Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Call 428 : TWO JUDGES

Hello Son,                                                        (continue from Call 427)

Sunday, December 16

That Sunday evening, Aunty C, Justine and Mom decided to go to Bangsar for dinner.

We were gonna check out 2 outlets to decide on one, for Dad's birthday dinner. Since Dad and your birthday fall on the same day - Christmas Eve - be sure to be with us, okay?

Celebrate with us, You hear, Son?

So anyway, after dinner at the 1st outlet, we walked over to the 2nd outlet.

Aunty C and Justine liked the 2nd outlet immediately, and both thought it would be great to have Dad's birthday dinner there. Needless to say, we ended up making a reservation for Christmas Eve ... :D

We went home after that.

As we were approaching the condo lobby, Mom glanced at the time and exclaimed, "It's 8:45 pm  ... aiyahhh ... MERLIN is almost over ..."

Aunty C replied in good humor, "You all la ... talk talk talk and forgetting the time ..."

So anyway, to go straight to the point ...You know Mom has a problem with that, right? Going straight to the point ... hmmm ... how to You do that, huh? Not one of her strong points. Well, to really go straight to the point, by the time Mom turned on the television, she watched MERLIN come to an end.

Sulk ...

Mom's hoping You did not see her ... scowl ... at the telly screen.

Anyway, Justine and Mom ended up watching Asia's Next Top Model ...

We were on the sofa ... the telly was on ... Before long, we watched the models posing with celebrity model and TV host (and also one of the Judges), introduced as Jason Godfrey.

Mom heard that, of course.

Are You kidding?

Daniel Boey and Jason Godfrey?

The two Judges???

Daniel and Jason?

On the show tonight?

Daniel AND Jason?

Oh My Gosh ...

Mom couldn't help it but started to go on like a broken record, "What are the chances? Honestly, what are the chances? One Daniel and one Jason??? I mean, Daniel ... and Jason??? Did you hear that???"

Of course Justine heard that. It's always good to have a witness ...

Seriously, with MERLIN not on, your mother could have just gone to the room, to take a shower etc. She did not have to sit before the television.

You must have whispered to your mother.

Watch the Model show, Ma ... :D

Oh boy oh boy oh boy ...

Justine was nodding away, caught up with Mom's OMGs etc

Then, just as You would not think it could get any better ... the MODEL show ended ... and a short preview of movie clips came on, accompanied by background song ... get ready for this ...

OMG ...

Mom had gasped when she heard the initial intro music of the song.


She could not believe her ears.

"Eh, FALL FOR YOU ... Omg ... It's 9:55 pm ..."

Decode : 44

Heaven's numbers alright.

Justine replied, "You didn't know, meh?" As in, hasn't Mom seen this preview ad before? Yes, she has in fact ... but it has been quite a while ago ... and it wasn't so dramatic like in this manner ...

Daniel ... Jason ... Fall For You ...


Gosh, would You look at the timing? Was that not her son zapping her?

Yeah, it's too easy. 

FALL FOR YOU ... was the second song You sang to Mom the night before You left us.

Gosh Son ... Mom only has to close her eyes to bring herself back to that night ...

That night ...

Starry starry night ...

Thank You, Son for making your presence felt ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Keep the zaps coming always ... :D