Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello Son

Today is the last day of our Gong Xi one week break. 

It's back to school tomorrow. 


How fast time flies.

It never used to be like this. 

Time used to drag its feet. 

Like a snail.

And now ... blink blink blink ... 3 days pass by ...

Blink blink blink some more ... 

3 years fly by. 

The moral of the story is obvious : Ummm, don't blink???


So many inciDANS happened like You won't believe.

ZAP ZAP ZAP ... from head to toe. :D

There was a reason why You were so so so good in video games, huh. Now You are just playing us, Mom can tell. A zap song here, a zap number there ... whisper whisper whisper ... zap zap zap.


How incredibly awesome.

Last night (Tuesday 24), the telly was on. 

Dad and Mom had just watched "You Don't Know Jack ..."  ... one of the hundreds of movies downloaded by Justine. The story was about this in famous Dr Death who assisted people who wished to die. 

Mercy Killing.


Suicide helper.

What have you ...

The show reminded Mom of her school debate whilst in secondary school on Euthanasia.

Her team (4 in a team, if she remembers correctly) was for PRO.

You know, she honestly cannot remember if the team she was on, won or lost.

Oh gosh -- Alzheimer's???

Anyway, let's not get side-tracked here.

So after the movie, Mom switched over to telly. 

There was nothing interesting on telly. She found herself flipping from one channel to another ... and finally decided to stop at PARKER ... Jennifer Lopez.

Two minutes into the show, and she felt it wasn't her cup of tea ... too violent for her liking. 

And the blood shed. 

Oh, come on .. do we really need to have so much blood oooozing from a person???

Eyes rolled here and there ... but still watching ... donno why.

You must have whispered to her.

Watch Ma, watch ... :D

And so she did ... as she munched on pineapple tarts and crunched on pistachio nuts.

Watch watch watch.


Then all of a sudden, when she least expected it, the J Lo character said, "Daniel ..."

Eyebrow raised immediately.


Omg, seriously???

Ah, interesting ... this plot suddenly became.

Watch some more.

There should be a second zap somewhere, she observed carefully.

The show came to an end.

The names of the cast rolled up.

Her eyes were on the screen. No blinking.

Don't turn, Ma, don't blink. :D

And then she saw it ...

Omg ... the actor who played DANIEL PARKER is JASON Statham.


Sure the guy looked familiar ... she forgot his name. 

He is not in her Top Ten list of male actors to be remembered on her finger tips.


Excitedly, Mom said aloud to Dad, who was surfing away at the computer, "Omg this show ... the guy is Daniel Parker ... DP ... (your initials) ... guess what his real name is???"

She didn't wait for Dad to answer. 

"Jason ..." she finished, victoriously.

Omg ...

What are the chances? She could have been watching a cooking show, or the Disney channel. She remembers writing about this Parker Zap some time ago. Anyway, that zap brought Mom to an earlier inciDAN that happened on Saturday 14th (Valentine's Day)

Dad, Mom and Justine had gone out for dinner that evening ... 

to celebrate Valentine's Day. :D

Yeah, we had a table for 4.

You were definitely with us.

When we came back to the condo, Justine and Mom were in the lift. 

Dad was parking the car.

She cannot remember now how the conversation started. 

However, she remembers vividly that, as your sister and her were walking out of the lift, your mother mentioned that MERLIN reminds her of You.

"It's that -- awkwardness -- you know ..." Mom attempted to explain further. 

Yup, the feeling of being awkward, sadly reminded her of You.

In the house, Justine went about doing her stuff.

Mom turned on the television. 

She was hoping for a good movie, a serious love story or a romance comedy of some kind, but nothing of the sort was on at the time. 

She settled for a show that had just started entitled, "Are We Officially Dating?"

Starring Zac Efron.

Hmmm ... Zac Zac ... why must you grow a beard? You were so pretty in High School Musical ... she thought to herself.

And then she heard it -- Jason.

Huh? The main character is Jason?

Interesting ...

The next thing she knew, she heard -- Daniel.

Omg what??? 

Jason's best friend is Daniel.



Then, there was a scene, about 2 minutes later, where a third guy exclaimed, "Look at me, I'm ORANGE ..." or something to the effect. Can't remember the exact words -- but ORANGE -- was definitely loud and  clear.

Omg ...

What are the chances???

Jason Daniel Orange.

No chance.

No coinciDANS.


It wasn't a good movie. She fell asleep soon after, and only woke up when the show ended. Mom went before the computer to check on the details (story line) of the movie.

Are We Officially Dating? she typed to search.

That Awkward Moment ... appeared instead.

She soon learned that the movie "That Awkward Moment" was released as "Are We Officially Dating?" in New Zealand and Australia.

Time stood still.

That Awkward Moment???


Omg ... She was just talking about Merlin and his awkwardness earlier.

Gosh, what are the chances???

Absolutely no chance.

Back to the present, to last night's PARKER ... honestly, what are the chances of your mother coming across 2 movies with the names DANIEL and JASON connected to it? 

TWO movies???


I'm right here, Ma ... :D

Truly Daniel Jason Phua, everywhere she is, there you'll be ... <3

Thank you, Son ... that was so not awkward at all ...

Give her a minute to make herself a cuppa tea, will yer?

She will be back in a sec. :D