Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hello Son,

Monday, Nov 21

It's your 22nd month with Jesus and Mary on Monday, Nov 21.

Honestly Son, we cannot believe that You've been away from us for 22 months already. Dad is outstation and Mom's got school on, so we will be visiting your garden coming weekend.

Mom was wondering how you're gonna zap her that Monday, since she was busy in school on that day. Yes, that special Monday 21st, your 22nd month with the Lord. How would You zap her? Something special always happen on your 21st (apart from the daily zaps). :D You will find a way of making your presence felt, she knows. 

Yes, Mom knows. 

But how? 

What will it be this time, Son?

Be patient la, Maa ...

So anyway ...

Nothing "interesting" happened throughout the day, much to her disappointment. :(

No zap. 

No sign. 

No inciDAN. 



Justine sent Mom a text and said she needed to be picked up at 2:30 pm. Your mother left the school at 2:15 pm, to your sister's college.

At the college entrance, Mom waited in the car, by the side of the road. 

The movie, Alvin & The Chipmunks was on. 

The children had inserted that disc into the DVD player when your mother sent them home at noon earlier. As she waited impatiently in the car for your sister to appear, she soon heard the SpongeBob song that came on in the movie (the DVD screen is behind her).

Pause ...

SpongeBob ... :D

Mom found herself smiling. 

Her Son's near, she could tell.

Of course he's near. It's his 21st today. 

Something amazing would happen, she could feel it already.

Justine hopped into the car.

Mom told Jus about the SpongeBob song. Jus said yeah, she was aware that that SpongeBob was in the Chipmunk movie somewhere. Anyway, Mom dropped her off at the condo, and drove on to school. 

As she was driving, she turned off the DVD, and switched to radio. 

Immediately, a familiar tune and lyrics filled the car.

The touch of your hand 
says you'll catch me
whenever I fall
You say it best
when You say nothing at all

Aww ... You must have whispered to your mother to switch over to radio. Reaching out to pump up the volume, she couldn't help but smile as she remembered the inciDANs that had happened on your 19th month in connection with the above song.

You say it best when You say nothing at all ...

The time was 2:52 pm.

Mom soon arrived in school.

That afternoon, she had sent a short text message to a parent. 

That sms was sent at 4:12 pm (just checked the cellphone record).

It wasn't until Mom was about to lock up for the day that evening about 7 pm, that she realized that the parent did not respond to her sms. She checked her SENT box to see if the sms was sent out.

It was only at the moment of checking the sms did she notice that she had mistakenly keyed in 6 numbers, instead of 7, after the 012.

Oh, no wonder the parent did not respond. 

She had missed out one number. 

Oh well ... 

She was already out of the lift and walking towards the car, with a 3 year old boy. It was too much of a hassle to go back in to the school, to check the school record for the correct number. Besides, the boy's mommy will be waiting for him. 

Mom told herself that she would re-send her sms to that parent the next day, tomorrow. By the way, the boy happened to be wearing a SPIDERMAN tee that day. However, Mom did not take a photo. She had not felt it necessary ...

Sorry Son, your mother's slow ...

Slow la you, Maa ...

Oh Boy, You will not believe what happened next.

It was later in the night, when she received a beep - beep from her cell. Picking up her mobile, she took a glance at the caller ID.

Pause ...

That number was oddly familiar.

She clicked on the message, and upon reading the text, she found herself gasping out loud ...

OMG ...

Justine was at her desk at that moment, called out, "Why Mom?"

Mom gave another, "Oh My Gosh ..."

Jus was like, "Why? What happened?"

Mom was literally shaking her head in disbelief as she walked over to your sister's desk. Showing Justine your mother's sms to the parent, Mom explained slowly, 

 "This afternoon, I sent this sms to a parent ... This is the wrong number ... You see here - one number is missing ... If one number is missing, can this sms reach the parent?"

Justine said, "No ..."

Mom echoed, "No, right?" 

Your mother then quickly scrolled to the sms that had just come in. Flashing her mobile before your sister, your mother said somewhat triumphantly, 

"Then, how would the parent know how to reply to me?"

Justine took a look at the caller's number.

"Jus, I sent an sms out this afternoon to a number that is not correct ... and yet the parent received my sms, and is replying to me ... OMG ... How can that be? Does this normally happen? When you send a text to a telephone number that is not complete, does that person still receive your message?"

Surely You heard your sister say, "No ..."

Mom was like, "OMG Jus, it's your brother ... It's his 21st today ... It's him ..."

Quickly, Mom found herself checking the time of receipt of that parent's sms. She was pretty sure it would be connected to her Son. 

Her angel sign would appear somehow.

Her eviDANs.

She saw the time ...

She sucked in her breath and gasped ...

OMG ...

Mom held up her cell dramatically, like how an FBI agent would his authority card, as she showed your sister her uh, eviDANs.

08 : 00 : 44 pm

OMG ... 

Decode :  4444 ...

Why, that was a loud and clear holler all the way from heaven :

IT'S ME LA, MAA ... :D:D:D:D


Yes Daniel, it was definitely YOU.

Nobody, nobody but YOU ... :D

Oh Gosh, how awesome was that ???

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