Sunday, October 19, 2014

Call 556 : THAT LINE

Hello Son,

Saturday, Oct 18

On Saturday morning, Mom was writing Call 555 : ATLANTIS ZAP.

Justine was in school in the morning. Your sister was having a netball match. 

Jus came back around 11:30 am. 

Mom said to Jus, "That photo you sent yesterday, there's a connection ..." :D

Jus was like, "Really?"

Mom said with a big smile, "Yes yes ... go take a shower first, I'll tell you later ..."

Fast Forward ...

Dad, Mom and Justine were at a bakery cafe in Bangsar. 

Your sister and mother had hair appointments at 2 pm. It was about 1 pm then. We were gonna have a quick bite and go for our hair spa. :D Dad would hang around in Starbucks whilst we were at the salon.

So anyway, Mom couldn't wait to get the orders out of the way so she could tell Dad and Justine her great, most fantastic, incredibly awesome story of the ATLANTIS ZAP.

She began her story ...

Bla bla bla ... 

Bla bla bla ...

Bla bla bla ...

Omg ... Ignore the caption ... you close one hand on Julian, and who do you see? 

Omg ... Your brother has something to do with this show.  For Mom's entertainment. To replace Merlin. The thought is just too outrageous to be true.

Still, "too outrageous" ... is that a good reason not to believe? After all, nothing is impossible through CHRIST. So if something IMPOSSIBLE happens, is that a good reason to start doubting? Doubting Thomas only believed when he saw the wounds in JESUS' palms.

Has she not been given so many signs already? 

Omg ... would You take a moment and take a look at the overwhelming SIGNS before her?


Mom added, "Even if, worse case scenario, he doesn't have anything to do with the show, you gotta admit, it's an incredible coinciDANS.":D

Justine and Mom were on the same "knowing" level. 

Your sister understood.

Your father was silent but gave a smile at all the right moments. Grin. Yeah yeah, Dad is one of us now. Haha. Sometimes, he will announce like, hey look! supposedly at a zap sign, but Mom would dismiss it and say, no lah, that's not it, there must be two, remember? and Dad would be all grumpy and muttering to himself that, Son can zap me too, you know ... Hahaha ...:D

Mom continued, "You know, on Wednesday, this line I feel like somebody's watchin' me came on twice on telly ... when I happened to be at the living room ... at a zap time ... What are the chances, you know? Omg ..."

"Then on Thursday, Daniel's name came up on 3 different shows. It was late at night, the telly was on, I was on the sofa ... and all of a sudden his name was mentioned like more than 10 times in 30 seconds ... it was like Daniel this and Daniel that, and Daniel this and Daniel that ... I was not watching the show, I only looked up to see the title SLEEPY HOLLOW ... the time was 10:18 pm (secret code : 4) ... after that, REVENGE was on ... there's a Daniel there, you know right ... and later, there was a preview of FOREVER YOUNG ... Daniel McCormick ... would be aired on (forgot the day) at 11:10 pm."

"Omg Jus ... FOREVER YOUNG??? Like FOREVER 15??? And DANIEL??? 11:10 ??? That's 21! Omg ... Can you believe this??? It's unbelievable!" her voice was high-pitched with excitement. 

You're near, she knows. 

You're sending her the signs, she knows. 

Good boy.

Always, always remind Mom that You're near.

By the way, Mom just learned that this movie FOREVER YOUNG is a 1992 film, and was taken from the original story entitled THE REST OF DANIEL


Decode : 21 ... 

And The Rest of Daniel??? 

Omg ... Seriously??? The Rest of Daniel??? 

What are the chances??? 

On top of that, Mel GibSON stars in it???

Big, huge coinciDANS!

Truly Son, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Secret Code : Daniel 44

Mom was not finished.

"On Friday, Dad and I went back home for lunch. PERFECT PITCH was on. Mom watched it for a bit for some ideas on dance steps. Lol. Then came this number when she heard the line I SAW THE SIGN ..."

Huh??? I saw the sign???

That line was repeated like 3 to 4 times.

The time was 2:56 pm.

Decode : 4

Mom smiled to herself. 

Yes Son, she saw the sign ... all the signs ... :D

All of them.

Mom exclaimed triumphantly, "You see? It's like I see the signs I see the signs, and later in the evening, you sent that photo ... except that I didn't see the sign until the next day, when I checked out Atlantis on the wiki and saw the Julian name ... Your brother must have whispered to me ... I mean, c'mon on ... Why else would I search wiki for information on Atlantis, for cryin' out loud? And I had just told him (in draft Call 555 then) that Atlantis was made to replace Merlin ... and true enough, Wiki says Atlantis was created to fill the gap that Merlin left ... Omg ..."

