Saturday, January 21, 2017

Call 598 : 7th Anniversary

Hello Son

Today is Saturday, January 21st.


7 years since you left us.


That's like ... 2,555 days.

We miss you so much ...

Thankfully, you are always close and near.

There's always that lil sign or song or message that Mom will hear.

Last week, she was wiping this coffee table ...


as you know we are doing some upgrading works in the house so the place was quite messy and dusty. The walls were being repainted and Dad had brought down your portrait and laid it on one of the square low stools that we have. 

The coffee table was beside the stool ... beside your smiling portrait.

Mom came to wipe the coffee table. 

As she was wiping, she said aloud, "Hi Son ..."

And would you believe it, "Hi Mom ..." she was greeted in response.


It was from the TV. 

Mom was so surprised ... she spun round (to the TV) and saw that a movie was on. 



Talk about precision. 

The response was spot on. 

Mom had said, "Hi Son ..." as she was wiping the table.

And she received an immediate reply, "Hi Mom ..."

The response was a "Hi Mommmm ..." in a sing-song manner.

Oh gosh Son ...

Wherever we are, there you will always be.

Zap zap zap ...


(music video)


Yesterday, One Call Away came on the radio. 

Honestly, this song was created for Mom. 

How many times has she enjoyed the song when she's in the car? 

You're only a one call away, Son ... <3

Happy 7th Year with JESUS and MAMA MARY.

Please tell JESUS Mom says thank you for allowing you to be always close to the family.

We love you, Daniel and we miss you very very much.

Keep the zaps coming ...

Hugs and kisses

Dad Mom and Justine 

(posted 7:18 am)


10:38 pm Saturday

Hello Son

Today is your 21st.

Your 7th Anniversary.

This morning after making this call to you, Mom and Dad went out for a bit. 

On the road, along the way, we found ourselves driving behind this car ...


Mom nudged Dad, "Look, CDP ... C Daniel Phua ... that's like ... See Daniel Phua ... "

Slowly, Mom looked at the numbers : What's 2 + 5?

Dad said : 7

7 + 8???

Dad replied : 15

15 + 6 = ???

Dad answered : 21


See Daniel Phua 21.

Mom had to smile. 

Your 21st. 

Of course you would zap your parents. 

Happy 7th Year with God, Son ... 

Hmmm, what's happening up there? she wondered.

If only Mom could have a little look-see.

Yeah ... if only she could ... C ... Daniel Phua 21. :D

So anyway, we went around town today to do our this and thats.

We stopped by a frame shop to check out some frames ... and then we went to Subang to check out some furniture that Dad saw online, and wanted to see the quality of the product.

By the time we were done with all that, Mom was yawning away. 

Almost half a day had gone by. 

We were on our way home. 

It was 4:30 pm when Mom sent Justine a text to ask her if she wanted to to have something to eat. 


Your sister said yes, she was hungry.

So when we arrived at Jalan Klang Lama, Mom asked Dad whether the Hor Fun stall in the market was still open. Dad said yes.

We drove to the Hawker Place near the market.

Dad and Mom went to the Food Court, and ordered 3 packets of hor fun to go.

A few minutes later, the hawker-guy handed Dad our take-aways. 

Dad paid him, and we walked to the car. 

Everything was as normal as normal could be.

Dad unlocked the car.

Mom got in.

She pulled on her seat belt.

Dad started the engine.

Mom heard it.


Quickly she turned up the volume.

The introduction of 21 Guns.


21 Guns???

Her eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

She held her breath as she saw 5:06 turning to 5:07.



Decode : 21

Omg, Mom said to Dad. 

"21 Guns .... it's Son's 21st today ... his anniversary today ... and of all the songs ... 21 Guns is on ... just as we got into the car ..."

If we did not stop to buy food, we would have reached home earlier ... and missed the zap for sure. 

Mom said, "No one will understand this bond I have with my son ... you're my witness ... you are here and listening to 21 Guns ..."

Dad nodded. In awe, probably.

As we drove out of the Food Court, and on to Jalan Klang Lama, we suddenly found ourselves driving behind this car.

Mom let out a shriek.

Omg ...



Mom said excitedly, "Look at that number ... that's 2121 ... 21 twice ..."

Zap zap zap ...

"That's a clear zap from my Son ... his 21st today ... and he zapped us with 21 Guns ... at the zap time ... and gave another double assurance to make sure we have no doubts that it's him ... Omg ..."

Every day ... you find a way to tell us that you're near.

Thank you, Son ... and keep the zaps coming.

Mom knows you're right beside her ... all the time and every time.

We miss you so very much, Daniel ... <<3

Yeah, if only we could CDP 21 ...

Ohhhh ... CALL DP 21 ...

Did Mom just get the secret code right???

CALL DP 21 ...

You received Mom's call this morning, didn't you, Son?

You sure did ... Mom posted the song ONE CALL AWAY ...

Gosh ... how amazing is this.

Love you, Son ...

Zap zap zap!!!