Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hello Son

OMG ...


Mom has just made Call 595 to you this afternoon.

After her call, she was going through Tyler Henry's videos ...  when she came upon Pia's session again. 

She remembers taking a photo of the guy who came on AFTER Pia (on TV) yesterday. 

This was the photo. She did not have time to take one of Pia, mainly because she was too intrigued with what Pia was sharing that your mother was just glued to the TV screen.

So anyway ... Mom learned that this man is Larry Birkhead, apparently the husband of Anna Nicole Smith.

Mom had viewed over 10 or more videos of Tyler with celebrities but when she came to Larry ... something made her wiki him. Maybe because his wife was famous. :D

And so she did.

Imagine her surprise when she saw the information on wiki :

Look at the last line ...

Omg ...


Omg ... Seriously???

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad and Justine.

Daniel and Lynn ...

Yes, side by side ...

You're always on your mother's side. You're validating that.

And she received this zap after she sent her call 594 to You which means You definitely got her messages and you're acknowledging receipt and zapping her back.

OMG ...

What are the chances???


Over to You, Son ...