Bangsar.

In Bangsar, in the bookstore, Mom found herself walking towards the end of the store.

She picked up the first book that was neatly displayed on one of the shelves.

She opened the book and gasp.

Omg ...

Red Red Red ???


Gosh, what are the chances???

The first book she picked up ... the first page she turned to ...

Omg ... how do You explain this???

She noted the page -- page 11.

Turning over a page (page 9), she found herself standing still and staring ...



Omg ... ZAP the firefly???

Slowly, she turned over another page (page 7) ...

Gasp ...

Her hand flew up to cup her mouth.


Dan ...

Omg, DAN???

Dan is a man with a plan.

Oh my gosh.

What are the chances???

Seriously, no chance.

Dad ... Zap ... Red Red Red ???

Oh my.


You are near alright, Daniel. :D

That was awesome.

You must have whispered to Mom to pick up the right book, and turn to the right page. 

Omg ...

That was super incredible.

Be back in a jiff. Dad wants to go get something before the store closes.