Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Call 466 : DANIEL's SCHOOL

Hello Son, 

It's a public holiday today ... 

What a nice break. This morning, Mom went to get some groceries for the school. The maid went with her. We finished buying the stuffs we needed about 11 am plus. We walked over to the noodle stall that is by the corner of the hypermarket. 

The lady at the stall said, "Belum siap ..." (not ready)

Aww darn. Dad and Mom always have a bowl of the delicious noodle every time we were at that hypermart. So anyway, we drove to school to drop the food-stuffs there.

Shortly after, we drove back. 

Turning into Taman Desa, FALL FOR YOU came on the radio and filled your mother's senses.


Mom glanced at the time immediately.

It was 11:47 am.

Decode : 4

You're near, that's obvious ... :D

Thank You Son, for always reminding Mom that You're right beside her.

Listening to the song, and allowing herself to be sucked back to some 39 months ago, Mom found herself driving behind a vehicle with the registration plate 6821. Of course, the 21 is bold and loud. Not only that, but as she decoded carefully, her brain told her she was looking at 44.

Her angel number ... again.

She had to smile. 

A sad smile.

The focus is there. The song was in the air. The numbes were right.

Her heart felt - tight.

Why, it's easy.

Nobody, nobody but You.

Fall For You was the second song You sang to Mom the night before You left us.     

by secondhand serenade

Justine created that video for You. See how perfect the video is?

You know, yesterday evening, after school, we were in the car, heading towards home. There was a car with the number plate 21 that was in front of us. Mom had pointed it to Dad, and then kinda scrambled for her cellphone to get a photo ... which she did ... but a pretty blurred one.

At the time, I'LL STAND BY YOU was on the radio.

Hmmm ... coinciDANS, don't You think?

Pause ...

CoinciDANS or not, it brought a smile on your mother's face. 

Oh heck, who was she kidding? Deep deep inside, she knew she was meant to see the number 21 and at the same time hear the song I'LL STAND BY YOU.

If she was not meant to be zapped, the number would have been a 25, or a 27 or a 29 ... even a 30. And the song would have been ... been ... the wrong one. Not a clear and zappy message like ... helloooo, I'll stand by you ...

Anyway, back at home, we were having dinner. Dad made some amazing soup by the way, and we had it with ramen. Super delicious. 



Some more, please.

Mom pulled out the DVD album, and picked a movie she doesn't ever remember watching.


The disc was surprisingly clear.

And so, picture the scenario, will You please? Your family slurping on noodles, and watching REIGN OVER ME.

Before long, Dad and Mom exclaimed together as we saw the subtitles, "Daniel's School ..." By the way, the English subtitles are really - horrid. Yeah, horrid - like grammar sense. Honestly, the translator should just - pack a suitcase and go for a vacation. 

A long one.

Mom turned to Justine, "Did you see that? Daniel's School ..." 

Your sister said no, she was texting. 

Oh never mind. Dad saw it. She wasn't dreamin'.

Then came the part, when Charlie brings out an album by THE PRETENDERS.

Hold it right there.


You don't say.

Omg ...

How awesome ... 


Omg ...

What are the chances??? In fact, when the song came on last night, Mom was thinking of CARRIE UNDERWOOD ... and not THE PRETENDERS.

At the time of writing this paragraph, Mom googled the words: 

the pretenders i ll stand by you ... 

A page appeared. 

Mom saw the first video on the top of the page and gasped.

Oh -- my -- gosh ...

You can't be serious.


The video duration showed 4:02.

4:02 ???

Like 24???

Your birthdate.

On the right side of the page, she discovered the year this song was released.


I'LL STAND BY YOU was apparently released in the year 1994.


The year You were born???

Gosh ...


the pretenders

The next thing that zapped (movie) was the day mentioned ... the date of the plane crash:

September 12, 2001 ...

Omg ...

21 ... two times?

She couldn't help uh, investigating further.


Decode : 15


Forever 15.

That's You.

Wow Son ... that's super amazing. You must be whispering into your mother's ear. How else would everything fit so nicely? 

So anyway, after the two zaps from the movie last night, believe it or not, but Mom fell asleep on the sofa. 

Humph. Blame it on heavy dinner.

This morning, after getting the groceries ... and after telling Dad and Justine about the FALL FOR YOU that came on the radio when she was driving back ... 

Mom asked, "So what happened at the end of the movie?"

Dad and Justine both laughed and said, "You'll have to watch it again to find out ... Hahahaha ..."

Mom was like, "Aiyah ... tell la ... what happened?"

Your father and your sister still refused to tell the ending of the story. 

A bit too much, these two ...  wouldn't You say?

Anyway ...

Under normal circumstances, Mom wouldn't watch the movie again just to find out the ending ... not especially when she had fallen asleep watching it in the first place ... but somehow ... yup, somehow ... somehow ... just don't ask her why and when and how come ... but somehow, she found herself putting that movie on ...

Watch it again, Ma ... :D

Dad laughed.

He said, "Jus, Mom's watching the movie again ..."

Mom heard Justine chuckling in the background. Your sister was doing some work at the computer, whilst Dad was on the second computer viewing election videos.

The movie started.

The words MADISON 23 appeared across the screen. If she remembers correctly, the movie is produced by Madison 23.

Your mother saw that name last night, and had in fact seen the word SON in Madison. However, she had dismissed it as "not a zap" when she saw the number 23. 

Disappointed, she had asked silently in her heart, "Why is it 23? That is so not a zap ..."

Now, at the time of writing, something has made your mother see that same word - in a different light.

She finds herself gasping. 

Omg ...

Seriously ... 

1994, Ma ...

Omg ...

1994 ...

Decode : 23

Oh gosh ... honestly ... that's so incredible. There's just no way your mother would have guessed the secret code behind the MADISON 23 ... no way ... would You look at how You led her to it? Omg ...

Charlie (in the movie) ... was riding on his scooter in the beginning of the movie. Dad reminded how You used to love riding on your scooter, and had in fact picked up a tiny tortoise at the park one day and put it on your scooter, taking it for a ride.

Aww Son ...

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

And that's like forever ... until we meet again.

Then came "The River ..."

Pause ...

Mom's brains went into overdrive.

The River?

Like water

Lots of water?

Oh, don't even get her started on her water story.

Then came the video games part.

Dad said, "He loves playing video games ..."

Yes, and now he plays video games with Jesus.

Justine started singing that song ... You know, the video games song (by Lana Del ray).

Then came the tits part ... 

Mom said, "I think that part is added by Daniel ..." :D

Dad laughed. 

Of course we all remember You have this ticklish thing about boobs. We could get You laughing and rolling on the floor just by mentioning the word - boobs.


In your defence, You were quite, quite young then.

Charlie (in the movie) is so grief-stricken over the loss of his wife and three kids in a plane crash, that he has gone crazy.

Mom commented, "I would be the same ... except that I have the blog, and I can call him ..."

Dad nodded.

Honestly Daniel, if not for these long distance calls, Mom would have also gone MAD. 

By the way, Justine is watching REVENGE on telly at the moment ... and of course, one of the characters have to have your name. 

Daniel ...

Daniel ...

Daniel ...

The next thing that zapped were the words FREEDom and little angel

Oh, and don't forget, the shrink's name is Angel-a.

And then, there's the part where the jigsaw puzzle is about to take shape.

Jigsaw puzzle ...

Yes, soon ... soon, all the missing pieces will make sense.

Until then Son, do please continue to be with us ... and keep the zaps coming. 

Gotta go prepare dinner.

Be good, Son. 

We love You. <3