Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hello Son

Saturday, July 12

Aunty D sent out a text to the family : 

going for doctor's appointment today. he graduated 4 months.

 This photo was taken a month before. Justine with Baby Dylan at the mall.

Then, Aunty D sent us a photo of Megan :

Your aunt said that Megan wanted to show her like what she does in school.


Megan's dad said : and she address herself as a gangster.


Her heart skipped a beat.

She glanced at the time of the text.

9:22 am.

Decode : 4

A secret smile escaped her. 

Mom replied : gangster? this word came from her? haha.

Aunty D said : ya. she said i am gangster.

Those were your words too. 

Except that You said, "Ma, I'm a gangster ..."

You were 7 years old.

What are the chances of Mom hearing this line -- again?

Sad, sad sigh.

Only one sign though ...

Are You near, Daniel? Is this a zap? Are You zapping Mom? she wondered to herself.

Aunty D said in jest : What's happening in school? Is she forming a mob there? 

Mom smiled to herself.

Next thing she knew, she was reading Megan's dad's msg :

Young and dangerous chronicles


Young and dangerous???

Young like FOREVER YOUNG ... and DANGEROUS ... like your first 3 syllable word?

Omg ...


You're definitely near.

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad. 

"My son's waiting for me to call him ... Today is Saturday ... Our call day ... Yesterday, he already gave me some signs ... In school (Friday 11), I was with some children on a table ... There was one girl who was sitting opposite me ... she was doing BM at the time ... after the BM, she did her English book. When she was done with the English work, she brought the book to show me. The BM book she just handed it up for marking, but the English book she brought it to me to show me the page that she did ... "

Mom was not familiar with this page because this girl is advanced and so for evening tutorials, she is doing ahead of the other children in her class. Your mother has not seen this page before that evening.

Mom asked little girl to read the passage, as Mom listened and continued to mark the books in front of her.

She thought at one point, the girl mentioned DANIEL.

She looked up from her books and peered at the passage the girl was reading.

She caught sight of your name. 

A huge smile appeared on her face.

Hi Son ... :D

Her eyes darted to the bottom of the page. 

Page 88.

More smiles.

That's like 4444, isn't it???

Your mother said casually, "Read that line again ..."

The girl did.

"He listens to Daniel's heartbeat with it ..."


At the doctor's clinic.

How many times your doctors would have used the stethoscope on You to hear your heartbeat?


Mom found herself staring at the page 88 to search for other umm, eviDANS, when she suddenly noticed the word HELLO on the next page.

It was calling out to her.

Daniel says Hello ...

Hello Ma ... 

She's quite, quite sure the HELLO word was reaching out to her. 


Yes, please read that line again. 

There is no typing error. 

Not one single soul in this whole wide world is able to say otherwise. 


That's the bond between Mother and Son.

GOD meant for it to be so.

There is an unbreakable link and connection between Mother and Son that cannot perish despite distance and dimensions. 

Truly, GOD is good to us.

Hello Son ...:D  Can't wait to talk to You tomorrow (Saturday 12) ... 

"So you see, Son is waiting for me to call him ..." Mom finished her explanation to Dad with a big smile. 

That was Saturday (12) morning. 

We were getting ready to meet up with some friends. 

Dad and Mom were in the car, driving out to PJ area, to meet up with friends for lunch.

At one point, there was a vehicle with the number plate 4321 that was on the right side of our car. 

Mom pointed it out to Dad. 

"4321 ..." Mom said with a big smile.

Like she won a lottery ticket of some sort.


Indeed, she did. 

She always felt happier when she gets her son's zaps.

She mentioned the time out loud, "It's 12:22 ..."

Secret code : 21 / 4

Her angel numbers.

Her son is near.

She could almost smell his ah, pure white feathers ...


Are You shaking your head?


We were still in the car, and driving to the restaurant, when Mom was alerted to the music that was coming from the radio. 

Omg ... she breathed.


It's been so long. 

The time was 12:31 pm. 

Decode : 21 / 4

What a great song this is.

Are You like singing 21 GUNS in heaven?

Can You even sing this kind of non-hymn song in God's Kingdom? 

Mama Mary's okay with it?

Our food came.

We enjoyed our meal and the fellowship.

About 45 minutes later, we were ready to go.

As we were driving out of that area, Mom soon noticed this vehicle driving in front of us :

3344 ???

That's like 34 two times.


The Maleficent zap, Mom instantly recalled with a happy smile.

Say HELLO to FREE ... @ 3:04 pm.

Yes Son ... Mom can't wait to talk to You, too.

In a bit, okay ... in a bit ... keep the zaps coming ...

Two minutes later, we passed this row of shops on our right ...

Dad said, "Happy Fat Cat ..."


A friend who was sitting behind commented, "Some people are keeping tigers ..."

Mom sat straight up.

Say what?


Daniel the tiger?

She basked quietly in her own tiger happiness.

You're near, aren't You, Son?

So anyway, we drove to Subang to the VIVA center. We spent about 3 hours there before we left the place. As we were on the road, there was a car on our left that had the number plate : 

WLX 8511 

The time was 4:41 pm.

Mom pointed out excitedly to Dad.

"Eh, 8511 ... I'm telling you, Son's waiting for my call ..."

8511 being the last 4 numbers of your mother's handphone number.

XXX - XXX 8511

Omg ...

What are the chances?

Mom was like, "Where's your phone? Get a picture, get a picture. Quick!"

Dad said, "My phone's out ..."

Mom's phone too. 

Battery flat.

Aiyah ...

Oh well, anyway, this so-called new phone of hers, which is already like a year old, is not so good with moving images.

BLUR is the word.

Mom was wondering about the WLX ... and toying with her doubts as to whether that 8511 was a real ZAP, when another vehicle drove past us. 

That registration plate called out to her :

BLV 8117


Omg ...

You can read your mother's mind, can't You?

Believe la, Ma ... It's Me ... :D

Believe ...

8117 ...

Secret code : 44

Omg ...

"Son is practically talking to me ... " Mom said in wonderment.

Some ten minutes later, the song LONG DISTANCE LOVE AFFAIR (Sheena Easton) came on the radio.

The time was 5:01 pm.

Decode : 4

As the song filled her senses, she soon burst out laughing.

She sang the words to Dad :

I called you on the telephone

But you're never home

Hahahahaha ...

Omg ...

"I really have to get to the phone right away and make a long distance call to my son," she laughed happily.