Sunday, October 23, 2016

Call 597 : RED DRESS

Hello Son,

Just got back from dinner with Justine and Dad.

When we were done, Mom walked out of the coffee shop. Dad went to the restroom, and Jus was packing her bag. Mom was waiting for Dad and Justine to join her, when ONE CALL AWAY greeted her from next door.

Quickly, your mother checked her time.

It was 1902.


Decode : 21

Mom couldn't wait for Jus and Dad to come out of that coffee shop ... and when finally they did, they heard the ONE CALL AWAY with big grins on their faces.

Mom said, "I really have to call him tonight ... it's been ages ... so much to tell him ..."


Saturday, Oct 22

On Saturday morning, Dad, Mom and Justine went to the mall.

Jus couldn't wait to get the i-phone 7+ that she has been trying to get for the past many months, according to her ... the batches would come and would very quickly go out of stock.

Apparently, the stock is in ... and she was hurrying to get one unit before they are sold out - again. 

Dad said, the stock arrived "yesterday."

Yesterday - being the 21st.

Your 21st.

The stock arrived on the 21st.

Surely there would be one unit for your sister. She needn't be so kan-cheong.

So anyway, Dad said, let's have something to eat first.

Jus was like, "No no no, let's go get the phone first before they are sold out ..."

So we went to the DIGI outlet ... 

The girl who attended to us told us to try online, because they had no more stock.



Your sister looked frustrated.

Mom said, "We'll do the online during lunch ..."

Dad suggested we went to Red Lobster. He had recently gotten a voucher for a super deal meal (from the restaurant's facebook) of lobster and pasta for RM29/=. Dad had also asked your sister to get that coupon. So we had 2 coupons for lobster & pasta. :D This would be our first time to the restaurant.

In the restaurant ...

After ordering our food, Justine took out her laptop ... and started to key in the transaction for purchase of her much-awaited i-phone 7+

For some reason, the transaction failed.

After her second attempt, and the transaction still couldn't go through, she decided to put away her laptop. 

No smile.

The food came. 

A little smile appeared on your sister's face.

She started taking some photos of the food.


Fast forward ...

We enjoyed our lunch very much.

After lunch, we went back to DIGI to inform the girl that our online transaction couldn't go through.

The girl simply advised us to try "one more time."


We went to PappaRich. 

We needed a table.

Jus said she will try to do on her own, (Dad was helping her just now). So Dad and Mom left her and went to look for curtain rails.

At the HOME department ...

Dad and Mom were walking towards the curtains display, when Mom suddenly caught sight of :

Mom pointed out to Dad excitedly, "Look look ... Red Daniel ..."

Dad saw the sign and chuckled.

"See, I told you he was with us at RedLobster just now ..." :D 

Mom beamed from ear to ear.

Curiously, your mother asked, "How much was the bill just now (at Red Lobster)?"

Dad pulled out the receipt :


Why, that's You. Nobody nobody but YOU!!

Decode : 21 21


"Oh and remember the girl in the red dress yesterday?" Mom reminded Dad of an earlier zap the day before (on Friday 21st). 

Your mother will relate this red dress story in a bit.

So anyway, shortly after ... Justine sent your parents a text to inform that her transaction is successful. :D

Mom noted the time of her text : 14:38 pm

Decode : 4444

Mom had to smile. 

Her angel numbers.

Surely You helped your sister, Mom thought smiling to herself, as she ran her fingers through the white sheer.

Dad and Mom went back to PappaRich. 

Your sister was so happy. 

Jus said, "They will deliver either Monday or Tuesday."

Mom told her that Jus can only open the package on her birthday, which was like in 3 weeks' time. The i-phone was supposed to be your sister's birthday present. Mom reminded that you had saved up and bought a handphone for your sister too ... 2 months before You left us.

Dad said, "He spent RM1,200 ..."


21 ...

Dad paid the bill and we walked out of PappaRich. 

No sooner had we taken a few steps, Justine and Dad walked into a computer outlet (can't remember the name now). 

Mom stood at the entrance.

As she looked in, she soon found herself drawing a deep breath.


Omg ...

Quickly, she hurried to Justine.

Your mother said in low tones, "Look behind you ... help me get a photo."

Mom's handphone had gone flat.

Justine turned to look ... and shook her head in disbelief.


TWO 21s!!!


What are the chances!!!

"Daniel is zapping us ..." Mom said happily.


How incredible. 

What are the chances of running into 2 kids (twins?) with 21 on their backs?

Gosh, no chance.

Angel chance.

So anyway, before we went back, we decided to have an early dinner. 

We went to a Thai restaurant and asked to be seated - outside - the restaurant.

We sat down.

We ordered.

Our drinks came.

It was time for Mom to tell Justine the story of the RED DRESS and the zaps that we received the day before.

