Thursday, February 19, 2015

Call 566 : GONG XI

Hello Son

It's the first day of new year today. 

We are packing to go up to the highlands for a few days. 

Here are some photos taken last night during the reunion dinner.

Okay. So here's everybody ...

Megan in action. :D

Tong tong tong chiang ...

Dad and Mum ...

Oh, by the way, we went shopping yesterday and Mom made Dad buy a chinese outfit despite all the "I don't want I don't want ... no no no ... " protests.


Aunty Diana, Uncle Chris, Megan and Dylan.

Amah's steamboat was so super delicious that everyone just ate and ate and ate and forgot to take picture. Aiyah. 

Will call when we return. Need to go pack now and go for mass.

Keep all the super awesome zaps coming, Daniel.

Everywhere we are, there you'll be. <3