Sunday, December 16, 2012

Call 426 : SOME NIGHTS

Hello Son, 

Saturday, December 15

Mom was in the car with the maid. 

We were driving out of the condo, and onto the main road, when SOME NIGHTS came on. Your mother was not really paying much attention to the song until these lyrics kinda found a way to penetrate her brains :

What do I stand for?

What do I stand for?

Most nights, 

I don't know, 

anymore ...

She glanced at the time. 

It was 12:34 pm.

Shaking her head slowly, a sad smile escaped her.  

Honestly, what are the chances?

She could have seen a 12:33 or a 12:35 ...  which would have done nothing to zap her ... but no, she had to see a 12:34 ...

Always, her Son would remind her that he's near.

1234, I love You ...

She heard it loud and clear. His holler all the way from Heaven.

His nice singing voice :

There's only 1 way, 

2 say, 

those 3 words, 

4 You-uuu

I love You

You must have seen your mother shake her head with a knowing satisfaction. 

A knowing satisfaction ...

No one will ever understand what that is

No ... 

No one ... 

except ...

except of course, a mother whose child is in heaven. 

God meant for it to be this way.

The bond between a mother and son is unbreakable.

The connection is forever.

The link is eternal.

Which brings her to this ... 

Isn't it strange that she had snapped this photo when she was at IKEA last week?

You must have whispered to her :

Take a picture of the candles, Ma ... :D  

... because You know your mother is quite obsessed with her collection of eviDANS.

She had only taken ONE photo that day, and it happened to be this 1234 candles.

What a coinciDANS ...

By the way, do You see the price on the box?

RM 24:90 *

Decode : 4

(At the time of writing : Would You believe it but right at that point *, the host of Asia's Next Top Model television show mentioned : Daniel Boey) 

Talk about a coinciDANS ...

A coinciDANS?

Yeah, definitely one ...

You're near, Mom knows ...

It was kinda weird in IKEA that day, she must confess. 

Mom was there to get some storage boxes for the school. Aunty C had accompanied her there. Your aunt was waiting for your mother at a nearby Starbucks. Aunty C had brought along her tablet to do some studying whilst your mother shopped

Mom had a trolly with her, and had filled it up with some wooden play toys and container boxes as she walked from one section to the next. 

About an hour later ...

She was approaching the EXITs, when she couldn't help but notice with a grimace, the long, long, long line of customers patiently queuing up to pay at all the available payment counters. 

Hmmm ... Would You look at all the lines?

She's not that patient. 

Your mother decided to leave her trolly of stuffs and come back on a week day to get them all (again). 

So very carefully, she parked her trolly at a convenient site, hoping no one would notice that she was just gonna leave it - there - and slip away.

It was whilst she was trying to slip away, unnoticed she'd hoped, that she spotted the candles. 

Oh Gee Wow ...

Who would have thought that her zigzag maze of a way to get away unnoticed, (she could have just walked straight out, but no, she had to take the maze way), would bring her to a large crate of white candles with the boldly imprinted -

1234 ...

I see You, Ma ... :D

She could have sworn she heard.

She remembers how natural it was for her to get her cell out to take a picture.

Smile ...

Deep in thought for obvious reasons (we're back in the car, by the way), she soon realized that DIE YOUNG had come on the radio. 

The time showed 12:45 pm.

Decode : 21

Ahhh ...

At the same time, Mom found these numbers starring back at her from the vehicle in front.

Decode : 21

Double ahhh ...

It's so easy, Ma ... :D

Your famous line from the hospital bed.

It's so easy ...

Yeah Son, keep it easy for Mom ... always keep it easy ... otherwise Mom will just not get it.

Another sad smile appeared on her face. 

Everywhere she is, there he'll be. 

All the wonderful signs. 

If she were wondering at all, at first, if he might be near, all doubts were cast aside when DIE YOUNG filled her senses and secret number 21 unveiled itself, twice she must add, to zap zap zap her.


Anyway ...

To cut a long story short, Maid R had her hair cut, we had lunch, and then we spent some time at the book store. It was almost 3:30 pm when we left the place.

Mom was meeting up with her friend and family at a mall in Bangsar at 4 pm.

There was quite a lot of traffic on the road, so she did not have the time to drop the maid off at home first before going to the second mall.  

Reaching the mall, she was literally inching her way to the car park.

In the car park, she drove all around the ground level but was unable to find a parking space.

She made a second round.

Still no vacant bays.

The ground level was very packed with vehicles.

Turning down to the basement level, she found herself muttering under her breath ... yeah, mutter ... because the maid was in the car

"C'mon Son, do your thing ..."

She was late. It was a few minutes past 4 pm already.

At the basement level, she noticed that the car park was just as packed.

You must have seen your mother shaking her head, huh.

Be patient la, Ma ... :D

Then, all of a sudden, Mom saw a girl appeared in front of her.  

Yeah, your mother must have held her breath as she watched the girl walked over to her car, which was like 3 bays in front. 

Oh good. Good that she didn't walk on and on and on and on and not taking her vehicle out after all.

Mom put on her signal, and waited patiently for the girl to drive out of the bay.

As the girl drove off ...

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Omg ...


She found herself starring at the numbers on the registration plate at the back of the girl's car


Oh My Gosh ...

Her 1234 ...

What are the chances?

Overwhelmed, she drove forward, and carefully reversed in. 

At the same time, another car directly opposite her bay, drove off leaving its parking lot vacant.

Pause ...

Two free bays ... at the same time ... and a 1234 ...  


How easy was that?


That was surely You, Daniel ... 

Here Ma, two free parking bays ... :D

Yeah two ...

Thank you, Son ... that was You for sure ...

Truly ...

It's amazing how You can speak right to your mother's heart ...

Talk to You in a bit, Daniel ...

Keep the zaps coming  ...

We miss You very much and wish You were here especially at this time of the year.