Sunday, March 3, 2013

Call 451 : WRONG SONG

Hello Son,

Sunday, February 24

This morning, Dad and Mom went to your garden. 

Your 21st had just passed on Thursday, with lots of awesome zaps for Mom. :D 
See Call 448 : 37th Month

We didn't have time to go to the garden then, since it was a school day. So, we decided to go on Sunday. Justine had to attend her orientation in school that morning. We were in the car, driving out of the condo, heading towards the university.

Justine said, "Hey, this is the song I sang for Aunty Diana ..." (at her wedding)

Mom pumped up the volume ... only to hear Faith Hill's THERE YOU'LL BE ... 

Gasp ...

Moms eyes shot to the dashboard. It was 8:26 am.

Decode : 4444

Loud enough?

That was surely a loud holler all the way from heaven.

Hi Ma ... I'm right here ... :D

All her angel numbers. How could that not bring on a smile? You know, don't You, You know, that we would be going to your garden this morning.

Justine was like, "Oh, wrong song ... I heard wrongly ..."

Mom replied insistently, "No, no, it's the right song ... you heard right ... I wouldn't have increased the volume if you didn't say that ... He must have whispered to you ... There You'll Be ..."

What are the chances?  

How perfect was the moment, Mom thought in wonderment. 

Mom said to Dad, "He knows we're going to his garden ... He knows ... I'm telling You, he knows ... "

Dad nodded in agreement.

Your family listened quietly to Faith Hill, each of us in our own thoughts, until we reached a coffee shop, nearby the university. The song ended just as Dad dropped us at the coffee shop, before he went to park the car. It was still early, and Dad said Justine should take some breakfast before going to school.

Mom and Justine got out of the car, and walked towards to the eatery.

Mom said, "You see? From the condo to this place, there was only one song on the radio that we heard, and it had to be this one ..."

Omg ...

Justine was like, "Yeahhh ..."

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

That's the message we put in the papers on your 21st last month in January (your 3rd year anniversary). Of course we felt the zap connection. It was almost as if You were communicating with your family. 

Reminding us ...    

Always reminding us ... that You're near ... :D