Saturday, September 20, 2014


Hello Son, 

Tomorrow is your 21st. 

56th months with JESUS and MAMA MARY in heaven.

56 months away from home.

56 months somewhere over the rainbow.

We miss You so very very very much, Daniel-son. :(((

The word to describe how very much is beyond the dictionary. How many times has Mom said this? She sounds like a broken record. 


Your 21st tomorrow reminded Mom about a zap that happened on the last 21st (August 21st) which Mom has yet to tell You.

It all happened in the FAMILY's WHATSAPP ... between Aunty J (USA) and Mom. Grandma had a comment too.

August 22, 2014

Aunty J : Last Wed, we had a 4th grader who joined us for afterschool prog. Danny. I didn't think anything about it. He is such an unbelievably good boy. Sometimes I just want to hug and squeeze him cos he's such a good boy. Today Craig confirmed his name is Daniel. Oh wow. I have my very first student named Daniel (1:44 pm)

Mom : today your place is 21st. dans' 55 mth. 4th grader? (1:53 pm)

Mom : oh wow. your msg came in at 1:44 pm. thanks for sharing dat, jess. just heart warming to read. (1:58 pm)


August 24, 2014 (KUL)


Grandma : Yesterday in church, Daniel's name was mentioned fondly by X. "Daniel was the best altar boy till today." X said. oh yes. and that mass I was cantoring was the 21st Sunday of Year A. (6:42 pm KUL)


Mom : yr sms came in at 642 am. dats 12.

21 in my eyes.

thanks for sharing that mom. so nice to read. (7:05 am KUL)

Aunty J : Lol. my text and chare's was at 404. my time (7:51 am) 

Mom : It just occurred to me, jess

144 pm my side

404 yr side

dans bd 24.12.94

time of birth 4:41 pm

dats like your time and my time combined. wat r d chances? (8:43 am)

no chance. angel chance. zap zap zap fm heaven (rainbow icons) (8:44 am)

Aunty J and Mom added rainbow icons after our texts. Mom sent that message in the car on the way to church. We arrived in church shortly. 

We sat at the first empty row of chairs we saw when we walked through the church gates.

We were late. About 10 minutes. :(  

(Eyes downcast) Is there any chance that JESUS did not notice that?

So anyway, everything was as normal as normal could be until it was time to stand up.

The boy in front of Mom stood up.

Mom widened her eyes and held her breath as she saw the rainbow staring back at her.


Yeah, this boy was sitting right in front of Mom.

What are the chances? 

Gosh, honestly, what are the chances of Mom raining rainbow icons in her text messages, and the next moment, she sees herself sitting in front of a rainbow?

Slim chance.


But big on the coinciDANS, huh?

Like really really -- BIG.


Mom found herself just staring at the rainbow, the whole time we were standing up. Sorry Father, but she doesn't remember anything going into her ears or out. 

Her eyes were transfixed on the rainbow and she was just very busy studying that rainbow.

Then, the congregation sat.

And would You look at how the boy sat? 

Omg, seriously??? He leaned on presumably his mother, in a way where the rainbow was in Mom's complete and continued full view.

Oh gosh.

Mom managed to snap the above two photos in her umm, secret agent way, to send to the FAMILY's Whatsapp, with the message :

rainbow on shirt. in church (8:47 am)

see how the boy is sitting? just so the rainbow is rite in front of my face. (8:49 am)


Just awesome.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... :D

Thinking about You, 
on your 56th month with 
in heaven 
somewhere over the rainbow
(Sept 21, 2014)