Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello Son, 

Gosh. Two weeks just flew by in a blink of two eyes.

It's a public holiday today. 


Thank you for all the incredible signs and zaps for Mom, Daniel.

Truly, everywhere she is, there You'll be. <3

Yesterday, on Sunday Oct 5, in church ...

We walked in.

We sat down.

The congregation stood up. 

Mom saw this :

Yellow top and pale blue skirt on right : your Aunty C

A bright orange tee shirt, with a large scorpion on it.  

She found herself staring, until a little girl wearing the same shade of orange tee shirt (minus the creepy crawlie) appeared beside that guy (possibly her brother).

Mom did not manage to take a picture of the second orange tee. The girl disappeared off to somewhere in the front. Her family was probably sitting separately.



And scorpion? Your underwear. 


Mom bought a set of underwears for You, one of which had a scorpion on it. From the box, she was not able to tell there were insect pictures on the underpants.


Funny huh. Who would have known then, that some day in the future, that scorpion would be a zap.

Still, where was the second sign?

That's when, the little girl appeared.

Two bright orange tees to your mother's delight.

And one large scorpion.

Quite clearly, You are making your presence felt.

I'm here, Ma ... Yall are late again ... o.o

Not that late. Only a few minutes.

So anyway, after mass, we drove to Bangsar for breakfast.  

And a nice cuppa latte. 

Dad, Mom and Aunty C.

Justine was in school having volleyball practice.

After breakfast, we were in the car, driving to a mall in town. Mom had to return 2 children's suits to be exchanged for a bigger size. 

Dad parked by the curb.

Mom went into the mall, with Aunty C.

We emerged some 20 minutes later. Don't get her wrong. The exchange was fast, it was the search for the boutique that took some time. 

In the car, Mom said, "The Bambi boys are wearing white, the girls are wearing Frozen gowns, and their song is My Little Pink Thumb ... Hahaha ..."  

Yeah, this year, we are going all out to FREEZE the parents with our Elsa and Anna's costumes and dances. 

A few minutes later, for some reason, Mom reached forward and changed the radio station. Immediately, the FROZEN song LET IT GO filled the car.




What are the chances? 

Immediately, she glanced at the time.

It was 11:32 am.

Secret code : 21 / 4

You ... :D

You, all You.

You must have whispered to Mom to change the station. 

Mom exclaimed, "Omg, what are the chances? We're talking about the concert costumes, and LET IT GO comes on ... "

Clearly, You were / are in conversation with us.

Mom was smiling from ear to ear, singing to herself.

Let it go, let it go ...

Can't hold it back anymore ... 

Let it go, let it go ...

Turn away and slam the door ...

I don't care what they're going to say

Let the storm rage on

The cold doesn't bother me anyway!

Our children's FROZEN costumes are ready. We still have a month to go before our concert. November 15. Book-mark this date, Daniel. Be sure to be with us on concert day. It's gonna be amazing. Oh, and we're so gonna nail this FROZEN dance and ASTOUND the parents. The costumes are so glittery and sparkly. The children are in the process of mastering all the steps. Gosh, it's so exciting. We can't wait for concert time!

Looking out of the window, she listened quietly as the song came to an end.

Hmmm ...

How this connection between Mom and You works, she will never, ever understand. 

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel ... can You hear Mom?

Are You really really really here?

You are, aren't You?

Always, always beside Mom.

Always. <3

Like -- always ...

Mom was not prepared for the next song. 

When it came on, her jaw dropped. 


Her senses were instantly fired up -- to a whole new level.


Omg, seriously???

Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you.

Every single day

Every word you say

Every game you play

Every night you stay

I'll be watching you.

Her eyes shot to the dashboard.

It was 11:33 am.

Decode : 44

Omg Daniel Phua.

The missing last line : "And very dear ..."

(click title to read article)

Mom stumbled upon this white feather image whilst googling for an angel picture (the image before this white feather). Reading this lady's story, Mom has to smile. Your mother too, has her own white feather story. It's in your blog here somewhere. :D

She was meant to see that link, and read that link. 

So she would believe. 

Just like Mary and Elizabeth.

Yes Son, You are watching over your family all the time. 

Every day, You make your presence felt.

It's awesome and totally incredible how You always find a way to zap Mom. 

In school, last Wednesday October 1, a 5 year old girl was reading to your mother.

The title of the short story was The Lion And The Slave.

Mom listened and watched her read. She has heard other children read this story book before. It was not her first time. The girl read on ...

Suddenly, the little girl exclaimed, "Hey Teacher Lynn, this story is like Daniel ... Daniel and the Lion ..."

Time stood still for your mother.

"Yes, you know the story of Daniel in the lion's den?"" Mom asked casually. 

At the same time, she peered over the book to check the page number.

Page 12 on the left and 13 on the right.


