Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hello Son,

Friday, July 4

It all started with these 2 underwears.

 This photo was taken by Megan's mum in her home that evening.

The day before, on Thursday 3rd, Megan's dad came to pick her up from school. Megan was running from the washroom to the door, passed by Mom, who at the time was at the school cafetaria, and had the above 2 underwears spread on the table. 

The day care staff had told Mom a few minutes earlier that she found these 2 underwears in one of the sinks. They were not labelled, the staff said, so she was not sure who they belong to. 

Megan had stopped by the table, saw the underwears and said, "Megan's one ..."

Mom was surprised, "Really? Are you sure? These are yours?"

Megan was insistent, "Yes, yes, Megan's one ..."

So, Mom said no further, and quickly stuffed the underwears into Megan's little pink bag. The staff took Megan down to her dad, and Megan was soon on her way home.

Aunty D sent a text to Mom several minutes later (along with the above underwear photo), "Eh, these were in Megan's bag ... not hers ..."

Oh ...

You don't say ...

Why, your little girl was quite insistent that they were hers. :D

"Megan's one ... Megan's one ..." she had repeated impatiently.

So, anyway ... there were quite a bit of back and forth msgs between Mom and Aunty Di about the underwears, along with the OMG, GASP and LOL icons.

The next day (Friday 4), Megan's dad was like (in the family's whatsapp), "Found 2 boys' undies in Megan's bag ..." :D 

Aunty D sent Mom a text on Friday morning @ 11:39 am : 

i gave megs rainbow cookies ... she took one to give to you ... 

2nd text @ 11:40 am :

wow ... yesterday, was all rainbow for megs ... i put new bedsheets for her and it was all rainbow colors actually ...

3rd text @ 11:45 am 

hey, maybe the underwear joke was from dans ... haha ... bc everything happened yesterday too ... discovered today only ... 

Mom read the messages and pondered silently to herself.

Soon, she found herself smiling with amusement, as she replied @ 1:24 pm :

haha. yeah, must be la. :D

Aunt D continued @ 1:28 pm : 

Ya la ... must be dans' joke ... bc the rainbow stuff all happened coincidentally ... 

Mom must have held her breath as she read the word : coincidentally

CoinciDANtally ...

Nothing happens by coincidence ... she has learned that by now.

It is when people say it's a coincidence, that you know FOR SURE that, it's definitely not.

Not a coincidence ... but a clear coinciDANS.


Aunty D added @ 1:29 pm :

i have never seen those cookies that chris (megan's dad) bot before ... n he never buys cookies from bakery ... yest was the first time ... 

Always, always, these first time theories ... somehow, they tend to have some kind of uh, ZAP element to it. 

You notice that, too?

Aunty Di sent the image of the bedsheets and the cookies :

Aunty D @ 1:30 pm : i was not kiddin about the rainbow sheets!

and @ 1:31 pm : i mean, have you ever seen cookies like these?

Mom replied : omg

In fact, earlier in class that Friday morning, a 5 year old girl X, was helping to tidy up the shelves when she came across a drawing that she drew for your mother during Mother's Day week. Mom had put it there along with her other loose one paged stuffs that was too precious to throw away.

X brought it out to Mom and exclaimed, "Teacher Lynn, this is for you ... I drew this for you ... This is you ..." as she pointed to the stick-person.

Yes, yes, Mom had replied ... Teacher Lynn loves the picture ... there's the rainbow ... and the son ... it had reminded her then of the song IF I DIE YOUNG.

That Friday morning ... the drawing of the son and the rainbow was brought to her attention. Then, with Aunty Di and the images of the rainbow sheets and cookies ... and your aunt saying that the underwear inciDAN was a joke from You ... well ... all of a sudden, Mom felt an enlightening as she found herself typing out at fast speed to your aunt to relate a very exciting message that was coming from within her.

Mom said @ 1:48 pm (after her OMG text) : luk at the rainbow colors (in response to the bedsheets and cookies)

and added @ 1:51 pm : 

eh, you know the song IF I DIE YOUNG

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with you

As she stands UNDER my colors


Mom thought to herself in amusement before she continued typing out the following text to your aunt ... to state the obvious that was then already glaring to the eyes ...

As she stands UNDER ...

Under? Under where?

Under my colors ...

Omg ...

The 2 underwears ...

Two ...

Clearly and definitely Daniel's joke from heaven.

Hahaha ... :D

Aunty D replied with a long : hahahahahahahahahaha.

and then said @ 1:57 pm : was really surprised he bot it (cookies) ... so unlike him ... plus that small jar was like rm12 ... then while typing ... i started thinking ... and then saw the underwear ... think some more ... 

12 ringgit ???

Secret code : 21

Teng teng teng ... :D

Upon reflection ...

You must have whispered to Megan, huh ...

Tell Teacher Lynn those are yours, Megan ...

Grin. Everywhere we are, there You'll be.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... :D

Talk to You in a bit. Gonna make some lollies now.