Saturday, October 1, 2016

Call 594 : TYLER HENRY

Hello Son

It's been 2 months since Mom gave You a call. 

That's because You're so right beside her that she's just talking to You all the time ... and not having to wait till she has time to get on the internet.

You're just -- there -- and everywhere around Mom and you family ... it's just so incredibly amazing!

Dad and Justine are on their way to Seremban, as Mom's making this call. Your sister left her car keys in the boot of her car ... so today, Dad's taking her back to her car, with the keys.

Oh, did Mom mention that they are going there by bike ... 

Yup -- BIKE.

Help your mother to watch over them, will You please ... clear their way on the road for them so that they have a nice smooth safe ride to Seremban and back.

The television is on at the moment ... and the movie on the screen is :

Would You believe it as Mom was logging on to BLOGGER to get on your blog, the song SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME came on the TV. 

Background music for a scene from the movie.

Mom had to smile.

Her Son is making contact already, she knows.

Quickly she glanced at the clock on the bottom right of her computer.

9:38 am.


Eyebrows narrowed.

Mentally, that 938 told her it wasn't a CLEAR-ON-THE-DOT-SPOT-ZAP that she usually gets...

Since it's showing : 20

Mom sighed loudly, "Shouldn't it be 21, Son?"

She found herself grinning as she imagined her Son shaking his head impatiently up there.

Almost immediately, these words spoke to her from the screen (the TV is beside her computer):

"Maybe it's a sign ..."


Blood rushing, pulse racing, brains put on alert.

She understands this 4 letter word very very well. Why, it's probably one of her top 5 most important word in her vocabulary.

She peered over to see what was happening on the movie, and immediately saw the number 23

The girl-character is standing beside the number 23 as she was talking to the boy-character. Haha. You can tell your mother is not really following the movie ... just catching the sign-messages.

23 ...


Like 1994???

Your birth year.

Just as she was doubting the number 20 ... You send the SIGN call immediately and zapped her with 23.


Her son wants to make it clear to her that he is right beside her alright.

He reads her mind -- he knows what she's thinking. 

On Thursday 29 ... 

2 days ago, your Aunt C shared a video in the family whatsapp. 

Normally Mom doesn't check the videos that your 3 aunts upload ... she doesn't have the time ... but this one, Aunty C said, right below the video, "Wouldn't it be interesting if u cud see this guy, Jess (your aunt in USA) .. just to hear how family members on the other end are doing ... Chare (mom), u should see this too ..."


Mom need no further invitation. She clicked and viewed the video.

She has not heard of this TYLER HENRY.

"a complete knowing ..." he said on Ellen.

Mom understood perfectly what he meant.

She really gets that.

This was like some kind of confirmation that she wasn't trying to imagine stuff ... how could she for 6 years straight ... must be exhausting having to imagine zaps and connection ... but for her, the connections and zaps are / were effortless. They just appear ... and she just has a complete knowing what the sign-messages mean.

So anyway, Mom left a reply on the family chat after the video : 

"Wonder if I could write to him (Tyler) a letter ... some chosen ones will hv the connection ... it's meant to be ... unexplained but meant to be ..."

Not everyone is given this ability ... and those who do are GOD's messengers ... 

You mother feels the need to express the above remark because upon making a quick check on TYLER's background, came across terrible negative comments by some viewers, one of whom called this GOD-given gift --  "horse sh*t."

Snide expression here. 

Please imagine. 

Try ...

Well, this HORSE-SH*T person is clearly NOT a chosen messenger from GOD. This person who can utter such a HORSE-SH*T word is clearly filled with it, and more ... and we shall just stand there with folded arms, and ... and ... PITY him (PITY is said like you're about to spit) and feel sorry for him ... yes, be sorry for him, for he will never understand, nor will he ever expereince, the absolute incredible joy of being in COMPLETE KNOWING and oneness, with a loved one on the other side ... all of which must be with GOD's blessings.

Pause ...

What a mouthful, she must admit to herself.

Oh well, we'll leave him be ... and all the others who are NOT meant to have this experience and conncection yet choose to be critical on those who clearly only wish to share their GOD-given ability. Mom hopes Tyler will continue to help people with this wonderful gift that he has been blessed with.

So anyway, after that video of Tyler with Portia on Ellen, Mom found herself wanting to view more. She checked on youtube and found a list of videos on Tyler. 

She clicked on one :

The first thing that struck her was the date : 9/21/16

21 ...

That caught your mother's eye. 

This video would have some kind of message for her, she felt.

As she viewed the video, and heard how Tyler talked about "repeating numbers" ... and how he explained that "repeating numbers is her loved one's way of communicating with her ..."

Oh gosh ...

repeated numbers ....

Does Mom not understand that whole number game? 

This -- is her territory.

Mom sometimes call her repeated numbers, her ANGEL NUMBERS.

Pia said the number 13 is her repeated number.

13 ... 

Decode : 4

That's an angel number.

Pia further specify that "October 13" is her special number.

Wait ... October 13 ...

That's : 1013 ... 

Is this not 23??

23 ... as in 1994??

As in ZAP ZAP ZAP ...

Gosh ...

Do people on the other side tend to have similar angel codes?

So anyway, after the video, Mom shared her thoughts on the family chat. 

Mom said: "Wow. What a reinforcement. The date the time the numbers ... appearing everywhere ... gosh, that's what I do ... the zap zap zaps!"

Aunty Carol said, "Ya, I saw her video too ... 1310 ..." 

Pia was referring to the time 1310. Mom had to smile to herself. Don't she always check the time to confirm a certain zap? Omg ...what a reinforcement.

Mom replied, 

"1310 ... 

is also 23 ... 

also 1994 ... 

teng teng teng ..."

Zap zap zap.

