Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hello Son, 

Wednesday, October 15

It was after dinner. 

Mom was looking through some sample books that the agent has brought for her. 

For next year.

Another year is coming to an end. 


Time never used to go by so fast when your parents were in school.

Days of the week, months of the year ... is it the same as in heaven, Son? Do yall run by calendars? What would an ETERNITY calendar look like?

Hmmm ...

Resurrection was on television. 

Yeah, Resurrection ... it's a new series on TV ... new to Mom anyway. She's only like seen it 3 or 4 times ... when it happened to be on telly when she's lazing on the sofa in the living room, after dinner. 

When Mom first saw the preview, she'd said to Dad, "This show is made for me ..." :D

How nice if those we love, who have passed on, return ...

Note that she said PASSED ON ... and not the Dee - Eee - Aye - Dee word. 

We must never say that word, your family. 


Nor You ... although You would not have any reason to say that anymore. It's a BAD word, really. Worse than the F word. O.O It doesn't do any good to anybody. That word should not have been created and should be removed from all dictionaries! 

So there!


Ooooh ... 

She hears your voice ... and sees you mocking her with your dramatic, trembling hands.

A smile escaped her.


Thank You JESUS for HIS resurrection ... because of JESUS, You are alive today.

Gawd, our JESUS is AWESOME. 

Could You tell GOD that Mom said that? And tell JESUS again that Mom said THANK YOU WITH ALL HER HEART for saving her Daniel, and keeping Daniel safe until she and his family are reunited again, with him, some time in the future, somewhere over the rainbow.

Hmmm ...

How Mom misses your handsome face, Son ... <3


If only ...

Hmmm ...

Where was she now? 

She has side-tracked ... again. 

Ah, Resurrection ...


Don't be mistaken. Mom's not obsessed with this TV Resurrection show. 

She's not. 

Of course she's not. 

It's not like as if it could replace MERLIN or SMALLVILLE


Now, those -- You could say, she is obsessed with.


Don't know why. 

Anyway, if You must know, she's now following ATLANTIS, the TV series. Please don't tell anyone just yet, because Mom's not sure if this is a uh, cool thing to do. 

Dad says, NOBODY watches Atlantis. 

She can't help herself. 

The show is created by the SAME producers of MERLIN

She's intrigued by the same kind of spice and flavour. :D  This ATLANTIS show was created for her. To replace MERLIN. Her son knows how much she enjoys watching MERLIN. Okay, so don't tell anyone that either ... because your father also says NOBODY watches MERLIN, only Mom. Is this true? (Make a face here) It doesn't matter. Mom thinks Dad secretly enjoys watching MERLIN too, just that he doesn't want to admit it. Hehe.

Besides, the 3 main characters ... Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras. 

Did You hear what your mother said?

HERCULES??? As in your version of Her-choo-lis??? (Orange Dot Blog)


JASON??? Like --- JASON??? DANIEL JASON??? Helloooo ...

If You stare at the two names long enough, You'd be able to see what she sees.

Yup, HER SON definitely has something to do with this show. 

Haha. She should have been a detective and help to solve crime.


(Orange Dot Blog)

Think about it. Hercules and Jason. 

What are the chances? 2 out of 3 ain't bad, don't You think?

2 names that have a connection to You. 


She found herself frowning at Pythagoras.

Let's see ... some kind of triangle connection. 

Never mind. It will come, this triangle connection.

Seriously Daniel, did You whisper to the producers and the script writers? 

Maybe You did ... and You know what? Maybe You -- did. :D


At this point of writing this paragraph, your mother checks, or investigates further, if You like, the ATLANTIS (the story behind) in Wikipedia

Read read read ...


Announced on 11 February 2013, Atlantis was created to fill the gap left behind by Merlin ...

Omg what! Read that line again, please. 

(read again)

Omg, isn't that what she just said? To replace MERLIN???

Wait, 11 February 2013 ...

11-2-2013 ...

Decode : 4 | 24

Her angel numbers.

Her pulse rate is starting to race. 

Read on read on ... quick!

... a show that was created and produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. This duo, plus Misfits creator Howard Overman, produced Atlantis through their new company Urban Myth Films

Hang on a sec ...

Julian Murphy???

Julian??? Omg, seriously???


Yesterday (Friday), Justine sent this photo in the WhatsApp Family, with the message : 

"Is this boy surname LEE?

Ignore the caption. Copy and pasted."