Mom took a napkin, and brought out a pen from her bag. 

She started drawing the layout of the Bangsar Village car park.

"Dad and Mom went to Bangsar Village yesterday (21st) ... Dad wanted to go to Village Duck for lunch ... so it was lunch time ... bad jam ... mosque area was filled with cars ... by the time we came to the BV, there was a sign that said CAR PARK FULL. Of course, Mom told Dad to just drive in ..."

"It's Daniel's 21st today ..." Mom had said to Dad the day before ... "there will be a parking space for us ..."

"So Dad drove into the car park entrance ... of course the bays that we passed were all occupied ... Dad stopped the car for awhile ... to wait to see if there were anyone coming to get their vehicles ... then, we saw a lady at her car that was about 7 bays in front of us ... however, since we were quite far away from that car, there was another vehicle that had driven past that bay, that suddenly reversed as the driver too spotted the lady ... darn ... so Dad had to wait behind that car ... for quite awhile ... it was strange that delay ... Mom could feel that something was gonna happen but didn't quite know what ... we just watched the lady slowly loading up her boot and then got into the driver's seat, put on her seat belt ... it was all done very very slowly ... no hurry ... the delay was quite deliberate ... finally, the lady drove out of the bay, and the other vehicle drove in ... Dad soon drove past ... following the U - shape turning ... and soon we saw a girl in a red dress ... walking walking walking ... to her car, we were hoping ... oh yes, she did ... walked to her car ... she drove out and Dad drove in ..."

So you see the delay had its purpose. If there were no delay, Dad would have driven past that bay much earlier on, and that girl in red would not have come out from the mall yet.

Would You look at the timing ...

"Then, we went to Village Duck ... the place was full ... at the entrance, Mom to the restaurant manager "Table for 2" ...the manager said, "Have to wait ..." the same time, a waiter from inside in the restaurant waved at us and gestured us to go in ... Dad and Mom walked in ...
Yes, all the tables were filled ... except for the last table at the end ... a large round table for 8 ... Yup, for 8 ... like 44 ... the waiter gave us that table ... haha ... at first we thought we would soon be sharing with other patrons ... but no, Dad and Mom had the whole table to ourselves ... hehehe ... "

Mom had in fact said to Dad then, "Daniel is here with us with all his angel friends ..." :D

So anyway, when the bill came : 


Oooh wow ...

Decode : 44 24

24 being your birthdate.

Oh my ...

Mom continued to present her case to Justine, showing all her evidence as she explained the circumstance. At first, Mom had to question herself, the girl in the red dress ... is that zap? Red ... not your colour. Had the girl worn orange -- ah, that would have been clear ... still, Mom couldn't explain why the red dress was connected to You, until today, when we saw the sign that cleared all her doubts, lingering or not :


"Then, today, at Red Lobster, he was with us ... after that, he zapped again with the two 21s (on the 2 children's t-shirts) ... and just now, Mom was at DAISO ... have a look at my receipt ... "

"Twenty-one -- TWO times!!" Mom said, with an unexplained sense of personal satisfaction.

Justine listened  ... nodding her head at all the right times, and chuckling.

When we were done with dinner, our bill came : 


Secret code : 24

Your birthdate.

Haha. Is that not proof enough that you are / were with us?

We walked to the car park.

As we pushed open the exit door, and walked out into the car park, gosh oh gosh, look at what greeted us :

Mom pointed excitedly,  

"Omg ... 8040 ... is that not 21???  And 44 ???"


How wonderful to know that You are near.

Today (Sunday 23) ... 

We were in IKEA.

Justine was doing her work at the IKEA cafe, whilst Dad and Mom were browsing around. 

As we walked past one of the children's room, Mom happened to walk in to check the fabric of the curtains. Then, just as she was turning to leave, she caught sight of this :



Omg ...


Mom was totally breathless as she pointed it out to Dad.

"Omg ... what are the chances??? D is for Daniel??? Omg ... Of all the alphabets, it has to be D ... and of all the things that D can stand for ... it has to be Daniel's name ... Omg." 

Would You believe it but just minutes after that, Dad said, "Listen ... listen to the song ..."

Mom stopped to listen. The tune was familiar ...

"Delilah ... Son used to play this on his guitar ..." Dad reminded impatiently.

Oh yes yes ... of course ... Delilah ...  When Jus is around, Delilah will come on for her ... It has happened before on more than one occasion ... He must have helped her with the i-phone purchase just now ...

Mom asked Justine for the transaction number :


1610 | 2214 | 3227 | 80

Decode : 8 | 9 | 14 | 8

            : 39

            : 21

Omg ... 


There are no words ... just ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Thank you, Son for being with us all the time and reminding us that you are with us every moment of our day. 

Keep the zaps coming. 

We love You so very much. 

Hugs and kisses

Mom and all at home