Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hello Son

Wed, October 5

A small package came for aunty C. 

She had addressed it to the school because no one would be at home during working hours. It was the sunscreen aunty C ordered online. Mom took a photo and sent it to your aunt, with the message that "It's here."

Your aunt replied : Sh*t ... it's still SPF 70? They brought the wrong one again. Does it say SPF 70 or 50?

Mom check the photo that she sent ... doesn't it say on the box, she thought ... and then she saw ... 

oh ... 

okay ... 

right ... 

She took another photo, this time of the bottom half of the box, and sent it to your aunt, with the message :

"It's 70. Yup ... all 44 of it. :D"

44 ... because the price is RM44.60 ...

Aunt C sent another text : Looks like gonna get another free one.

Mom asked : Why?

Aunt C : They gave the wrong one again. I wanted SPF 50. U can use that and see if you like. You can have it la.

Aunt C explained that this is the second time that the online supplier has sent her the wrong product. The first time they sent the wrong one, also SPF 70, they told her to keep it, and that they will send another one ... and they did ... only that it's the wrong one again. 

Two wrong products ... SPF 70 ... instead of SPF 50.

And because of this, Mom gets TWO suncreens for FREE

She had finished her own facial suncreen  about a week ago and had told Dad about it. She didn't have the time to replenish ... and suddenly, TWO FREE suncreens just dropped onto her lap.

Hmmm ...


Thursday, October 6

The next day, after using the new sunscreen on her face, Mom sent a text to your aunt:

"Using it today ... nice texture ... they may ask u to give back ..."

Aunty C said : "Just called them ... they will give this one free bc wrong order."

Mom was like,  

"Are u kiddin' me? Omg. Seriously?? 2 tubes. 44 ..."

Your aunt confirmed, "Yup, free ..."

Mom said immediately, "You are aware that dans has a pink t-shirt which has the words FREE on it, right?

Aunty C replied, "Ya ... haha ... wasn't it orange?"

Mom explained, "That free one was pink, and that was the t shirt he was wearing when he wandered off alone by himself in Lourdes ..." <3

Aunt C said, "Oh ya ... that was pink ... the orange one was biker's one ..."

Friday, October 7

After school on Friday, Dad and Mom went to the Gardens Mall

Justine had, in the beginning of the week, told Mom (sms) that there was gonna be a sale at SEPHORA and that she wanted Mom to buy a few items for her.

Your sister sent 4 photos of the 4 items she wanted Mom to get.

foundation (2), eyeshadow palatte, wonder stick of some kind and a hydrating cream. 

So anyway, Dad and Mom arrived at the mall about 7:30 pm.

We went straight to Robinsons, and to the Sephora counter.

There was a Sephora girl standing by the counters.

Mom went up to her and showed her the photos in her cell.

Your mother said, "My daughter would like to get these items ..."

The sales girl looked at the photos and said, "The first two products - got ... the third one is sold out, and the 4th one has been discontinued."

Oh okay, we'll just get whatever that you have ... Mom said.

Meanwhile, Mom sent Jus a text to tell her that we could only get 2 items.   

Your sister didn't mind ... the one that she really wanted was the palette.

While waiting for the girl to get the products, Mom picked up a lipstick tester, and tested the shade on her hand. 

She tried another one ...

And another ...

And another ...

And decided that she would get 2 different pink shades.

The sales girl appeared with Justine's 2 items, and went off again to get Mom's lipsticks.

A few minutes later, Mom was at the cashier with her little basket of 4 items.   

Mom asked, "There's a 20% discount today?"

The cashier said, "Yes, for members only."

But of course, your sister is a member ...

Then ... 

Wait for it ... 

Omg ...  

The cashier said, 

"Before discount, five five five ... 

Discount is one one one ... 

After discount, four four four ..."


The girl repeated, as she handed Mom the receipt:

"Before discount, five five five ... 

Discount is one one one ... 

After discount, four four four ..."

Mom glanced at the receipt and said out loud, 

"Before discount is 555, the discount is 111 and after discount is 444 ..."


We all laughed ... Mom, the cashier, and another sales person who happened to be at the cashier at the time ... it sounded comical.

Yes, we laughed ... but for different reasons.

Wink wink.

Mom couldn't wait to tell Justine and Dad, who was waiting for your mother at the entrance of Robinsons.

Gosh, what are the chances???




Why, decode those figures and You get :




All your angel numbers.

All YOU.

Nobody, nobody but YOU!!


Mom told Dad, "The 2 FREE sunscreens were defintely from Son ... he knew I wanted to get suncreen because mine had finished ... Omg ..."

It's unbelievable!

No more doubts.

Thank You, Son, for the zapzapzaps. 

For reminding Mom regularly that You're always right beside her.

Keep the zaps coming.