Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hello Son,

Tomorrow is Election Day. 

Quite a bit of drama happening over here. 

Is Jesus shaking His head up there?

Anyway, we are all gonna go early to vote tomorrow. Uncle KL flew in from China the day before just to cast his precious vote. Yup, we all gotta vote ... for a better tomorrow.


Anyway, Mom meant to tell You this, after she called You on Call 466 on Wednesday @ 6:26 pm. Something awesome happened later that evening.

Truly ...

You are getting all of Mom's calls, don't You?

Yes, yes, You are ... and You gave your mother some signs so she would know. 

So, that Wednesday evening, Mom found herself going through the DVD album - again. 

She picked American Gangster at first ... but after 5 minutes of playing the disc, she decided to change it. Not her type of movie, no - there were just too much senseless violence, even right from the start. 

She picked another show.

She has watched this movie many, many moons ago. 

Well, for some reason which would be apparent later, she picked this movie, inserted the disc into the player, and pressed play.

In less than a minute or so, she found herself shrieking ... yup, shrieking ... and pointing ... and, and almost choking on her food as she attempted to talk with her mouth full.

Omg ...


She had a fleeting glance of the road sign MADISON AVE (the movie).

Omg ...

Did she not tell her son about MADISON 23 in her Call 466 that same Wednesday evening, a few hours ago? And now, she sees that name MADISON? Omg, what are the chances? She would have missed it had her eyes not been glued on the screen. It was a very fast 2 second on the screen thing.

Gosh ...

Before she could get over that MADISON moment, she saw an orange jumper with a large number 21 on the back, appearing before her eyes. Oh Lord, it can't get any easier than this.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Two straight signs to zap and get Mom's attention, and to remind her that her son is near.

After those zaps, your mother could not take her eyes off the screen. She hears MADISON Wisconsin mentioned ... saw the car number 543 ... what a clear 21 ... and then she heard the words, "don't make me staple your head ..." and felt a sudden chill shot up her spine as memories of staples on your head holding your surgery incision together, flooded her mind. 

Pause ...

Gosh Daniel, Mom could not believe she was looking at large staples on your head at the time.

Justine came to sit down with Mom at one point. 

Your sister said shortly after, "94 ..."

Mom was like, "H-huh?"

Justine said, "94 ... Didn't you see that? The door ..." (movie)

Mom missed that.

Pause ...

Did You know that Mom was gonna miss that? Was that why You sent Justine over? Because after about 10 minutes on the sofa with Mom, your sister went back to her room. It was as though she was sent to join Mom on the sofa before the telly, just to point the 94 out to Mom.

Gosh Daniel ...

Mom talked about 1994 in her call earlier. 

Gosh ... what are the chances?

You really do know how to zap Mom, don't You?

Shortly after, Mom saw the year 1994 appearing on the screen.

Woah ...

The movie continues ...

Her next zap was apartment number 203.

Omg ... 203?

Like 23?

Omg ... seriously, what are the chances?

Madison 23 ... see Call 466.

And 1994 ... hellooo? That's secret code 23.

That was awesome, Daniel. 

The zaps were just so connected to the zaps Mom mentioned in Call 466. How is that possible?

Oh, and don't forget, the part when Will pulls a blanket over to cover his sleeping daughter. 

Mom will always remember how You toddled over to the bedroom (You were one plus then) only to bring out a small blanket (the white one with pink polka dots) which You put over your mother who was then resting with her eyes half-closed on the sofa. 

That was such a cute moment, Daniel. Mom will never forget that. 

Maybe that's why ... that's why we are meant to have -- moments.

This morning, Mom dropped the maid in school. On the way home, guess what?

I HAVE A DREAM came on the radio.

The time was 8:28 am.

Decode : 144

The song that has the line : I BELIEVE IN ANGELS


That was like a loud holler all the way from heaven.

Hi Ma ...

She soon reached the condo. 

Parking at an empty bay nearby the guard house, Mom soon soon realised that the car in front has the number plate 5404 ...

Decode : 4

whilst the car right behind has the number plate 6141.

Decode : 21

Her angel numbers.

Zap zap zap ...

She has photos. and will upload later. Now, she has to get ready to go to the airport. Aunty D and baby and Uncle C are arriving soon.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... :D