Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hello Son,

It's a public holiday today ... which makes it 4 days of "no school."

Justine introduced Mom to Gossip Girl this weekend. 

Big mistake. :D

She's got all the seasons, from season 1 to 6.

We have been watching Gossip Girl on a marathon basis since Saturday. 


How else to pass time, right?

Yup, Mom never knew it was possible to lay on the sofa before the telly from dawn to dusk ... no, not after FRIENDS ended.

We only paused the telly to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen for snacks.

Yeah, that serious.

Dad finally joined us at Season 4. Shaking his head from time to time just did not stop us from turning off the telly. 

Haha. If you can't beat them, join them.

At one point, the Lily character said, "It's just us ... and Daniel ..." (referring to their thanksgiving dinner).


Take a deep breath ... and exhale.

Mom repeated loudly for Dad and your sister, "It's just us ... and Daniel."

How appropriate that line was.

It's just us ... and Daniel.

That zap line got itself stuck in your mother's head after that. 

Aww Son ... it will always be that way.

Just us ... and Daniel.


Oh, oh yes ... Mom forgot to tell You ...

On Friday January 30, Justine sent your parents a text @ 18:27 saying, "I have a story to tell."

A story???

Oh my. 

Mom couldn't wait to hear the story. 

As You know, your mother loves -- stories. :D

When the last kid went home, Dad and Mom left the school to pick Justine up for dinner.

We went to a nearby chinese restaurant.

Mom couldn't wait to ask, "So what's the story? What happened?"

Your sister related, slowly, step by step to make sure Dad and Mom understood the incident.

"Today, I was having my practical ... so I took off my rings (she has 3 that she wears on her fingers, if You remember) and put them in my lab pocket. After that, I forgot about it until I got home. I was in the car. I parked, took the lab coat and my other things and went up the stairs (to the basement car park to the condo lift)."

Mom listened.

"When I reached home, I emptied the lab coat pocket ... took out my pen, note pad ... and suddenly one ring fell out and dropped on to the floor. Only then, I remembered my rings ... that I kept in the pocket this morning before my practical. I dug deep into the pockets to find the other two rings, but they were not there. I was really upset. I searched around me at first thinking they could have dropped out from the pockets, but they were nowhere in sight. I retraced my steps back to the car ... from our home to the lift to the ground floor, to the steps going down to the basement car park ... the two rings were no anywhere in sight ... I was very emo d ... because Aunty C gave me the rings for my birthday and I love them the rings ...

Mom couldn't wait for the punch line.

And then???

"I got into the car and searched the passenger seat ... I left the lab coat there ... then looked under the seat and everywhere, but couldn't find the rings ..." your sister paused, and took in a deep breath.


And then???

"Then I remembered the St Christopher chant ... "

"The one that Daniel chanted when we went to look for the lost pen-drive in the park?" Mom asked immediately.

"Yes," said your sister. She continued, "I was thinking how weird would it be if I said that chant and the rings appeared ... so anyway, I got out of the car and started the chant ... St -- Christopher, -- help -- me -- find ... the moment I uttered that line, that last word, OMG ... I saw the first ring (at the edge of the car) ... I bent down to get it, and saw the second ring ... OMG ... Just as I finished saying that last word -- find ... "

Mom laughed. 

St Christopher, help me find ... Mom said in a sing-song manner, the same way You did at the park. It was totally amazing how we stumbled upon Dad's pen drive, the one that You dropped when You were at the park / football field ... many moons ago. :(

Dad was amused, "Can't beat the time when Daniel found the pen drive ..."

Yeah, we all remembered that.

With an unexplained warmness in our hearts.

Sniff ...

So anyway ...

On Saturday 31 ...

Dad, Mom and Justine ... were at the mall. 

Yup, just us ... and Daniel.

Mom went to one of the stores to get some tee shirts for the staffs.

Whilst she was there, she picked up 2 orange SNOOPY tee shirts. 

Orange is our theme this coming Friday. :D

Your colour.

Enjoy yah?

Justine was with Mom. After picking her items, we went to line up at the cashier. Mom was at the line for like 2 seconds, before she came out of the line to browse some more ... and later found herself adding another 2 items into her cart. 

She walked back to the queue. 

A few minutes passed before one of the 6 cashiers called out "Next."

Mom and Justine walked to that cashier.

Justine pointed, to a number 4, indicating cashier number 4.

We exchanged a knowing smile.

But of course. We're here ... with Daniel. :D

We watched the cashier fold the items as he scanned the price, before putting the whole bunch into a large plastic carrier bag.

Mom looked at the total amount. 

RM408 - 90.

"Look at the amount, Jus ..." Mom spoke in a low tone.

That's 21.

Justine looked, and mentally added the numbers before nodding her head with a smile.

"He's clearly with us, your brother ..." Mom said with a happy lightness in her heart.

Yeah, quite clearly ... it's just us ... and Daniel. <3

We went to Jusco after that, household floor. Dad was looking at some gadgets at a display shelf when Mom came across this.

She nudged your sister.

"Look Jus ... JASON ..."

Oh gosh.

What are the chances of seeing 21 in one store and then JASON in the next store?

No chance.

No coinciDANS.

A clear ZAP. 

At the point of writing this line, Mom did a quick calculation of the numbers on the paper. She couldn't help it. She could have sworn the numbers were talking to her.

Count me ... :D

013 394 6866


Decode : 23

Gosh. That's 1994. Your birth year.

You You You ... nobody, nobody but You.


When we were done with our little shopping, we went home.

In the car, as Dad was about to drive out of the parking bay, Mom exclaimed, "Hey, look at the red sports car ..."

"Omg ... and look at the number ... 9903 ..."

Secret code : 21

We saw the zap number. 

Dad, Mom and Justine.

Yup, the 3 of us ... and You, Daniel. :D