Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hello Son,

Saturday, June 28

Saturday 28th was our Parents - Teachers Conference Day.

In short, Parents' Day.

Here is the link to our school blog. :D


After the day was over, Aunty Di sent Mom a text saying : 

Good job today. Big success.

Mom (at home at the time) was all smiles, as You would have seen. 

Yes, she felt it too. The day went really well. 

The kids were incredibly good. 

Super amazing. :D

She did try to recall though if she had any ZAPs ... but for the life of her couldn't think of any ZAP moment, in school that morning. 

Very strange, she had thought. 

A big day like that, Daniel would have sent her a zap to remind her that he was right beside her. She remembered though, that Dad told her in the car, after the event, that one of the former boys, got number 12 in his class test.

Mom had frowned and snorted, "Number 12? Hey, that boy should be getting top 3. What happened to him?"

Dad hesitated, before replying, "Number 12 ... 12 ???"

Ohhh ...

Okay ...

Secret code : 21

That's You ...:D

That's only ONE sign, her brains told her.

Justine offered, "There was a dad and his daughter wearing bright ORANGE ... I took a picture ..."

Hmmm ...

Oh, alright ...

Two bright orange tee shirts, and one 21.

Still, that didn't quite feel like a ZAP from heaven, your mother had thought inwardly.


Always ... always ... Always always always, You would send your mother a sign that You were near. So what happened la, that morning? 

That number 12? 

And the orange tees?

Those were it???


Anyway ...

Yes, the Parents' Day had gone really well. 

So Mom sent a text to the family and said : 

Let's go for dinner to celebrate!

Later that evening, your entire family, Dad, Mom, Justine, Grandma, your two aunties, Megan and Baby Dylan, and their father, went to the mall.

At the mall, Aunty Di was walking beside Mom. 

After our, OMG, did you see Megan? She was so cute ... she did this ... and she did that ... etc etc etc ... and the food, OMG, they were all gone ... yes, yes, after all the shrieks and high-pitched excited babble, Aunty Di asked, 

"Have you heard of this cartoon called DANIEL, the Tiger?"

Mom said, "No ..."

Aunty Di said, "I saw it this afternoon ... first time ... it's about this Tiger and his name is Daniel ..."


Tiger ...


"The tiger's name is Daniel?" Mom repeated, in disbelief.

Omg ... she thought slowly.

Omg ... she stopped in her tracks.

Omg ... one hand flew up to cup her mouth.

Omg, seriously ???

Omg, You have so gotta be kiddin' her.

Daniel, the Tiger???

Mom said excitedly, "Omg, the TIGER wall ... we had a whole wall filled with tigers today ..." 

Our Art Gallery. 

The children's paintings.

Let's enlarge it a little ...

Aunty Di chuckled.

Oh my ...

You must have whispered to your aunty Di : Tell Mom about the cartoon, Aunty D.

Oh wow, Son, You were definitely there with Mom that morning.

How could she have doubt that?

We were supposed to have 23 tigers on the wall. One kid was absent on the art day, so only 22 paintings were up. That day, on the morning of Parents' Day, one of the students had to leave (shifted), and so, strictly speaking, there should only be 21 tigers on the wall. We removed his painting later, after the event was over.

Omg ...

21 tigers ...

Truly Daniel ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

It was only after Aunty Di told Mom about the tiger cartoon, that she truly felt the ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Slow Ma, slow ...

You really, really, really ... are with Mom, aren't You, Son? 

All the time, Mom feels your presence. 

It's incredible.

Nobody's gonna understand this ... 

and that's okay ... because it's not for anybody to understand anyway ...

GOD is truly good to us. <3

Gonna sort out some photos now ... and talk to You in a bit, Son.

Keep the zaps coming ...