But of course, it would be an angel number. Left or right. 

What was she expecting?

Decode : 21 / 4

The next day, on Thursday October 2, Mom was sitting beside a year old boy. She was marking some books. He was attempting a work activity in his Bahasa Malaysia book. 

After a few minutes, the boy said, "Teacher Lynn, is this correct?" and pointed to the answer he wrote for question 1.

Your mother turned to look at his work, and a gasp escaped her.




Omg, what are the chances???

Her eyes searched downwards for the page number. 

There were no page numbers.

No page numbers??? What the ...

She searched upwards, and saw UNIT 12.


Secret code : 21

Nobody, nobody but YOU.

You're with Mom, she knows. :D

The boy completed the worksheet a few minutes later, and showed Mom his work.

Immediately, your mother's eye caught a second DAN right at the bottom. 

Question number 5.

Oh my goodness. 

DAN DAN ... from beginning to end.


That was a clear and loud :  

Hi Ma, I'm right here ... :D

The following day, on Friday October 3, Dad and Mom was at a nearby mall, having a quick lunch. There was a book promotional fair right outside the small cafe we were at.

Mom said, "I'm going to check out the books ..." and off she went.

She wasn't there for long. Less than 5 minutes. The books were mainly mandarin story books and cook books.

She saw a multiplication board, and thought it would be good to get three sets for the 6 year olds to practice on in the evening. 

Carrying her purchases to the cashier, she said, "I'm just gonna get my purse from the cafe ..."

He nodded.

She left the cashier, went to the cafe to get her purse. 

Dad was enjoying his iced coffee.

Back at the cashier, Mom pulled out a RM50 note, and handed it to the man.

Old man.

He took it, and opened his till. 

She looked.

There was nothing in the till. No money whatsoever. 

It was empty.

The man said to Mom, "Do you have any small change? RM38?"

Mom checked her purse and pulled out some green and blue notes.

She counted loud enough for the man to hear, before handing over (7) RM5 notes and (3) RM1 notes. 

The man took the notes ... and started to inspect them.

Mom watched him in disbelief.

He held out one of the RM1 note, and said, "Do you have another one?"

Mom queried, "Why? What's wrong with that one?"

He pointed to the note, saying, "Not acceptable."

What??? That RM1 note was just a little bit worn out, a little bit old, and a little bit crumpled-looking, but all in all, it was still holding on, and very much in tact, for cryin' out loud!

The man repeated, "You have another one?"

Oh, just give it back! 

She stopped herself from snatching the note in outright displeasure, and tried hard instead to be nice and civil to the man.

Old man.

Roll your eyes just about here, please. O.O

Now now, Ma ... :D    came a voice from heaven.

She found another RM1 note in her purse and handed it back to him.

He took it and continued to inspect the other notes in his hand. 

She watched him. Her patience was wearing thin. 

What the #$%^@#$%^ is he trying to do???

The man then pulled out one of the RM5 notes, and said, "Do you have another one?"

Mom stood there, like a rock. 


She could feel her blood starting to boil in her veins.

"What is wrong with that one?" she said slowly.

He pointed to the corner of the note, and said, "It's not me, but other customers may not accept this."

She couldn't see anything wrong with that note. 

It was just a little faded. Was it her fault? 

She didn't print those darn notes. 

Oh, and don't forget, somebody gave her that note.

"I don't have any more small notes ..." she -- hissed.

The man sensed her impatience, decided to accept the money, nodding quietly.

Haha. Did she just -- frighten -- him???

The thought tickled her.

She watched him keep the green notes, and then the blue notes, one by one, filling the empty tray in the till. 


She thought she was done with the purchase, but no. He reached for a record book of some kind, and appeared to be recording the tag number and price etc.

God help her.

There were some English story books on the table near her. 

She picked one up.

To pass time.

Flipping the book open at random, she found herself on this page.

Time stood still.



Omg ...


Her eyes caught your names instantly.

Jason whispered to Daniel.

Omg, what are the chances???

Peering down at the page number, she shook her head in disbelief.

Page 159

Secret code : 15

Forever 15.

Omg, she breathed softly to herself.

The man was still writing in the record book. 

Mom said, "Can I just take this book to show my husband in the cafe?" 

He looked up for a second, nodded and continued to record the details of her purchases.

Mom took the book and hurried to Dad.

At the cafe ... some 20 steps away ...

"Omg. Would you look at this? Where's my handphone? Quick, take a picture ..."


"Omg, what are the chances? Jason whispered to Daniel??? Omg ..." 

Your mother went back to the man, returned the book, with a stiff "Thank you ..."

Picking up her things, she walked away ... 

in wonder ... 

in awe ...

in amazement ...

Omg ... Daniel Jason Phua ...

What an awesome zap zap zap ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... 

We miss so You very much ...

Wish You were here ...