Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hello Son,

We're having a lazy Sunday today. 

Wonder what You are up to right at this moment. 

Fall For You just came on the telly a few minutes ago, which made Mom stopped abruptly what she was doing at the time ... yes yes, AT ONCE ... and immediately logged on to your call blog. :D

You know, Mom's been meaning to tell You. Something rather horrific happened on Wednesday. It was totally unpredictable what happened. There were absolutely no signs for that at all. Despite the severity of the situation, your mother can safely say here that, after all the challenges your family had with You, nothing can scare her anymore.


Did Mom hear a - snort - all the way from Heaven?

Oh alright ... except for cockroaches.

Mom's not gonna go into all the gory details. You know and Mom knows, and God knows what happened. In her panic state of mind, at the scene of the ... shall we say - crime - and her heart beating like it would pop out of her chest, she had been able to act with a tiny dose of calmness ... she surprised herself as she was able to quickly and swiftly execute one uh, task, to another, like she knew what she was doing ... when in fact, all she wanted to do was to stand right there and scream




but did not. There were people around ...

That was the very first time, she was confronted with such a challenge. 

She can handle this ... she can handle this ... she had frantically told herself, again and again ... as she - attempted to handle the situation. God wouldn't give her anything that she couldn't handle. She knows that. He'd put all the right people in place to help carry her through that situation.  

In the middle of all that - frenzy - she was able to mutter a somewhat disgruntled :

"Thank God for bla bla bla ... Thank God ..."

Did God hear her? She really didn't mean to sound ungrateful ... it was a delayed reaction to the shock, please tell God that.

Yes, it was all very properly planned out, she can appreciate that, at the time of writing this call. Without all those people in place, it would have been - much worse. Still, at the back of her mind, she did ask, and had kept asking herself, why, why did Son not do something about it, and prevent that accident from happening? Son could have done something ...

Or did You already? Could it have been worse?

There was too much blood for her to think reasonably.

Anyway ...

about 6 hours later, the challenge was taken care of. Still, that didn't stop your mother from thinking why and how come and where was Son when all that happened? 

So anyway, the next day, late morning, Dad and Mom went to a cafe. 

In the car, Mom was talking about that incident the day before, and complained at length her disappointment that Son wasn't there to prevent it from happening.

Dad said simply, "Son was there ..."

We found a table and sat down. 

Mom was not convinced. Instead, she found herself, yet again, thinking and thinking and thinking ... trying to figure out why and how come and what if and ... was it supposed to turn out this way? Let her rephrase that ... Did God intend it to turn out that way?

Yeah, let's put the ball in God's hands. We are after all, supposed to surrender all our burdens onto Jesus, when we are, um, weary. When all things don't make sense, turn to God for the answers. In the midst of her stormy thoughts, they were stormy at the time, she suddenly heard a faint but familiar song in the back ground ... and immediately, found herself gasping ...

Omg ...

What are the chances? She grabbed her cell to check the time.

It was 11:24 am.

Decode : 44

There You'll Be ... 

Omg, that song ...

Everywhere I am, there You'll be ...

faith hill


Mom shook her head in disbelief. 

Incredulously, she threw her arms up, as she stated the obvious, "Omg, just as I was talking about him, and complaining about him, and questioning where he was, I hear this song. What are the chances? Of all the songs that could have come on at this time, it has to be the one that says, everywhere I am, there you'll be ... He's reminding me ... Do you see that? He's reminding me that even in crazy times, I must remember that he's there all the same ... watching over us ..."

Our food came. Mom ate in silence. Her thoughts not so stormy anymore. It suddenly occurred to her that her angel son had been there, and that the situation could have been worse ... but as it turned out in the end, the situation was pretty much under control.

Yes, thank God for that. Thank you Jesus for that.

And thank You, Son ... for watching over us.

That evening, Mom was in the car with the maid sitting at the back. We stopped by the grocers to buy some yoghurt. As usual, there were vehicles parked both on the right and left lanes. Mom waited in the car, by the side of a parked car.

She waited ...

and waited ...

and waited ...

How long does one take to buy some tubs of yoghurt anyway?

Shortly after, the owner of the vehicle beside the car she was waiting at, appeared and kinda signaled to her that he would be leaving the bay. Our car was in the way. Mom turned on the ignition, and slowly drove ahead. She decided to make a big round, around the row of shops, and came back again to the same spot she left the maid.

Would You believe it but moments later, yes, seconds later, her ears had pricked as she sat upright. 

Angel Of The Morning ...

Oh gosh, Angel Of The Morning had come on the radio. She glanced at the time on the dashboard. It was 8:46 pm. 

Decode : 4

Her angel number. Just as she'd started the car engine. Her second song zap today. Gosh, You must have whispered to the man to return to his car right - at - that - moment. 

Mom was so meant to hear that song.

 the pretenders

Angel Of The Morning ...

Honestly, she would have missed the song, had she continued to be in the car (with the engine off), and waiting for the maid to return with the yoghurt. The timing was priceless. 

Mom drove slowly along the shops, in a big circle, listening to Angel Of The Morning, in awe and wonder. You really do know how to connect with your mother, don't You? 

I was there that morning, Ma ...

Pause ...

Yes, okay, alright Son ... Mom is gonna take your word for it. You were there that morning. Of course You were. Deep deep down in her heart, she knows You're right beside her all the time. Doesn't she say like all the time, that everywhere we are, there You'll always be? Just because a little - storm - came, she allowed everything that she's ever believed in and know to be true, fly out the window? What's the matter with her? Help her to have more faith, would You please?

All we need to have is the faith of a mustard seed. 

Is that so difficult?

You say it best, when You say nothing at all, Daniel.

Keep the zaps coming.

Love You.

Watch over us down here ...