Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello Son,                                                     (continue from Call 294)

Monday, November 21

It was You, Son ... :D 

It was You ...

You have the right to remain silent ...

Yes, yes, You have ... simply because You say it best when You say nothing at all ... :D

How amazing ... 

OMG, how amazing was that?

Mom heard herself saying, over and over again. She was still in a happy daze when she absent-mindedly walked over to the mantlepiece ...

and suddenly found herself stopping short.

Her heart had skipped a beat, she's sure of that.

O --- M --- G ...

You've gotta be kidding ...

What are the chances ???


This afternoon, the SPONGEBOB song had come on when she was alone in the car ... and SPIDERMAN? The 3 year old boy was wearing a SPIDERMAN tee shirt.  He was in the car with your mother when we left the school.

TWO while - mom - was - in - the - car ZAP inciDANs ???

OMG ...

TWO ???

That's a definite :  

Take notice Ma, it's ME ... :D:D:D

She suddenly remembered she did not take a photo of the tee shirt the day before. 

Oh darn it ... now why didn't she? 

She should have, she should have ...

Tsk tsk tsk ...

It's always good have all the eviDANs ...

Did she not learn anything at all in Law school?

What a powerful sign. 

Put SPONGEBOB and SPIDERMAN together, and there's DANIEL in the midst, says the mug clearly. 

All these signs on your 21st.

Oh My ...

Oh Wow ...

Awesome ...

Thank You, Son for making your presence felt on your 22nd month with JESUS and MARY. Do You have to discuss with God first before You send down your zaps? :D God is so good to us, Daniel. He has made a way for us. Someday, You must find a way to tell us what Jesus is like. And Mama Mary. :D

Tuesday, November 22

The next morning, during pick up them, imagine your mother's surprise to see that 3 year old boy from the day before, wearing another SPIDERMAN tee shirt. 

A different tee shirt from the one he wore the day before.

You wanted a photo, Mom? Here ...

taken in the car

Mom just had to smile. :D You really do know how to read her mind, don't You?

That morning, in school, Mom received a text from Aunty J in the USA. Her message read :

"All of a sudden I hear a familiar tune in my head and it just occurred to me that it was For Those Tears I Died ... and I normally only hum children songs ..."

For Those Tears I Died ... 

The song that Mom sang to You at your Farewell Mass ... and the song that gave our family strength to face new challenges each day of your last 4 months on earth. Your preparation to return back to Jesus started in September 2009 in Lourdes. 

In January, You took off.

4 months ...

Mom replied back, "Aww. His 21st on your side today ..."

Aunty J confirmed that it was the 21st on her side in the States that day. Meanwhile, Mom checked the time of Aunty J's sms.

07:36:05 ...

Decode : 21

Oh Wow ... How incredible ... 

You really are with us, aren't You? Are You reminding us of your 21st, Son? This will in fact be the first time in 22 months that we're gonna go to your garden late.

Anyway ...

Dad came home late last night (Monday night) so he was still sleeping when Mom left the house on Tuesday morning. During lunch time, after sending the kids home, Mom drove to the condo to pick Dad up for a quick bite. 

Oh, the moment Dad came into the car, your mother started. 

Talk talk talk ... at one thousand words per minute. 

The inciDANs of the day before, your 21st ... on Monday 21st.

Dad listened with interest, especially the cellphone / wrong number inciDAN. 

Mom told Dad repeatedly, 

"The sms reply came in at 8:00:44 ... OMG, I mean, it could have been 43 or 45, but no, it had to be a 44. Right up to the perfect angel second ... You see how Son zapped us on his 21st?" :D

Yes, Dad saw. If he did not, he soon would. 

Mom's handphone rang.

It was from the Credit Card company. 

The guy on the line, after the initial ID check, said, 

"Thank you for the payment ... but there's 44 ringgit short ..."


Oh Boy ... Did You hear that? Just as Mom was telling Dad about the perfect angel timing right up to the 44th second, the guy called just to mention the figure 44

OMG, what are the chances?

TWO times 44 ???

Mom certainly heard your loud : 

It's Me, Ma ... :D

Not more than 5 minutes later, along Old Klang Road, market area just as we were about to reach the school, a white BMW swerved into our lane. Dad and Mom saw it instantly.

Mom pointed excitedly. 

"OMG ... You see that? 21 ... He knows ... He knows we're talking about him." 

Dad took a photo. Yes, he has been trained. :D


TWO 21 zap inciDANs ... 

Aunty J's sms and the BMW. 

How much more eviDANs would a mother need to know that her Son is near? No more. It's so clear, beyond a reasonable doubt that her Son is so very near. Once again, she is reminded that the bond between mother and son can never be severed, and can only last forever. :D Yes, if there is a time limit for that bond to last, that limit is forever. Hah.

Anyway, later that afternoon, Mom drove to college to pick Justine up. On our way home, Katy Perry came on the radio with her FIREWORK.

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag ...

No ... No, she doesn't feel like a plastic bag. 

Today, she feels more like a um, shopping bag. 

A happy Christmas shopping bag.


The time was 4:46 pm.

Decode : 14

Of course ... 

Her I AM NUMBER 4 is near, she could tell. :D

That evening, after dinner, we were in the car, driving home. At one point, Justine reached over to change the radio station. 

COUNT ON ME came on immediately.

You can count on me

Like one two three

I'll be there 

The time was 8:18 pm. 

You must have seen your mother smiled. 

A whole lot of angel signs there. 

Justine said, "I - changed - the - station."

Yes, she did. You must have whispered to your sister.

Change the station, Jus ... :D

TWO song messages with your sister in the car.

It's Me, Jus ... :D

We hear You, Daniel ... loud and clear ...

Keep the zaps coming, kay ... 

We're counting on You to be near always ... <3