Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello Son, 

(Just noticed and remembered that this call was still left in the draft box, awaiting photo of baby Megan in her zap outfit ... it's been 2 months ... can't wait anymore ... You'll just have to take Mom's word for it ... It was a ZAP tee that the baby was wearing. :D ... oh, maybe Mom will ask Aunty D to snap a photo and send over ... like as if Aunty D has a lot of time ... Dec 1, 2012)

Saturday, Sept 8

It's Saturday today. 

Mom's on the computer in school. 

You know, there was this Peugeot 303 deep red in colour, that was right in front of Mom when she drove the car out of the parking basement, and it was with her from the condo to all along Jalan Desa Utama, pass the Taman Desa Hospital, before it took the straight road to Old Klang Road, whilst your mother took the left turn to Kuchai Lama. 


That same car.


You were bundled up in that car when we were in Lourdes, to the hospital, from the hospital, to the Grotto, from the Grotto, to the hotel, from the hotel etc. Mom remembers You were covered in a blanket as You huddled up in the back seat, that first day we took You to the Grotto after You were discharged from the hospital.

Daniel's story in :

Zap zap zap.

First thing in the morning, she gets a zap from Heaven.

A sad smile escaped her and travelled up to ... to ... somewhere over the rainbow.

Her son would always so remind her that he's near. 

Daily, yeah daily ... 

D -- A -- I -- L --Y ...he reminds her.  

That, she knows.

It has been super-amazing how You make your presence felt every day. 

Not one day go by without You telling Mom that You're right by her side.

Thank You Jesus for that ... because of the Cross and Resurrection, You are alive in Jesus today ...

You can't die anymore ... there ... DIE ... she can now so say die without cringing ...

or wincing ...

or flinching ...

or ...

(She hears a whisper ...)

Maa ...

(and just as abruptly as they had come on, her chain of die die die thoughts were broken ...)

Oh, where was she?

The car ...

Yes, it was quite hard to miss that car since there were not many vehicles on the road this morning, and that car was right before her eyes for a good two minutes or so.

Not only that but the registration plate was 1162.

Decode : 24

Clear enough? Nobody, nobody but You.

You're with Mom, aren't You, Son?

Of course You are.

Why, that car zap sure sounded like a loud ...

Hi Ma ... I'm right here ... :D                                                           

(continue from Call 404)


Aunty D, Uncle C and Baby Megan were arriving today from Tawau.

They will be here for a week. :D

Aunty C and Mom were supposed to pick them up from the Sentral Station at 10 am.

We went for mass in the morning, before going to the station.

At the station, when Baby Megan came out of the arrival hall, Mom watched her toddled her way to the car.

Awwww ...

And then ...

Oh my gosh ...

This is where Mom's supposed to insert a photo of baby M's outfit that says ...

Call Me.


Would You believe it?

Her little tee shirt says Call Me.

Call Me?


(At the point of writing, on Dec 1, 2012, Mom must tell You about this inciDAN that happened last week that is somehow connected to baby M and the number 404 in blue above ... Gosh, if she didn't know better, she would think it was your way of reminding her about this long-forgotten call ... anyway, Mom will tell You about that later, because she needs to refer to Justine's handphone for the ah, eviDANS ... Justine's at home, Mom's in school ... Be patient, yah ... )  :D