Mom recognized the photo instantly. 

That's YOU, on the left, with JULIAN on the right. This photo was taken during Julian's birthday party. The both of you are looking at his cake. You would have been 8 years old in this photo.

Mom replied (sms) : 

Dans and Julian. 

Yes, (Julian's) father is Eugene Lee.

What caption??

Justine wrote back :

"Is this boy surname LEE?"

Mom replied :

Julian Lee. Your fren rite?

I don't know. Have to ask Amah. Why?

U see fb. (to check the surname, was Mom's intention)

Justine sms-ed back :

I said, ignore that caption laaaaaaaaa.

Mom read that line and stopped herself from sending further replies.

What was that? 

A joke?

She was not amused. Why would Justine send that photo and make a joke out of it? Your sister, out of the blues, send that old photo of You and the Julian boy, and did not even mention your name. That text only managed to get Mom to refer to the boy JULIAN, and after referring to him, the instruction is to ignore him.

What the ...

Really, she was not in the least bit amused with that sms.

Later that evening, (Friday evening) when Justine came home, Mom said flatly, "I don't understand what you're trying to say about that photo ..."

Your sister sighed her impatience, "Somebody posted in fb, and I just copied to the family whatsapp laa ..."

Mom thought about it. 

You could say she put a lot of thought to it. She went to bed thinking about it.

The next morning, this morning (Saturday morning) she got up, and her first line to Dad was, "Why would someone post that photo of Dans and make a joke out of it?"

Dad brushed her complaint off with a big yawn before mumbling sleepily, "Don't take it too seriously ..."

Mom thought the joke was in bad taste. She cannot understand why she was so bothered by it.

But NOW ... now ... at the time of writing this Call, and communicating with her son, she suddenly sees the connection. 

The Pythagoras connection. :D


Just stay with her on this, and reflect for a moment ... 

That strange sms ... 

Is this boy's surname LEE, said the sms. Mom knows the boy being referred to, is Julian.

Then, ignore the caption, the sms instructed. 

Which means, ignore Julian. 

So, if she ignores Julian (in the photo), her attention will automatically be on -- Daniel. 

Omg ...

There is an underlying connection, don't You see? 

Ignore JULIAN Murphy the scriptwriter ... and who do You see?

Teng teng teng ...


Omg ... seriously???

How incredibly awesome!

Gosh, Mom does wonder whether You have anything to do with this ATLANTIS show ...

Omg ...

She investigates further. 

Any more signs? 

She continues reading the information on Wikipedia ...

The first series was filmed between 1 April 2013 and 1 November 2013.

She looked at the dates carefully before a gasp escaped her.


1/4/2013 and 1/11/2013.

Secret code : (14)(24) and (21)(24)

She found herself staring at all her angel numbers.


How can this be?

It's incredible!

Oh Wow ...


Where was she again? O.O

Ahh ... 

So anyway, there she was before the telly, browsing through her stack of sample books, looking up now and then to watch the RESURRECTION show ... listening ...

Then, at one point, she heard this line :

"It feels like somebody's watching me ..." 0.0


Say what?

She sat up. 

Omg ...

She grabbed her cell. 

It was 8:57 pm.

Mom said aloud, "What's eight five seven?"

Dad replied, "Twenty ..."


Nah, that's wrong.

Let's see ... and she allowed her brains to think outside the box.

Bend the rules, her son has said. 

And so, we count this way, and we count that way ...

Here count, there count ...

Ahh, Yes! 

Secret code : 4

Go figure. :D


Smiling to herself, she scribbled the ZAP onto her note pad, making a note that it was from the show Resurrection, which was at the material time, INCORRECT, but Mom was not aware then. The time was a bit off though. 7 minus 5 divide by 2.

Was she desperate or what? 

Grimace. Her zap times are normally so angel perfect!

Still, that line was for her. Her son's near, he's reminding her.

She knows.

It was much later that night when she suddenly heard that same line again from the telly.

"It feels like somebody's watching me ..." 0.0

Resurrection was long over. 

Huh? That line is not from Resurrection?

No, apparently not.

It was a preview of the movie STRANGER WITH MY FACE.

Oh my. Are You correcting Mom?

It's not Resurrection la, Ma ... :D

Immediately, she checked the time.

It was 9:48 pm.

Secret code : 21


How nice. 

How perfect. 

How incredible.

Mom went to bed that (Wed) night with a big smile on her face. :D