Thursday, December 13, 2012

Call 425 : ROSE STEM

Hello Son,

Saturday, December 8

Got in the car this morning.

Turned on the engine and these words blarred out.


(Song : Like We're Gonna Die Young by Kesha)


Exactly those lyrics at the time in question.

What are the chances?

Mom glanced at the time on the dashboard. It was 7:06 am.

Decode : 4

You must have seen the ... knowing ... smile that appeared on her face.

You're near, she could tell.

Last night, during dinner time, Justine had shown your mother a video of Baby M playing with a phone, and Baby M was going (in the video), "Hello? Hello? Hello?"

Hello ...

Mom had watched quietly.

Her brains started to work um, overtime.

Why that would zap her, no one will ever understand, and so she said nothing. Except of course your family. She decided to be silent about it, for silence is powerful, keeping that knowing feeling deep within her heart. What was that saying again on Titanic?

A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets ... something to that effect.

Besides, there should be a second sign if that HELLO was meant for her ... from her son somewhere over the rainbow.

MERLIN was on.

You will remember that Mom watches this show, right? Simply because Merlin is a boy who lives with a secret that no one must know.

Like You.

Anyway, Justine will never know why, but your mother got your sister addicted to the show now.


Yes Daniel, Mom still hears your lazy holler,  

"Your MERLIN is on, Maaaa ..."

What Mom would give to hear that again ...

So anyway, Dad called us to the dining table and said that dinner was ready.

 Dad cooked curry fish head. It was amazing.

Wait a minute ...

Fish head ...

Hmmm ...

The first time You called that dish, You had called it, "kari muka ikan."

Literally translated : curry fish face :D

You were in preschool then. :D

Even Dad expressed, as he served the curry fish, "Daniel's kari muka ikan ..."



Then ...

Frown ...

Hello there ... Was that the second sign, Mom thought to herself.

Maybe ... maybe not ... was she trying too hard?

Maybe ... and maybe not ... she answered herself.

Maybe her son was shaking his head, as he watches her wondering if that was a second zap sign.

"Tsk tsk tsk ... slow Ma  ... slow ..."

Oh well, she thought. He will give her another sign, when he knows she's uncertain.

She took her plate of rice and curry fish, walked over to the sofa, and watched MERLIN as she ate before the telly. Dad and Justine were on the dining table.

On hindsight, You must have whispered to your mother to :

Watch Merlin, Ma ... :D

And so her eyes were on the screen ...

Now Son, listen carefully to what your mother is about to say ...

Within a few minutes ... yes, a few minutes ... did You hear that?

A --- few --- minutes ...

Gosh, always, always your angel timing is perfect ...

Within a few minutes, she suddenly watched Arthur presenting a flower to Gwen ... and believe it or not ... one of the stems had drooped downwards causing Arthur to quickly hold it up with his other hand ...

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

You have gotta to be kidding her ...

What are the chances???

Mom suddenly found herself spirally back in time, involuntarily she must add, to a certain point of time when You did that exact gesture. By the way, You will remember that Mom has related that story in one of her entries on your Facebook. That was before this Hello Son blog was born. :D

Briefly ...

We were in church then.

It was Mothers' Day.

Mass was over.

People were leaving the church.

Justine and You went for Catechism class.

Dad and Mom remained in the church ... that was the norm ...

About an hour later, your sister and You appeared with big smiles on your faces.

Justine handed Mom a card she made during the class, and proudly said,

"Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!"

Awww Jus ...  Mom embraced your sister.

Sniff ...

Then, came your turn.

You presented your mother with a stalk of rose ... :D

Sniff ...

Awww Son ...

Mom bent forward to give you a big squeeze ...

Then, as she picked up the rose, the stem kinda gave way causing the flower to slowly droop downwards in slow motion. Quickly, You brought your hand up to support it. Mom still remembers the expression on your face. :D

It was priceless, she must say.

Justine burst into laughter, "Hahahahaha ... Daniel's flower bent down ... Hahahahaha ..."

Dad broke into a smile.

Mom assured You that it was okay and that she loved the rose ...

Pause for a moment here ...

Sigh, memories ...

That flower inciDAN on telly was certainly a zap from her Son.

It is strange to note that certain events that have happened in the past, had happened for a reason. Perhaps that's what people mean when they say, "There's always a reason for everything ..."

Yes, think about it for a minute, will You please?

Had that rose not droop down that particular Sunday many moons ago, watching MERLIN that night would not have zapped her. Yes, honestly, if that flower inciDAN on telly was not meant to zap her, she would have been taking her dinner at the dining table, and not in front of the telly.

Why, it was only minutes after she wondered about the kari muka ikan, that she received a zap answering her :

It's Me, Ma ... I'm right here ... :D

Thank you for that, Daniel ... and for always making your presence felt. Every day, somehow You will find a way to zap your mother ... twice ... :D ... just to remind her that You're near.

God is so good to us. Be sure to tell God that, will You please?

So, are You taller than Jesus now?