At the hair salon ...

Mom was ushered to the seat at the extreme right.

Fast forward : About an hour later, as the girl was styling your mother's hair, the girl asked, "Any problem with the relaxing?"

Mom was surprised. The girl remembered that Mom came here 2 MONTHS ago to do a relaxing treatment which cost her a small bomb. Close to RM500. She must have been nuts to agree to that service without checking on the price first. Dad had said, he didn't see any difference. Mom thought it was okay, but nothing to shout about. You mean, the girl was following up on her even though that treatment was done 2 months ago???

You mother hesitated before answering, "It's okay ..."

The girl probed further, "Any problem when you wake up? After bath? Any problem at all?"

Mom replied, "Well actually, my husband said he didn't see any difference at all ... and I still have to tie up my hair because it looks untidy ..."


Mom was not prepared for what the girl was about to say. 

The girl offered, "Maybe you come next week, and I re-do for you ... for free ..."

Time stood still.


FOR FREE??? The girl was gonna re-do for Mom even though it was like 2 months ago that Mom went there for the last service???

Omg ...

Son, is it You? It must be You! You must have whispered to that girl that your mother was not too ecstatic about that last service.

Oh my. 

When Justine and Mom were both done, we walked over to the cashier together.

Your sister lamented, "Aiyoh, why she cut so short?"

Mom assured her that her cut was nice.

At the cashier counter, whilst waiting for the girl to give us the bill, Mom suddenly noticed a greeting card with a face of a young chinese boy on the top of a shelf on the wall towards her right. She walked nearer to look at it, trying to figure out who that boy was. A Hong Kong pop teen came to this place?

She walked closer to the card.


The name Daniel was scribbled across on it.


It was this same picture that she saw at the salon (post card size)

Mom said aloud to Justine, "See the card? It says Daniel ..."

Omg, what are the chances?

Mom asked the cashier, "Who is this Daniel person? Hong Kong singer?"

The cashier replied, "No, local ..."

Justine said, "Oh, that boy Daniel, Malaysian Idol ..."

The cashier said, "Yes yes ..."

As we were walking out, Mom couldn't wait to tell Justine, "Omg ... Your brother just gave me another FREE hair service ... He gave me a FREE one on my birthday, remember?"

Justine demanded to know how and why and how come and what about her.


It was raining.


Justine and Mom crossed the road and hurried into the mall.

We went up the escalator to Starbucks.

Dad was on a sofa chair, reading newspaper.

Dad and Mom took a walk to Borders bookshop. Justine stayed at Starbucks.

Something totally amazing was about to happen.


Dad went straight to the magazine section. Mom took a long walk round the Borders store, starting from the left. She walked around, until she came back to the entrance where there were some books on promotion.

She stood there ... just looking.

Then, she found herself picking up this book.

She flipped the pages and opened the book - randomly.


She saw it instantly.



That line.

No way.


Omg ...

How incredible ...

"I sense Dan's presence lightly behind me ..."

She took in the page number.

Page 153.

Decode : 144

Oh gosh. What are the chances of picking up a book, the only book that she had picked up since she stepped into the bookstore, and finding that most amazing line? 

Omg ... 

It was unbelievable.

Mom sent a text to Justine immediately. "Come to Borders now."

Justine came.

Mom was bursting with excitement, "Omg, you're so not gonna believe it, but I came here with Dad, I walked one big round, and then stopped here ... picked up this book ... and turned to this page ... see the line???"


Justine couldn't believe her eyes either.


Later, we went into a boutique that was having a sale.

Mom decided to try on some jeans. Your family would soon be travelling, and she thought it would be nice to have a new pair of jeans, especially when it was half price.

In the changing room, as she was trying on the second pair of jeans, she almost fell backward when she heard the song that had came on in the store.


 Justine made this video for You.

The time was 5:15 pm. 

It wasn't a zap time, but Mom couldn't careless. 

How many signs does she need in one day?

Fall For You -- The second song that You sang to Mom the night before You left us.

Justine came a-knocking on the door.

Mom smiled through the closed door, "Fall For You ..."

Jus was like, yeah ...

Omg Daniel Phua.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

You were definitely with us in that mall that day, Daniel-Son ...

How awesome!

Omg, how awesome!

Keep the zaps coming, Son.

Have to go now.

Love You so very much. <3