Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello Son,

Friday, October 10

The kids were having their test this week, which ended on Thursday.

On Friday morning, Mom was in class, assessing a 6 year old girl. 

Half way through, she heard 5 year old J saying, "This morning, I saw Daniel the tiger ..."

She had to smile, your Mom. 

Daniel the tiger. 

Mom checked her cellphone. The time was 9:39 am. 

Secret code : 21


More smiles.

She could have sworn she heard a loud YOE MA, I'M HERE ... all the way from heaven.

Honestly, how do You do it? 

That perfect time, that perfect moment.

The class was not quiet, mind You. Yet, she heard that line, loud and clear. 

I saw Daniel the tiger this morning ... :D


Anyway, that evening at home, Mom thought about the day and frowned.


Shouldn't there be a second inciDAN?

Suddenly, she remembered. Why yes, there was another inciDAN which happened after school, before nap time. One of the teachers had sent her a text to inform that a kid was having a nose bleed. 

Nose bleed?

Mom had calmly given her instructions to the staff to attend to the kid. A few minutes later, she was informed that the kid was okay and the bleeding had stopped.

Nose bleed ...

Mom herself was prone to nose bleeds when she was a child. Air-conned too drying, didn't drink enough water, nose lining too thin ... were some of the reasons she remembers Grandma explaining.

And so, when you began to have nose bleeds, Mom explained in a similar fashion. 



Okay, You know what -- let's not go there. She can hear You whispering.

Not again, Ma ... Let it go ...

Oh well ...

Anyway ...

Mama (Dad's Mom) was with us the day before (Saturday)

She was in KL, having to attend her MCA meeting. 

After her meet, she came to our place. 

Mama had a nap, before Aunty D came with Megan and Baby Dylan.

Justine with Dylan, and Megan in the background. 

Mom carried the baby to show Mama. Baby Dylan looked at her for a bit, and then he screwed up his face and bawled.

Oh gosh.

He couldn't stop crying.

He's normally such a smiley baby.

Mom felt bad, and started to explain that the baby was probably uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

The moment she carried him away from Mama, he stopped crying.

Aiyah, this boy.

When your mother brought the baby to Mama again, he started to cry again.

So anyway ... of course Mama felt bad, right? 

She didn't say anything though. 

Megan was good, and would tell Mama that she drank 3 cups of cold milk and ate 2 eggs, and she also tried to show Mama a toy truck that she was playing with -- that belongs to Dad. Haha.

Aunty D brought the baby back to her apartment. Megan stayed with us, till it was time to leave for dinner. 

About an hour later.

Your family was taking Mama to dinner. A belated birthday dinner.

We dropped Megan back at her place, before proceeding to the car.

In the car, Mom got a text from Aunty D.

Aunty D said (SMS): 

Guess what Megan said to me?

Her exact words. 


I didn't ask her anything, and she suddenly said that to me.

Mom read the text and laughed. Then she read it aloud in the car.

Mama laughed too.


5 minutes later, Aunty D sent another text : 

I ask Megan to drink water, and she said, "you don't ask me to drink water ah, I ask Mama scold you ..."

Hahaha. Once again, Mom read the text out loud. 

Everyone laughed out loud, including Mama.

That was strange. That was definitely YOU whispering to Megan's ear. After the baby rejecting the grandmother, Mama was feeling a little awkward, and You made it alright again.

It was clearly You, Daniel ... :D

It was You.

Mom knows.

Thank you for that, Son -- that was nice. That reminded Mom of the times when You would say something nice to cheer us up when anyone of us is down. You somehow have a knack for that. You always know who to cheer up. Justine would say, "When I'm upset, he would always stay with me ... playing his own game, but he will be with me until I'm ready to play with him again ..."


We went for a steamboat dinner.

Justine took some photos. :D 

Here are 2 ...

Gosh, Mom has forgotten how delicious the food is here. 

We had the steamboat set for 4.

Mama really enjoyed herself. Mom's glad we brought her there.

It was a nice dining experience.

At one point during dinner, Justine said, "Maroon 5 ..."

There was a song playing overhead, that Mom's not familiar with, but Maroon 5 ... that's the zap word for your mother.


It's not over tonight, 

just give me one more chance to make it right,

I may not make it through the night, 

I won't go home without You 

That's one of the 2 songs You sang to Mom, the night before You left us.

Maroon 5.

Memories flooded back.

Mom had checked her cell when Justine mentioned Maroon 5. 

The time was 9:47 pm.

Gosh, at first glance the code was not familiar.

Decoded (first glance) : 20  


Huh???  No underlying message for her?

Is this not a zap, Son? Maroon 5 ... that last night ... that last night before You left ...

Mom looked again ... and she suddenly saw the light.

You must have whispered into your mother's ear.

It's 21, Ma ...

Why of course, it is 21 ...  

7 - 4 + 9

Yes, yes, sometimes, You just have to bend the rules.


She chuckled to herself. 

She smiled as she felt lightness in her heart. 

Her son's near. 

She's sure of it.

She was in her own thoughts, eating her food quietly, and wishing wishing wishing for the millionth time that You were with your family then ... when she was suddenly alerted to the next song that had come on.



Mom sat right up, pointed her finger upwards, and said excitedly to Justine (who was sitting opposite your mother), "TITANIC ..."

Justine stopped chomping on her food, for just a moment, listened, and then nodded.

We exchanged a knowing smile. 

Of course, You are with us.

All the time. 

Yeah, all the time. 

You have to remind Mom every day, and every time, Daniel.

Every night in my dreams

I see You, I feel You 

That is how I know You go on

Far across the distance and spaces between us

You have come to show You go on

Near far wherever You are

I believe that the heart does go on 

Once more You open the door

And You're safe in my heart

And my heart will go on and on

Our dessert came. 

How absolutely tantalising. 

Would You look at the presentation?

Awfully cute, to say the least.

We had a wonderful dinner with Mama, that evening ... with You in our midst.

Gotta go, Son -- keep the zaps coming. We love You and miss You so much.

Titanic hugs and kisses from all at home.