Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Call 565 : OH BOY

Hello Son

Something amazing happened just now.

Dad, Mom and Justine - and You - went to a nearby supermarket to have dinner at one of the chinese restaurants. 

After dinner, Mom suggested to check out a new DIY outlet.

We went in, spend like half an hour or so, before leaving.

Dad went to pay for the parking ticket, and then we all got into the car.

No sooner had Dad driven out of the parking bay, Mom heard a familiar music coming from the radio.


The introduction of 21 GUNS.

The time was 9:10 pm.

Gasp. Zap time. 

Secret code : 44

Empat puluh empat.

Immediately, she pumped up the volume.

Omg. What are the chances? 

Only this afternoon, Mom told You about the empat puluh empat and 21 GUNS inciDAN (Call 563 : ANGEL HELP) ... and now, she hears 21 GUNS on the radio at secret code time empat puluh empat ??? Honestly, what are the chances???


This is clearly not a coinciDANS.

"He definitely got my call," Mom told Dad, with a big happy smile. :D

Yes Son, You definitely got your mother's call ... and you're responding to her.

How else would You explain this???

The perfect timing. 

As always.

Empat puluh empat.

Oh boy. how incredible.


We truly are connecting, are we not, Son? Had we not gone to browse at the new DIY outlet, we would have gone back too early, reached home too early, and totally miss the 21 GUNS at 9:10 pm.


Check out the DIY shop, Ma ... :D

And later ...

Time to go, Ma ...

Just so she could catch the 21 GUNS response from her son.


Boy oh boy ...


Keep the zaps coming, Son.

Okay, gotta go, Daniel. Justine's calling. 

We are continuing Gossip Girl.