Saturday, March 9, 2013

Call 453 : FISH CALL

Hello Son,

It's a Saturday today ... and Mom's free like a bird.

Something awesome happened this morning ... 

Mom knows it's You. That's why she hurried to the computer just as soon as she got home. 

You're waiting for her call, she knows.

A mother's intuition.

All the signs are there. 

Her son has made contact. It's strange that You know when Mom has the time to make her long distance calls. 

Before she tells You about the zaps this morning, she must show You this drawing first.

This simple drawing of a fish was done by one of the 5 year old students some 3 weeks back during writing class. When Mom first saw it, she had stopped abruptly at his side and stared at the picture. 

Omg ...

The boy had held up his book to show her and was excitedly saying, "This is a fish, Teacher Lynn ... I'm drawing an aquarium ..."

Mom had a big smile on her face, as she took her cellphone to snap a photo.

You always have a way to remind your mother that You are near.

Do You see what your mother sees / saw?

Call ...

... which Mom immediately interpreted as "Call Me ..." 

Mom has since downloaded this CALL ME photo onto her desktop and has ... uh, done practically nothing about it. Now isn't it strange that she has kept this photo? You know what would happen next, don't You?

Next, as in this morning ...

Things that happen, are all planned, she sees that now ...

This morning, about 7:30 am, Mom was supposed to drop the maid at the school for the maid to do her weekly cleaning. The maid was in fact, already out of the door, waiting for Mom, outside our home

For some reason, which would be apparent later, Mom called the maid in and said, "Where's the farm animals set?" 

We will be doing Farm Animals in school next week.

That set should be somewhere in the big cupboard in the guest room, along with your old toys and cars. It's a Saturday today. Mom need not have asked the maid to look for the set like - now (right then) - there's always plenty of time to get it later or even tomorrow on Sunday.

Ah, a calculated delay ... take note of that ... of course Mom did not know this at the time. The maid went into the guest room, and shortly after came up with a paper bag ... that was filled with barnyard animals.

Good good ... they're all here ...

With that, we went out of the condo, and walked to the car that was parked outside the guard house.

Mom started the engine, reversed the car, and drove away from the spot. 

The radio was on.

Mom switched on to her station.

LEAN ON ME ... was on.

Your mother frowned to herself ...

Hey, isn't this the CALL ME song?

Yes, yes ... it definitely is ...  

There's a long repeat of Just Call Me .. when you need a friend ... Call Me ...

She glanced at the time on the dashboard ...

7:58 am ...

Mentally, she made her count ...

Seven five, that's 12 ... is that 21

Oh, she's trying too hard ... twelve eight ... that's twenty ...

Pause ...


That's so not a zap ...  

... but it couldn't be ... this CALL ME song is meant for her ... it's definitely for her, she knows it, she could feel it ... but twenty???

The next thing she knew, she saw 8 turning to 9 ...

and she must confess here, Daniel, your mother let out a happy laugh ...

Hehehehe ...

You really can read your mother's thoughts, can't You?

It's just not the same when the numbers are not right, You understand that right?

Here la Ma, your 21 ... :D

So with that, she decoded happily, "That's 21 ..." before whispering softly to herself, "Thanks, Son ... that's just perfect ..."

She reached school. 

Usually, Mom would just drop Maid R in school, and drive off. 

Today, she parked the car. 

Yup, she parked the car today.

She went into the school ... didn't do anything there ... just kinda gave some instructions, unnecessary instructions, she must add, to the maid for some cleaning works to be done.

Then, she went to the car, and drove back. 

On hindsight ... that was strange on her part ... of course she didn't know it then, but do You see what's happened there? Another calculated delay ...

Two times today ...

She was on Jalan Klang Lama, heading straight towards the right turning into Taman Desa, when she slowed down before a bright yellow car.


Omg ...

Are You kidding her ? 

2121 ???

Twenty-one, two times???

It's Me, Ma ... I'm right here ... :D

Mom trailed the yellow car all the way along Jalan Desa Utama, the route that takes her home. You know, since she got her new cellphone, she has missed several zap photos because by the time she get to the camera icon, her zap sign would be lost. 

Today, she had plenty of time to take a photo of her eviDANS. The lights had turned red, giving her ample time to take that photo.

Ah, RED ...

Truly, everywhere your mother is, there You'll be ...

 Trailing behind ...  the 2121 ...


until it turned to the right at this point.

You will not believe this ... it's just too amazing ... but a few seconds later ... not even a minute had passed, when a familiar tune came on the radio. 

Her ears pricked up.

Did You whisper to your mother at that point?


Moms eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

8:44 am ...


Gasp ...



Decode : 214 ... 

All her angel numbers. 

21 and 24 ... your date of birth and departure.

No matter how You look at it, it can only be YOU YOU YOU.

Nobody, nobody but You... :D 

She had reached the condo. Driving into an empty bay outside the guard house, she leaned back into her seat, and allowed the song to fill up her senses. 

Daniel Daniel Daniel ... What are You doing today, Son? Mom's gonna call You in a bit. We miss You so much, Daniel ..

Will you still love me when I'm botak? 

Mom remembers your sms to Aunty D, with a sad and heavy heart. The dullness in her heart will forever be there. 


It's not likely to be erased with time ...

and that's okay. 

Let the pain remain, if that's the only way to be close to You again.

Aiyoh Ma ... tsk tsk tsk ...


Honestly Son, how You can zap Mom, again and again, all the way from heaven ... just amazes her. Truly ... there has not been a day, since You left us, that Mom does not feel your presence.  

Every day, You remind her, every single day ... You remind her, that You're near.  

God's plan is good. The bond between Mother and Son is meant to be unbreakable. The link is forever. Our spirits are joined together.

That's a good plan ... don't You think? Please tell Jesus Mom said so.

In fact, yesterday evening, Dad, Mom and Justine were at this vegetarian restaurant nearby the condo. That was your sister's first time there. After scrolling through her WhatsApp messages, Mom commented to Dad's sms to Aunty D.

About her bathtub ...

Aunty D is doing some renovations at the moment, and has ordered modern bathroom stuffs, and Dad said he saw her old bathtub in the truck that had come to take away the rubbish. 

Dad said, "Nowadays, people don't want bathtubs ..."

Mom thought about that before replying, "Without the bathtub, I wouldn't have been able to bathe him ... Remember, he would just soak in the tub for a while ..." then she got carried away and continued as she remembered clearly those end of the days ...

"I'm glad the nurses helped me to wash his hair (it was a Thursday, Mom remembers) ... and gave him a water bath ... (that was a week before You left us) ... he really liked that ... that water bath was good ..." 

That water bath Mom mentioned was the water bath (not a sponge bath) that You received on the hospital bed. There were 4 nurses fussing over You at the time. It was like having a spa on the bed. :D

Suddenly, Mom sat up right, as she pointed to the ceiling urgently. 

"Listen, listen ..."

Omg ...

"Did you hear that? Rainbow ... Heard that? Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..." 

Omg ...

Dad heard it.

Justine heard it.

We all heard it.

It was the perfect moment for your family.  

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW ... had come on the overhead speakers.  

The time was 7:34 pm.

Decode : 14  


Mom said with a smile, "He knows we're talking about him ..." 

Then, Mom pointed to the wall at the back of the eatery.

The sign says :

meat free zone

which Mom clearly saw as : 

meat  free  zone

Free ...

Oh, You were so with us yesterday evening for dinner ...

Have to go now ... Talk to You in a bit, Son ...

Keep the zaps coming ...

We love You ... <3