Saturday, March 9, 2013

Call 454 : FOREVER 21

Hello Son,

Mom went to the car this evening. 

Opening the car door, and plonking herself on the driver's seat, she caught sight of a yellow plastic bag on the passenger seat.

Alone in the car, she found herself staring at the yellow plastic bag ...

Forever 21.

Oh Wow ... she'd thought slowly. What are the chances? Your mother had called You this morning on Call 453 to tell You about a certain yellow car with the number plate 2121. Mom had said,  among others, that the dullness in heart will forever be there - forever.

And now she sees a zap message - Forever 21.

What a coinciDANS. Mom wasn't sure how to react or feel. 

Of course, she shouldn't -- over-react. Oh, but she felt light and breezy all the same.

Sighing, she picked up the yellow bag, and found Justine's heels in it.

So anyway, Mom drove to school, still in a daze and wondering whether or not there would be a second sign. For her to take this sign seriously, she has to have two. That's always been the rule between Mom and You. 

Mom reached school.

Maid R appeared and got into the car.

We drove away. 

Shortly after, she couldn't believe her ears when EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE came on the radio.

The time was 8:33 pm.

Decode : 14

Her angel sign. How perfect. Mom pumped up the volume with a big smile on her face. If that's not her second sign, what is ...

Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break
Every step you take

I'll be watching You 

You're always watching over us, aren't You, Son?

Thank You for that, Daniel ... <3

Mom drove to the shops. She wanted to get a loaf of bread and eggs.

Reaching the row of shops, Mom stopped by, and waited by a parked vehicle X. On her right and left, were parked vehicles. She gave isntructions to Maid R to buy hot dog buns and eggs. As she was describing the hot dog buns to the maid, with difficulty, the owner of car X came to remove his car. 

Oh wow ... what are the chances?

Mom reversed to allow him to remove his car. As car X was leaving its bay (on her right), she saw a second car coming out of its bay, on the left.

At the same time.


Two cars reversing out, one on her left and the other on her right, at the same time? Right after the I'll Be Watching You song? Honestly, what are the chances?

A definite coinciDANS. :D

So anyway, at home, Mom was in the kitchen for a bit. 

A short while later, she called Justine to tell her that dinner was ready. 

As we were helping ourselves to a pot of noodles, FALL FOR YOU came on the television.

Mom grabbed her cellphone to check the time.

She saw the time.

She smiled.

Oh, that moment was precious.

The time was 9:21 pm.

Nine two one ...

Decode : 21


How incredibly perfect.

Fall For You & 21 ...

Forever 21.

How on earth did You manage to do that? (FFU was the second song You sang to Mom the night before You left us, and 21 was the date You left)

What a zap, Daniel ...

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Keep the zaps coming, always.

Nite Nite Son ... talk to You in a bit.