Friday, May 24, 2013

Call 470 : SOON HOCK

Hello Son, 

As promised, Mom's gonna tell You about her Mother's Day zaps.

Omg ...

That was incredible.

So, Mother's Day was on Sunday, May 12


Even that is a special day ... decoded as 21

Ah, that is super easy.

Earlier in that week on Monday 6th, something unusual happened. Uncle KL, who was staying at our home for a few days, took us out to dinner. It was a simple Chinese restaurant in Taman Desa.

Uncle KL made the orders, speaking to the waiter in Cantonese. 

Mom overheard him say soon hock ... 

steamed soon hock 

(image from internet)

W-what? She thought to herself.  

She whispered to Dad, "Eh, just order fried ikan bawal will do la ... soon hock is so expensive ..." 

goreng ikan bawal

image from internet

You know right ... that Uncle KL, Dad's elder brother, always buy extravagant dinners when he takes us out. There was no special occasion, and only the 4 of us - Dad, Justine, Uncle KL and Mom ... Mom didn't think we need to order the soon hock.

Dad mouthed the words, "KL likes that fish ..."

Oh ... well, okay then ...

Uncle KL called a few more dishes.

Fast forward ...

Shortly after, all the dishes were brought to our table, along with 4 bowls of steamed rice. All ... except the soon hock fish. We didn't wait for the fish but started eating the dishes that were on the table.

Half an hour later, You could see that everyone was almost finishing the food on their plates. Still, the soon hock made no appearance.  

Uncle KL called the waiter and asked the obvious. The waiter went to the kitchen to get the boss/chef. The latter apologized profusely and said the fish would be ready in a few more minutes.


Slowly sipping her drink, Mom listened to Uncle KL and Dad talking about the Election and what has become of this country and the leaders in it.

Finally, the soon hock came.

Dad cut and scooped a portion of the fish onto Mom's plate.

Mom took a mouthful ... and then commented that there were scales on the skin. This is an expensive fish - You have to eat the skin, right? How could there be scales on the skin? Totally unacceptable.

Found this image under searched words : 

 fish scales illustration


 RAINBOW? What are the chances? 

You're definitely talking to Mom, confirming what she's about to tell You. 

Uncle KL had also taken a few bites, and said the fish was undercooked. Dad said the same thing, as he pried the fish apart to check it further.

Mom watched Uncle KL signal to the waiter. 

The boy came to our table. Uncle KL complained that the fish was not cook properly and the scales were still on the fish etc. Dad also added his dissatisfaction. Understandably, the boy quickly went to get the chef.

Mom whispered to Dad, "I told you we should have ordered the bawal ..."

Dad pretended not to hear.

That didn't stop Mom from expressing her opinion a little further

She mumbled under her breath, "We shouldn't have ordered that soon hock ... this place is not known for that ..."

Dad replied in low tones, "KL want that fish ..."

Pause ...

Why, is he having some kind of craving or what? She thought silently, a little irritated that this restaurant was about to RIP your family off. We should have just ordered the bawal and be done with dinner. Had you guys listened to her, she rolled her eyes in silent - belated protest, you would have saved RM200.

After a few awkward moments of trying to explain that the new kitchen helper was the one responsible in preparing the fish, the chef finally had no choice but to announce that he would replace the fish for us

Your uncle replied that we had already finished dinner. He went straight to the point and asked what kind of fish will the restaurant be giving us in replacement?

The chef replied, "Soon Hock ..." 

The chef asked us to come by the restaurant another day for dinner, and said he will serve us the same steamed soon hock, for FREE.


Omg ...


Still, Mom heard herself suggesting, "No need to replace the fish la ... just take it out from the bill ..."

Uncle KL accepted the FREE dinner offer, and told the chef that he, Uncle KL would not be coming with us for dinner the next day, as he would be leaving KL that night. The chef replied that it would not be a problem, and that he would be expecting your family the next day ... or later. 

Whichever day convenient to us. 

Mom couldn't believe her ears. 


Like -- seriously ???

We were gonna get a FREE soon hock dinner

Wow Son ... this is surely ... surely ... surely ... your doing. 

There is no way a restaurant would offer to give a soon hock dinner for FREE.

No way. 

Absolutely no way. 

Hmmm, this must be your treat for your family for Mother's Day, huh?

Gosh Daniel ...

Mom's speechless ...

It was time to go.

The chef brought the bill to the table.

Uncle KL pulled out some notes and handed to the chef

Dad turned to Mom. He had a big smile on his face.  

Your father showed Mom the hand written bill. 

Mom peered to look.

Gasp ... 

Omg ...

She spotted her angel numbers immediately. 


Omg ...


Gosh, what are the chances?

No chance. Absolutely no chance.

Angel chance. The 44th bill of the day for the restaurant. 

Mom's assuming it's the 44h bill since it can't be the table number as there were only about 10 tables in that small eatery.

With that, Mom heard a loud --


Dinner on me ... :D

in her heart, mind and soul. 

Gosh Daniel ... Mom has said this before but she must say it again ...

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may, I can never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing ...

It is the most amazing feeling when she receives her zaps from her son in heaven. 

God is really good to us. He really really is. Please tell Jesus Mom said THANK YOU, will You? And maybe, maybe give Him a big squeeze from your ecstatic mother. 

Pause ...

Are You allowed to give Jesus a hug, Son? 

She's pretty sure You are. Still, she can't help but wonder what that must be like, giving God a hug.

If she thought that that was all she was gonna get from her son in heaven for Mother's Day, she should and must think again.

Boy, was she in for another big surprise ... <3

Totally unexpected ... 

but very very clever ...

(continue on Call 471)

Friday, May 24 @ 11:10 am ...

Gosh, You're so not gonna believe this, but a few minutes ago, about half-way writing that WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING song, Grandma called to say :

"Call Father Daniel now ... he's expecting your call ..."

Mom was supposed to call Father Daniel to invite him for Grandma's birthday dinner.

Oh gosh ...