Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Call 427 : FROZEN MEAT

Hello Son,

Sunday, December 16

Dad's outstation.

Justine was out carolling during the day, and only came home late in the afternoon.

Aunty C came over during lunch time.

She had tapau-ed some kuey teow thng (rice noodles soup) for lunch.

See our homemade rice noodles soup ...


Nothing can beat our homemade noodles soup ...

Anyway, Kish came over to the house too, panting and panting like she had ran a marathon.

Oh, by the way, did Mom tell You that Kish was admitted last week?

Yup, admitted - like, admitted to the pets' hospital for pancreatitis. She had a drip set up on her and all that. The vet changed her diet apparently, and told Aunty C not to give her any more meat.

You could say Kish has turned vegetarian.

So anyway, when Aunty C came over with lunch, she was like, "You know what Kish did just now?"

NoOooo ... What?

Aunty C was all smiles as she related what Kish did just now.

Aunty C said that, just now ... she threw all of Kish's frozen meat (from the freezer) into the food bin ... You know, since the dog is now vegetarian and all. Then, she said she left the kitchen and went to her room to study. A little while later, she apparently heard some noices in the kitchen. She thought the cleaner had come in, and was doing some cleaning ... and so, she ignored the noice and continued with whatever she was doing - studying, your aunt said.

Shortly after, Kish apparently came to the room, and sat herself behind Aunty C.

Aunty C happened to glance at her, and saw a strand of ... was it string now she said, or a strand of noodle ... anyway, that long strand was hanging out of Kish's mouth. Aunty C said she kinda jumped out of her chair before she dashed to the kitchen ... and stopped short ... to see her horrified suspicion confirmed by the toppling over of the food bin that Kish had eaten the frozen meat! :D She quickly rummaged through the rubbish on the floor, and in the bin, and discovered that ALL the frozen meat that she had thrown out just now - gone.

All gone ...

Mom laughed heartily.

It was too cute, don't You think?

"Hahahaha ... You people la ... took away her meat ... She must have been craving for meat ... It's been a week since she came back from the hospital ..." Mom grinned, as she gave Kish a little rub on the head.

Kish gave a guilty look, hung her head, with eyes down cast, and tried to avoid eye contact.

Hehehehehe ...

Change of diet ...

Now why does that ring a bell?

Paws ...

 Pink Paw Print Clip Art

Mom soon fell silent, as she suddenly had flashes of your change of diet ...

Of course, she remembers how we tried to follow from one diet to another ... this diet and then that diet ... Kushi's Macrobiotic ... Gerson's Juices ... The Everybody's Advice Organic Diet ... and then, of course, there were a few times when we tried to cut off meat, remember? 

Anyway, whatever diet we chose, we implemented it as a family. Dad and Mom would follow You on the diet strictly. As for Justine, she tried to, but not so strictly. Looking back, it's hard to believe that this went on for about 8 years. Most of the time, we could only follow the new diet for like 2 months or so, before we went back to our normal food ...

Our normal food ... that's like the Hurray Diet for You. :D

Yup, pizzas, burgers and pastas ...

HmmmMmmm ... Mom can still hear all your MmmmmMmmmmms ...

We continue to miss You during meal times, Daniel ...

and that's daily ... like, like ... 5x a day meal times daily ...  and in between ...

You know that, right? Mom's only consolation is that now You have your meals with Jesus and Mama Mary and all the angels and saints ... and how could that not be more awesome than anything You have ever done before?

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