Saturday, December 1, 2012

Call 423 : TWO DELAYS

Hello Son,

Morning squeeze from Mom, Daniel.

Holiday program ended yesterday. It's the school holidays now. Time to catch her breath.

Thank You for all the zaps that You sent Mom daily, Son ... :D:D:D

This morning, Mom was supposed to fetch the maid to the school for her usual Saturday cleaning up. Before we left the condo, Mom mentioned that we'd have some breakfast first before going to school - at one of the coffee shops.

So anyway, we left the condo, and walked to the car. First of all, when we got to the car that was parked at the open car park space, she found that she brought down the wrong set of car keys. Instead of taking the Camry keys, she had taken the Exora keys.

For that, she had to walk down 4 flights of stairs to the basement car park to get the Exora.

Note the delay.

Then, after leaving the condo, and driving out to Jalan Desa Utama, she had conveniently forgotten that we were supposed to turn in to the shops for breakfast and had instead, driven straight out on to Jalan Desa Utama right pass the hospital ... before she suddenly realised that she had forgotten about the coffee shop, and had quickly made a U turn back.

Maid R in fact asked, "Wrong turning, Ma'am?"

Note the second delay.

She did not suspect that those delays were um, orchestrated by one particular angel up there in heaven somewhere over the rainbow until as we were about to take the turning into the coffee shop lane, the intro music of this song that came on the radio at that moment, zapped her.


She glanced at the time.

It was 8:03 am.

Decode : 4


Inhaling a happy, contented breath, she exclaimed softly under her breath ...




Yes, yes ... softly, because the maid is sitting at the back of the car.

Good Lord, was that not a clear and loud holler from heaven.

Morning Maa ... :D

She knew that to be from her son, as sure as she knows her name.

I Can Go The Distance.



Just as the first two lines started, we reached the coffee shop. 

Wow ... as realisation slowly seeped into her brains.

Yes, slowly ... and don't You make any smart comment about that, Daniel.


She was soon shaking her head in amazement, as she realized that, had there not been that two delays, she would have arrived at the coffee shop much earlier ... and totally miss the zap.

Yes, TWO delays ... that was a clear sign from her son that he had something to do with them.

God is good.

Woah Son, You're definitely near, Mom knows. :D  

Talk to You in a bit, Son.