Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Call 563 : ANGEL HELP

Hello Son

Wednesday, Jan 21

Your 21st.

5 years in heaven, somewhere over the rainbow.


60 months away from home. 

Sixty. Oh my Lord.

How 60 months can slip by and breeze by so quickly, we will never know.

It must be your mother's destiny to be in school. Without the children to occupy her time, she would have found it difficult to pass the days ... let alone 60 months.

That's like ... what ... 1,800 days.

A long sigh.

On the morning of January 21, Mom was in school.

She received an audio message from Justine, with the text, "on the radio."

Dad replied (WhatsApp) : What's on the radio? Oh, 21 Guns. :D


A smile escaped her. Of course her son would want to send her a zap. 

Especially on his 21st. 

She had just posted a message on your facebook at 6:43 am before leaving the house that morning.

She checked the time of the audio.

8:31 am.

Omg. Seriously.

Decode : 21

Quickly, Mom replied back (sms) : Awwwww. What are the chances???

You definitely received Mom's message on the facebook and You were responding to her.

21 Guns.

How appropriate.

Zap Zap Zap.

The next day, a day after your 21st, on Thursday Jan 22 ...

Mom was in school.

It was break time. 

Uncle P (one of condo's the security guard) came to visit the children, as he normally does during his short break. 

The children had squealed, "UNCLE P!!!"

Mom smiled to herself as she prepared the table for the children's break time. 

So anyway, at one point, a 6 year old girl asked, "Uncle P, how old are you?"

Uncle P let out a chuckle before he said, "Empat puluh empat."

Mom stood frozen on the spot.


Empat puluh empat???

Omg. What are the chances???

Uncle N said the same thing. See Call 561 : Container Boxes. 

On Saturday, Jan 17, Uncle N said this same word, "Empat puluh empat."

Empat puluh empat. 

Both Uncle N and Uncle P could have said forty four, but no, they said empat puluh empat.

2 inciDANS of empat puluh empat???

Ah, a good way to get her attention.

Her son is near, as always. He's reminding her so.


That day, we were supposed to clear one of the units. Dad had sprained his back a few days ago, at your garden, whilst he was planting your flowers. There was a fridge to move, some children's kitchen cabinets, chairs, boards.

It was not possible for Dad to lift these heavy stuffs by himself.

He made a call to Uncle J and Uncle J said he will send some guys to help.

At 2 pm, nap time, Uncle J called to say his friends were on the way.

Dad asked, "How many people?"

Uncle J apparently replied, "Eight."

Dad echoed, "Eight???"

Mom stood there quietly, listening with interest. Uncle J was sending 8 guys to help Dad???

Omg. Eight???

Like empat puluh empat???


Decode : 8

See the connection???

Not a coinciDANS. Only a miracle. She has learned by now that there are no coinciDANS. Yeah, after that movie ... A Christmas Tree Miracle.

The man with two first names.

After the call said, Dad said, "J is sending 8 guys to help out. "

Mom replied, "Yeah, I know ... I heard. Omg. Where did he find all these people?"

The 8 young boys came. Within half an hour, they had helped Dad to shift the heavy furniture and fridge, some to the storeroom and others to the van. All this happened during nap time.

What was weird was that ALL the children were asleep at that time. Yeah, all of them. 30 plus children. Only the day before, about 10 of them were still awake at that same time, unable to g to sleep. Had any of the children been awake, it would have been difficult to move furniture here and there for obvious reasons.

Mom said to Dad, "Daniel must have put them all to sleep."

Or You would have asked your angel friends to help out.

Yeah, like 8 of them. :D

That half an hour moment was just so -- guided.

Everything just went too too too smoothly. You definitely did not want your father to carry any of the heavy stuffs himself. Had Uncle J sent a friend or two, we would not have suspected any heavenly help. 

But he sent 8.

Empat puluh empat.

Oh Lord.

Thank you, Son ... :D

You're always near, Mom knows.