My Oh My ... how amazing. All the zap-inciDANS that Mom has been talking about and experiencing since the day You left us in JAN 21, 2010 until today, is all -- true. She had always known they were real ... in her mind heart and soul. Now ... there is a person who is CONFIRMING that those zap-inciDANS are really, really REAL connections.

Halleluia. :D

Thank you, Son ... :D

So anyway, to recap, Mom discovered the video on TYLER with PIA on THUR 29.

You know what happened the next day? 

On FRIDAY 30 ...

Mom was at home, the telly was on. It was early afternoon. Dad and Mom were waiting for the door-guy to arrive. He's coming to install our new bathroom doors. 

Would You believe it but TYLER was on television ... WITH PIA TOSCANO!!!



Omg ... She was watching that reading again on television. TYLER and PIA.

What are the chances???

Dad came over, saw the show, and said, "Isn't that the Tyler guy that you were talking about yesterday with Carol?" (Carol being Aunty C)


Mom took a photo of Tyler and sent to Aunty C with the message: 
"Guess who is on TV? What are the chances???"

Aunty C said, "He has series ... It's really interesting ..."

Mom replied right back, "I watched the 1013 video last night ... the one I put on family ... and today as I turned on the TV and Tyler was on ... it was the SAME video ... omg ... what are the chances ... So many series yet it was the same one that I mentioned last night. Seriously ... what are the chances?

Aunty C texted back, "Slim to none !!!"

Hah!! My point exactly. Slim to none ... 

Slim chance ... 

NO chance ...

Only ANGEL chance.

You have the right to remain silent. :D

Words are not important. The complete knowing requires no words to communicate. 

It's a -- feeling -- of a different dimension.

If there is such a thing.

The bottomline is just simple : 

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel.

As usual. 

As always.

As expected ... by Mom. 

Thank you, Son ... for being with Mom all the time.

Later in the evening, on Friday evening, last night ... your family went for dinner. 

It was at a open space, nearby our condo. 

When Mom was walking towards the food stall, she caught sight of a large number 22 on the back of a boy who was quite a distance away. 

Decode : 4

Mom smiled.

She followed Dad and Justine to the chee cheong fan stall.

For some reason, your mother made a small fuss over the tables. 

The boy who was waiting on your family had to show her 3 different tables before she was satisfied, for reasons which would be clear to her later.

We sat down. 

When the BBQ-grill stove came, Mom found herself getting up to change her seat. 

"The smoke ..." she mumbled as she got up to sit on the chair directly opposite. 

Your mother was sitting on that red chair (photo above) - initially - before she changed to the seat opposite. 

You must have whispered to her because moments later, a teenaged boy in an ORANGE tee-shirt with the number 21 walked right towards our table, before passing us. Had she been sitting on the original chair, she would not have seen him and would have definitely missed the zap. 

Mom had nudged Justine and whispered excitedly to Dad when she spotted her zap-signs, 

"Look look ... orange tee-shirt 21 ..."

Dad saw it. 

Justine saw it. 

We all saw it ... :D


You were clearly with us.

Once again, Mom reminds herself happily, that everywhere we are, there you'll be in our midst. :D

Oh, by the way, Justine and Dad are back from Seremban ...

Dad and Justine posing outside your sister's house in Seremban.

Your father and sister are at a cafe. Interesting to note that Justine sent the above photos to Mom whilst Mom was on call with You. Upon seeing the photo, Mom immediately noticed the "S" (Superman) behind your sister. 

How quaint ...


The song (by Charlie Puth).

The immediate knowing that her son is on long-distance call with her.

What are the chances of seeing the SUPERMAN sign when she was making the call to her son?

I'm only one call away

I'll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I'm only one call away

You're clearly connecting with your mother.


Justine sent a text whilst at the cafe : 

"Just now otw we saw an ORANGE scooter with an ORANGE helmet. Then there were another 3 scooters in front of that ORANGE scooter. So 4 scooters. Now the song MUSIC & LYRICS song is playing ..."

Wow ... How apt ... Music & Lyrics???

There are moments when I don't know if this is real

Or if anybody feels the way I feel

I need inspiration

Not just another negotiation

Oh wow ... There are moments when I don't know if this is real. Or if anybody feels the way I feel. I need inspiration. 

Gosh ... is Tyler not the inspiration here ... Grin. Mom can feel your humour coming through.

Somehow, he's your mother's assurance and reassurance that all her unexplained moments, past and present, (and future) are --- real. 

There are no coincidances.

Your mother checked the time Justine sent the message.

10:56 am.

You don't say ....

Oh wow ...

Mom replied to Justine, 

"Your time of that msg is 1056. 21. <3"


Awesome. How You connect with your family is just awesome!!

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be.

Have to go now, Son. 

Keep the zaps coming.

We love You so very much. <3

Justine sent the above photos about an hour later whilst in the cafe. 

She said, "Dad had an orange pillow behind him the whole time ..." and just when Mom thought the Superman simbol S was a little too distant in the background, in the earlier photo, your sister sent a close-shot photo of the SUPERMAN figure ... without any prompting on Mom's part.

You must have whispered to your sister. :D:D

You're clearly ONE CALL AWAY ... :D

Oh, by the way, Mom almost forgot to mention that she wanted to see if she could contact Tyler Henry, and found upon checking on google, that he has some 15,000 people on waiting list to see him for a reading. She also checked on how much it would cost to see him, and stumbled upon this message :

Read that last line again :

Who says that spirits can't communicate through the internet?

Haha. Omg ... Mom can almost hear You laughing out loud. We have been doing just that ... communicating over the internet ... all this time, and now to have this reinforced.

Gosh, truly, Tyler is an inspiration.

GOD bless him.


And You, Daniel ...