Sunday, March 31, 2013

Call 459 : RING TONE

Hello Son, 

Today, Mom attended mass twice. 

There's a long story to that ... but she's gonna skip it.

After mass, Dad came to pick Mom up, and we met Aunty D and Grandma for lunch at one of the cafes at Taman Desa.

Whilst we were ordering, Mom suddenly heard WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW that was on the overhead speakers. 

She had to smile.

Instantly, your sms came to mind. You know we're with Aunty D, don't You?

The cashier told her the amount. 

Pulling out a hundred ringgit note from Dad's wallet, she handed it over to the cashier. The balance appeared on the till.  


Her angel numbers. Another reason to smile. 

While the song is on? See how perfect the timing is?

We were having toasted pizza bread, pasta, mango shortcake and coffee.

Chat Chat Chat ...

Shortly after the song ended, THERE YOU'LL BE came on. 

Gosh ...

Mom turned to Grandma, "You remember the words we put on the notice in the papers in January? (for your 3rd year anniversary) Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... This is the song ..." 

Mom pointed towards the ceiling.

It was noisy at the cafe, and Grandma couldn't really hear the song properly.

Still, that didn't stop your mother from grinning from ear to ear. 

Easter Sunday. Her son's confirming what she'd always known to be true. 

Everywhere she is, there he'll be ...

For allllll --- ways ...

(Wow ... an sms came in at this point from your Aunt D at 4:21 pm) 

You're definitely near ... Mom can feel your presence, Son ...

Two times those same numbers appear? 


Mom nudged Dad ... 

Of course Dad remembers ...

On Friday 29th ...

Dad, Justine, Aunty D and Aunty C and Mom attended the 3 pm Good Friday mass.

The mass was long and ... bor ... very long ... and ... yawn ...

Your mother was nodding off the whole time ... Yup, she's not proud to say it but she was sleeping through the sermon ... until the hymn IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE came booming through her ears and she found herself sitting up right.

She turned to look at your sister and your aunts.

Omg ...

She looked at Dad and gave him the omg gasp.

Of all the songs .. IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE ...

We'd sang this song, your family including your aunties, at your hospital bed that Monday night about 2 weeks before You left us ... yes, that song together with FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED ... again and again for about an hour ... that night is a whole chapter by itself, and someday, Mom's gonna write it in your Orange Dot Blog.  

Anyway, after that hymn, she found herself wide awake.

Mom whispered to Dad, "It's Good Friday ... and this hymn comes on ..." 

To remind us of that period when You were about to ... to ... take flight ...

A coinciDANS, that's for sure.  

After mass, we were in the car, on the way home. Mom was driving. Justine was on the passenger seat in front, and your aunties behind. Dad came in a separate car. 

Half-way through, Justine said, "Mom ..."

Mom turned to glance at her, but your sister was scrolling through her messages on her cell.

A few seconds later, Justine said again, "Mommm ..."

Mom was like, "What?"

Your sister gave an impatient sigh and turned up the volume of the radio.

21 GUNS ...

Aww ...

21 GUNS ...

Aunty D said, "That used to be my ring tone ..."

Yes, during the time when You were in hospital, this ring tone had come on one too many times. Strange that we had to have two songs to remind us of that time of your last stay in hospital.

Two ...

Take notice, please, people ...  

So anyway, we went back to Grandma's place. Grandma had cooked prawn and petai, and fish curry. We had an early dinner that evening.

It was after 9 pm when Dad and Mom left Grandma's house. We had to fetch the maid back from school.

Dad drove. Everything was as normal as could be. The maid got in the car, and we drove back.

Turning into Taman Desa, would You believe it or not but THERE YOU'LL BE came on the radio.

The time was 9:26 pm.

Decode : 4

"Oh my gosh ..." Mom breathed softly.

"Everywhere I am, there You'll be ..." Mom mumbled to herself.

Your parents listened to the song, with your mother humming softly to herself ... softly because the maid was in the car. Just as Mom thought it would, the song ended as Dad reached the lobby of our condo.

How perfect the timing was.

Mom remained in the car, taking in the wonder of that moment. How precious was that. Had your parents left to pick up the maid 2 minutes later, they would have missed the song. You must have whispered to Dad the exact time to leave Grandma's place to pick up the maid.

Gosh Daniel ...   

Easter sure is a good time as any to remind Mom that You're all okay and well with Jesus. Keep reminding Mom, Son. 

For Alll--ways.