Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello Son,

It's 10:06 pm. Sunday nite.

Justine's 18th birthday today.

This morning about 8 am, while waiting for Dad and Jus to get ready to go to church, something (or rather, someone) made your mother walk over to the computer, turned it on, and googled :

youtube in my daugther's eyes lyrics

A few videos appeared. Mom clicked on the top one to view.

The video started, and within seconds, she found herself leaning closer to the computer and peering into the screen. She was not wearing her spectacles and clearly, her vision was blur. 

She saw a blue background to the video, that was stationary ... She had frowned. It had looked familiar ... squinting her eyes, she peered closer to the screen. When she finally caught the image, she had gasped, and tears instantly filled her eyes, and streamed down her cheeks. Before long, she was sobbing away before the computer, as Martina McBride continued to pierce through her heart, mind and soul.

Justine and You at Santa Monica Beach in 2004 when we visited Aunty J.

You were 10, and your sister 11 years old.

click on title to view video

The image.

The background image.

That's the same image in YOUR video @ time 3:41.

It's your sister's birthday. 

Of course You'd want to be a part of today. 

That's You telling Mom to upload that song for Jus. 

That was You. Nobody, nobody but You.

A thousand and one background images that could have been on that video, it had to be the same one as yours @ 3:41.


(continue on Call 294)

Son, have to go sleep now. so much to tell but so very tired.

tomorrow is your 21st. school is on for holiday program. we'll visit your garden coming sunday, kay.

keep the zaps coming ... you're always near, Mom knows.