Sunday, August 3, 2014

Call 546 : BUY TWO

Hello Son, 

Gosh, it's been so long since our last online chat. 

Been so terribly, terribly busy, Son. 

Concert practice is underway. 

Costumes have to be confirmed. 

Songs have yet to be finalised. 

Dance items are still sitting on the -- fence.


Still, every day ... Mom gets a little zap from heaven ... to remind her that You are near.

Thank you, Son ... without your zapping Mom daily and assuring her that You are right beside her all the time, she wouldn't be able to --- function --- properly.

Yes, she needs her daily dose of zaps.

Don't You ever forget that, okay?

Otherwise, she would experience withdrawal symptoms.


This morning, after church, we had breakfast at Old Town. 

Then we dropped by Aunty D's place to give Baby Dylan a squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

Awww ... he's really such a cute baby. He's fascinated with his fingers right now. Tasting each one of them, and then all of them. He's trying to fit all his 10 fingers into his mouth, but could only get 7 in just now. :D

Anyway, we, Dad, Mom, Justine and Aunty C were at Aunty D's place for about an hour.

Then, Dad and Mom left to go to the mall. Mom's about to order Elsa's costumes online for the children for our year end concert, but wanted to check first whether we have the same ones at our mall here. 

Justine decided to spend her Sunday at home.

So anyway, Dad and Mom were at the mall ...

We browsed around, from first floor, to second, to third, to fourth floor.

Didn't find what she was looking for.

Dad was getting impatient. Every shop that she went into, he would find a bench outside to sit and wait. Haha.

Then, came this boutique.

She walked in. 

Dad walked in and walked out. It was at a corner, and so have 2 entrances.

Mom browsed around, and suddenly spotted a shirt that had the words :

I Believe In Angel

Yeah, no "s" after the Angel. 

Made in China.

Obviously. :D

Mom called out to Dad. 

Dad came back in to the shop and glanced at the shirt.

A smile broke out on your father's face.

You saw that, didn't You?

Mom wanted to take a photo of her eviDANS, but the shop assistant was standing right beside her. Your mother wasn't in the mood to make small talk.

Oh well ... 

Mom left the shop ... and didn't really think much about the I Believe In Angel anymore.

We continued checking out the other children's outlets. 

One by one.

Then came the one ...

Mom stepped into the boutique, not expecting anything. Suddenly, she was aware of the song that was playing in the store. At first she couldn't make out what song that was, until the lyrics :

I believe in angels ...

Something good in everything I see ...

I believe in angels ...

When I know the time is right for me ...


Oh my Lord.

Mom grabbed her cellphone to try to record the song.

She saw the time. 

It was 2:46 pm. 

Secret code : 21


She was grinning from ear to ear. Mom stood there to record the song until it ended. She had a bright smile as she stepped out of the shop. 

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad, who was waiting outside the boutique.

She was like, "Omg ... I believe in Angels ... playing inside just now ... I have to go to that store to take a photo of that shirt ..."

That shirt was no coincidence.

Her son had whispered to her and led her to that shirt.

A real coinciDANS.

Mom wend round and round and round and round, and could not find the shop.

"I think it's one level up ..." she said to Dad. 

We've been going here, there, everywhere, she couldn't remember where that shop was.

Mom asked Dad to get a drink whilst she ran up to check.

She took the escalator, and couldn't wait to find the boutique.

Ahhh, found it.

She walked in as calmly as she could. The same assistant approached her.

Mom said, "I'm from a kindergarten and I'm looking for costumes for our concert. Can I take a picture of that (I believe in angel) shirt? I'd like to show that to my principal ..."

The assistant hesitated.

Mom continued, "Do you have 10 pieces of that shirt for 5 year olds?"

The assistant smiled and started to check the tied up bundles that was on the floor beneath the shirts.

Mom asked again, "Can I take a photo?"

The girl willingly said yes.

Your mother's power of persuasion. Hah.

Is Mom good or what?


Can You see the words above the pocket?

I Believe In Angel ...


What are the chances?

Get the attention first, then ZAPPP!

Mom asked, "May I have your card?"

The assistant presented her with the store's flyer.

Mom glanced at it and felt her breath caught in her throat.

Omg ...


Omg ...

Buy 2 Get 1 


Oh gosh. She had collected like 10 calling cards going from one store to another.

However, this boutique chose to give her a flyer.

FREE ???

21 ???

Oh my Lord.

She looked further down the flyer.

3A - 32 ???

Why, that's a clear 44 A.

And A? 

Doesn't A stand for ANGEL??? 


Wait a minute. Was she on floor 3A? 

Her eyes shot down to the bottom of the flyer.

Level 3A ...

Oh Lord.

She was on the 4th floor.

A big smile spread across your mother's face.

All her angel numbers.

All her angel signs.

The flyer was practically speaking to her.


I'm here, Ma ...


Gosh, how clever, Son. 

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE.

That was awesome, Daniel. :D

And very very clever. Keep the zaps coming, Son. 

Miss You and love You so very much. <3

I believe in angels ...